Somebody Needs to Smack a Bitch (or Four) Up

Yesterday, DH and I were out of town, and, when we got back home, a big storm knocked out the power to our third of town. This morning was my first chance to get on the Internet in almost 24 hours. Apparently, when I take a day off the Internet, all Hell breaks loose.

Chuck Norris would have applied a well-placed roundhouse kick to protect Rob.

Chuck Norris would have applied a well-placed roundhouse kick to protect Rob.

If you’re reading this blog, I can’t imagine that you don’t already know about the bitches that molested Rob Pattinson yesterday in NYC. I’m not linking to their pictures because (1) they’re all over the Internet already and (2) they probably think all this attention is way cool. My first reaction, after reading about this on RAoR was:

Geez, what is wrong with people?! I’d go all verbally nuclear on the stripper pole bitches right now, but I have to work today.

As for your post, JAG, as usual you’re right on. Like, I suspect, most of y’all, I’m a married woman! The Rob discussion is just for fun. If I ever met him IRL and actually talked to him (which I probably wouldn’t), I’d say, “Dude, I really think you’re a great actor and musician. Continued good luck with that.”

Of course, it would come out sounding like, “Gah, um, mumble, mumble, mumble, um, yeah.”

Well, now I’m home from work, so I have some time to opine.

(1) Everyone keeps calling these people “girls.” I’ve seen the pictures, and they aren’t girls. They are GROWN ASS WOMEN! Grown ass women who have little or no respect for themselves and the people around them.

(2) I don’t give a fuck how many times they’ve watched Twilight (or How to Be or The Haunted Airman or whatever) or how many magazines with Rob on the cover they’ve bought or how long they’ve waited on a movie set for a glimspe of him, they are in no way entitled to lay their hands on Rob or in any way invade his personal space. How would they feel if some batshit crazy guys followed them down the street and then suddenly got all touchy feely? Yeah, right, they’d scream for the cops.

(3) What the hell is wrong with Rob’s security guys? Obviously the dumbasses need to be given a class on the deaths of Rebecca Schaeffer and John Lennon or the attack on Theresa Saldana before they take their jobs seriously. Also, just because these people were women and carrying sparkly tote bags doesn’t mean they couldn’t be somehow armed and intent on causing injury. If those security guards were worth their pay, those bitches should have been pulling back some nubs.

(4) If these women have any sense to them at all, they’ll stay home from the next Twilight fan gathering…or maybe the next dozen or so. While I don’t expect they’ll be chased down the street and molested, they’ll probably be doing lots of sitting alone. Rob has been nothing but gracious when it comes to signing autographs and taking pictures, and I’d guess that’s all over now. Other fans won’t likely let them forget that.

Reaction from around the Twi-blogosphere:

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Twitarded: Twitarded’s Tips for Semi-Dignified Set-Stalking of Robert Pattinson

My favorite quote from Jenny Jerkface @ Twitarded:

I’m telling you, it’s a good thing RPattz isn’t like me because I would have just started swinging (he really needs to get new body guards. Like Ninjas or something because those dudes were useless. I could do more damage with my purse and a Metrocard). STY has nine whole months of jeet kun do training and she could have had those beastly chicks in “the pinkie-lock of death” (she’d tell you how to do it but then she’d have to kill you).

~ by fragile little human on 16 June 2009.

4 Responses to “Somebody Needs to Smack a Bitch (or Four) Up”

  1. Thanks for mentioning Rebecca Shaeffer, I was a big fan of hers way back and her death & John Lennons death were the first things that sprung to my mind yesterday. Rob has legitimate reasons to be concerned and people need to not forget these incidents from the past. Great post. JAG

  2. Great post, I’m glad you addressed the MAJOR safety concerns. I am so pissed off about the useless bodyguards, why didn’t they realize that yelling at the sluts wasn’t helping, and that they needed to use a little more force? If it had been 4 MEN grabbing and attacking a female star this way, their asses would have been arrested.

    • Exactly! It seems like they’re taking things lightly because it’s women chasing down a guy. Maybe the taxi cab grazing incident will make them reconsider security staffing.

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