My First Fan Fiction Story: Breathe Me

From my profile:
Deserted by her first love, Bella asks her father to move to a new town and away from memories that haunt her. She finds herself on a path she never imagined, but, when a new friendship causes her past to resurface, will she return to the life that broke her heart? Twilight/Moonlight crossover (primarily Twilight), AU, OOC, rated M for language, violence, and later lemons. E/B, Mick S. J., Charlie, and a cameo by Josef.

Breathe Me begins at the end of the month pages in New Moon. You know those pages, the blank pages with only the names of the passing months after Edward leaves Bella; the pages that break your heart. In Breathe Me, Bella and Charlie relocate, and Bella discovers that she can live a life without Edward. It’s a life she never imagined for herself, but it’s a life nonetheless.

This story is a crossover with Moonlight, but you don’t have to be a big Moonlight fan to follow it. The chapters with Mick will explain his background. However, you might be a little lost if you’re not a Twilight Saga (the books) fan. On second thought, you’ll be a lot lost.

Most Twilight fan fictions are written in first person, but Breathe Me is in third person limited. While most of the early chapters will be limited to Bella’s perspective, the perspective will switch from Bella to Mick or Edward in later chapters. There’s not a great literary reason for my not writing in first person; I just prefer third.

The main complication will be dealing with the two different vampire canons. But, I figure, if Reneesme can exist, couldn’t two different vampire bloodlines? It should definitely make things interesting once both our handsome vampires are in the same place at the same time 😉

So, if you’re so inclined (read “pretty please with sugar on top”), go read the first three chapters of Breathe Me. I plan to upload a new chapter at least once a week and finished (hopefully) by November.

Breathe Me on

Playlist so far:

Chapter 1: Trapped in the Past – I’m Movin’ On (Rascal Flatts)
Chapter 2: Somewhere Greener, Somewhere Warmer – Heads Carolina, Tails California (Jo Dee Messina)
Chapter 3: Get Ready for the Storm – Couldn’t Stand the Weather (Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble)

~ by fragile little human on 12 July 2009.

18 Responses to “My First Fan Fiction Story: Breathe Me

  1. Squeeeeee!

  2. Looking sooo forward to read this!!
    Specially after I feel so lost after WA, *sigh*.
    I´m glad that i´ve seen Moonlight. I mean at lest they showed it here, which isn´t with everything the case, I´m still waiting for True Blood!

  3. I’m going to read this now! =D

  4. I just read it when I came back from work!
    And Wow, cool a grown up and mature Bella who takes her life in her own hands!! This will be great! I hope you keep going on with that !

  5. I am so looking forward to reading this! 🙂

  6. Will I know what the Hale is going on if I have no idea what Moonlight is? If you say yes, I will jump over to FF right this moment and ravenously devour your story.

  7. I’m a fan fiction freak so I’m looking forward to getting into this story!

  8. Once I finish Wide Awake (OMG, last night was a tough one), I will read yours! I’m excited! Oh and never heard of Moonlight…is it books/movie/tv show?

  9. Hey I just finished the five chapters of Breathe Me…so far I LOVE IT! I’ll be mentioning it in todays video…it’ll be posted on the blog later this evening!

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