Sam Bradley @ Workplay, 7/2/09

This past Thursday, DH took me to see Sam Bradley & the Men at Workplay Theatre in Birmingham, Alabama. It was our first time seeing them live. But, of course, the story doesn’t begin there.

When DH and I got to Birmingham, we decided to find Workplay then a restaurant for dinner. Little did we know that a restaurant we like, the Fish Market, had a location just down the street. We went in and ordered our dinner, and DH promptly deserted me to look at the store section of the place.

While I’m sitting there, trying to figure out exactly why people eat raw oysters, I noticed a few guys walking around. A few minutes later, one of the guys walked toward the door. After about a milisecond, I realized that the guy was Sam Bradley. Nope, no fangirl moment for me. I just went back to drinking my Diet Coke and wondering if, in the moment before I looked away, I looked as stupid as I felt.

One little fangirl moment: can I just say that he looks better in person? No? Okay, I won’t then…

The Workplay stage and a bunch of people who apparently dont realize there are CHAIRS

The Workplay stage and a bunch of people who apparently don't realize there are CHAIRS

(BTW, you can click any of the pictures in this post to see a larger version. They are cellphone pictures, though, so be gentle.)

After dinner, we headed over to Workplay. We had to stand outside the theater in the bar for a few minutes before the doors opened. The guard lady asked me if I was over 21. Girl needs some glasses, stat.

Inside the theater, we found a table and ordered some alcohol. Note to Workplay: your AC sucks! It was hotter than Hell in there. I can’t imagine how much hotter it must have been on stage. I kept expecting the guys up there to spontaneously combust.

Pilot Speed, the first act

Pilot Speed, the first act

After another hour, Pilot Speed, the opening act, started their set. We liked them a lot. Apparently, the sound guy didn’t, because their set was plagued with feedback. The guitarist was constantly telling the sound guy to adjust whatever you adjust to keep from deafening the audience, and, in response, the sound guy kept shrugging like it wasn’t his fault. I told DH that, after the show, the sound guy should run. He’s probably still in a fetal position with Pilot Speed surrounding him and kicking him in the ribs and head.

Sam Bradley & the Men

Sam Bradley & the Men

You could definitely tell who the audience was there to see, because the crowd went nuts when Sam Bradley took the stage. It was so funny to see all the cellphones and digital cameras suddenly pop up in the crowd as soon as he took the stage. There were even fangirls screaming, “We love you Sam!” His response: “Love is a very strong word.”

Sam Bradley & the Men 2

Sam Bradley & the Men 2

As JAG @ RAoR would say, I lost my Sam Bradley v-card. Watching videos on the web really doesn’t do the guy (or the band) justice. Sam was obviously enjoying himself when he performed, and he interacted with the audience quite a bit. The music was great, and they even performed a couple of songs written by guys in the band. Speaking of the band, they seemed pretty tight, with the only obvious oops being Sam’s fault πŸ™‚

Sam Bradley and the Men 3

Sam Bradley and the Men 3

Being the Twi-Hard I am, I will freely admit that I was totally waiting to hear Sam sing “Too Far Gone.” He performed it toward the end of the show, and it was wonderful! Even though I’m sure it’s RobHeresy, I liked Sam’s version much better than Rob’s version on the Twilight soundtrack. Of course, this is the exact moment in the show that DH decides he just must speak to me. It took a few angry waves, but I finally got him to shut up.

Speaking of DH…

DH actually watching the show

DH actually watching the show

See that bright little screen in the lower right-hand corner of the picture? That’s the sound guy’s computer. DH completely geeked out about that, and he spent as much time watching the guy on the computer as he did watching the show. And when the computer almost crashed? I thought DH was going to jump over the rail and take over. I think that computer may be the main reason he liked the show.

After Sam finished his set and went out in the lobby for his meet & greet, DH and I had the following conversation:

DH: So, are you going to meet him?
Me: Nope.
DH: It’s okay with me.
Me: Nope.
DH: Are you sure?
Me: Yep.
DH: Why not?
Me: I’m a watcher, not a meeter.
DH: Um, okay, whatever.

Thriving Ivory

Thriving Ivory

The final act was Thriving Ivory. I kinda felt sorry for them, because lots of people left once Sam was finished playing. I’m sure they get that a lot, though.

When the lead singer came out, my immediate thought was, “Damn, that guy looks like Alex Albrecht.” (Yes, I know, I’m a geek.) He had this swagger that kinda reminded me of Freddy Mercury. He grabbed the microphone, opened his mouth, and out came a voice that sounded like…he’d been sucking on helium all night long. Seriously, it was all I could do not to laugh! It wasn’t so much that he sounded that horrible, but that his voice was just so not what I was expecting. He kept trying to look so tough, yet this damn chipmunk voice kept coming out.

Once the show was over, DH and I made the 2 hour drive back home. All in all, we had a good time, and DH said that he’d even take me to another Sam Bradley show sometime. Trust me, I’ll hold him to that.

~ by fragile little human on 5 July 2009.

7 Responses to “Sam Bradley @ Workplay, 7/2/09”

  1. What an amazingly wonderful evening!! I will admit *looks around in fear* I am NOT a huge fan of the Pattinson songs on the CD. *crouches while shivering*

    Um… Yeah. I have not listened to a lot of Sam Bradley. I do love me some Johnny Flynn, however. And need to find out what this whole “Sam Bradley” bandwagon is all about!

    So yep, I’m gonna leave that earlier confusion right where it is. LOL Great post!

    • OMG! What do you mean?! You don’t absolutely love everything Rob has ever done and will ever do?! Give me your RobFan card back! πŸ˜‰

      Sam Bradley puts on a good show, that’s for sure. You should definitely check him out live if you get a chance.

      • LOL Well… It’s not so much Rob as the renditions of his songs on the soundtrack, for me, are not listener friendly UNLESS I am watching Bella freak out in a hospital OR watching some weird dude think about cats.

        Long ago I looked Sam Bradley up on myspace, but again Mr. Flynn reeled me in. SO I will now FOR SURE check him out, as in tomorrow FOR SURE! πŸ™‚ I will be letting you know, lucky you! *wink*

  2. “He’s probably still in a fetal position with Pilot Speed surrounding him and kicking him in the ribs and head.”

    Love this.. Probably so.. I’ve been to concerts where the sound guy screwed up and got yelled at during the performance.. it wasnt pretty..
    Glad you had a good evening.. I probably wouldn’t have met him either!

    • I bet he doesn’t screw up the sound again πŸ˜‰ I don’t usually do meet & greets. I have little to no self-esteem and figure whoever it is will just add me to their list of freakiest fans they’ve ever met.

  3. We saw Sam on Monday night and I agree, he and The Men put on an awesome show. I can relate to not wanting to do meet and greets, but if you get a chance to meet Sam again, you have to take it. These are some of the nicest most down to earth people you could ever meet. Sam is very sweet and humble. They’re a great group of guys.

    • A friend of mine said the same thing – she’s met him several times, and said I could have even talked to him at the restaurant and he’d have been nice. Maybe next time I’ll get my courage up and do it! πŸ™‚

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