Twilight Deprogramming Attempt #1: 30 Days of Night

My husband is a huge fan of horror movies, which I totally don’t get. I’m not a big fan of spurting blood and flying body parts, either in reality or on the screen. Until recently, DH was also the family vampire fan, watching every vampire-related movie and TV show he ran across. As a matter of fact, it’s his fault I watched Twilight in the first place. I hadn’t had any interest in it until he brought the Blu-ray home.

So, to say he’s dismayed at my recent Twilight fixation is an understatement. He has developed a plan to deprogram me by exposing me to “good” vampire movies and shows. His first attempt involved watching David Slade’s vampire flick 30 Days of Night.

That movie David Slade made before making Eclipse

That movie David Slade made before making Eclipse

DH:  Let’s watch a real vampire movie.
Me:  Okay, which one?
DH:  30 Days of Night.
Me:  Cool! The director of that is going to direct Eclipse, the third Twilight movie!
DH:  *huge sigh*

Hes definitely no Edward...

He's definitely no Edward...

DH:  See, here are some real vampires. They’re pretty mean, huh?
Me:  Aren’t there any cute vampires in this movie?
DH:  *huge sigh*

Poor newborn vampire :(

Poor cute newborn vampire 😦

Me:  Hey, look, finally a cute vampire. He must be hungry, because his eyes are black just like…
DH:  *huge sigh*

Somehow, I don’t think this is how he expected everything to go down. He did seem pleased that I liked the movie. I thought it was visually pretty awesome, actually, and I’m looking forward to seeing what Slade does with Eclipse. There’s no telling what DH is putting in the Netflix queue for his next deprogramming attempt, though.

~ by fragile little human on 1 June 2009.

2 Responses to “Twilight Deprogramming Attempt #1: 30 Days of Night

  1. HAHAHA! I love the “huge sigh!” And that movie scares the bajeezus out of me!

  2. […] deprogramming attempt #1 went so horribly wrong, DH decided watching the new Underworld movie was the logical next step. How […]

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