I want to watch the trailer on Sunday, really I do

MTV announced today that the New Moon footage they’ll show on this weekend’s MTV Movie Awards is really the first official trailer. While not causing as much commotion as Shirtless Rob, the announcement has the Twitterverse, well, atwitter.

I would love to see the trailer on Sunday, but I really can’t bring myself to watch the MTV Movie Awards.  I’m not too old to buy my own Pocket Edward (more on that later), and I’m almost sure I’m not too old to ogle Robert Pattinson. But I know I’m too old to watch MTV.

Were so disgusted, we cant even look at you.

We're so disgusted, we can't even look at you.

I thought about it the other day, and (I know I’m dating myself here) I don’t think I’ve ever seen an MTV Movie Awards show.  According to Wikipedia, the awards began in 1992, and Mark Burnett of Survivor fame took over production in 2007.  After reading the Wiki entry, I think the only thing from the show I’ve ever seen is last year’s movie spoof with Robert Downey Jr., Jack Black, and Ben Stiller.  The only reason I’ve seen that is YouTube.

Considering, however, that almost every move Robert Pattinson publically makes ends up on YouTube, it’s probably safe to assume that any Rob-related moment on Sunday’s show will be on YouTube as fast as someone can encode and upload it.  This saves me from the indignity of explaining to my husband why I want to watch a show that gives an award for Best WTF Moment. (My WTF moment was when I read that on Wiki.)

So, to paraphrase the immortal words of Meatloaf, I would do anything for Robward, but I won’t do that.

~ by fragile little human on 28 May 2009.

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