True Blood Season 1 replaying this week

In our house, before there was Twilight, there was True Blood.  My husband loves this show.  I, on the other hand, gave up after two episodes.  The storyline was interesting, but the bad Southern accents made me want to shove an ice pick deep into each ear. (Born and raised in Alabama, I have no patience for a bad Southern accent.  Don’t even get me started on Steel Magnolias.)

The show is based on the Southern Vampire Mysteries written by Charlaine Harris, and HBO is replaying Season 1 leading up to the Season 2 premiere on June 14th. Here is the replay schedule:

Each night’s episodes start @ 8pm eastern

6/4 episodes 01, 02, & 03
6/5 episodes 04, 05, & 06
6/6 episodes 07, 08, & 09

6/7 episodes 10, 11, & 12

I told DH I would give the show another chance; I think it is supposed to be deprogramming attempt #3 (more about attempt #2 later).  I’ll be sure to post the results 🙂

~ by fragile little human on 2 June 2009.

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