(Twilight) Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt

When Mark Twain said that, he couldn’t have know that, many years later, grown women would be afraid to tell people how much they’ve been sucked in by a series of YA books about sparkly vampires. If so, maybe Tom Sawyer would have been a vamp, Huckleberry Finn a wolf, and Becky Thatcher the clumsy human torn between them.  Then again, probably not.

Mark Twain, wondering how he missed the vamp trend

Mark Twain, wondering how he missed the vamp trend

I never had any intention of reading the Twilight series. The only vampire I ever liked was Mick St. John on Moonlight, and that had nothing to do with his being a vampire ifyouknowwhatimean. My husband likes watching those vampires-are-ugly-and-kill-with-gratuitous-violence movies, of which I’m not a fan at all.  And True Blood?  It’s like watching Dark Shadows meets Steel Magnolias meets porn. Worst. Accents. Ever.

Alex OLoughlin, however, has a yummy fake accent

Alex O'Loughlin, however, has a yummy fake accent

My husband, temporarily possessed by Satan, rented Twilight from the local video store several weeks ago. My question to him: “Isn’t that a kid movie? And what’s this vampire crap?” I watched with him, fully expecting to fall asleep after a few minutes.

Then those damn Cullens walked into the cafeteria. That was all she wrote.

When I asked my SIL if she’d seen the movie, she said, “Yeah, but the book is SO much better.” Great, now I had to read the book, too.  And she was right. As much as I loved the movie (yeah, so sue me), I LOVED the book. I would go to work glassy eyed the next morning, and I’m sure my coworkers thought I was on crack.  I learned quickly that I needed to ration the Twilight saga reading to 4 chapters a night, no matter how much it drove me nuts.

I still haven’t read all the books, because, as an exercise in self-control, I’m taking a break in between each book. Of course, I’ve learned to fill all that time by reading Twilight blogs, so I might as well be reading the books. My husband thinks I’ve lost my mind when I sit and laugh at Twitarded’s Pocket Edward or the posts and comments at Random Acts of Rob or pretty much everything posted at Twilight Widowers Anonymous.  We’ve been together almost 8 years now; he should know I’ve lost my mind.

Since he won’t read the books so I can talk to him about them and my friends are still shaking their heads at me, I started this blog. Yeah, I know, like we needed one more grown woman talking about Twilight. Deal.

~ by fragile little human on 27 May 2009.

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