More quickies instead of a real post

I should really be reading chapters 1-10 of Wide Awake for SSTB‘s discussion tomorrow (or finishing Breaking Dawn), but I just wanted to share a few quick notes before I go swoon over WideAwakeward.

Not only has Tasha @ Something Less Productive totally got me strung out on Masen/Darkward, but she’s pimping Breathe Me on her blog today. She says if you don’t read it, she’ll sic Masen and Jane on you. Nobody wants that. Thanks Tasha! BTW, Tasha rocks the blog house, so you should be reading her. I’ll sic Masen and Jane on you if you don’t.

And the love just continues! Betti @ Betti. Music. Twilight. created the most fantastical blog graphic for me, and she had the nicest things to say, too. You should check out her blog; she is a graphical genius! Oh, and don’t forget a kickass musician as well.

I’m so excited to receive lots of new comments about Breathe Me. It’s amazing how talkative the folks at Twilighted are 🙂 I’m working on chapter 4, and I like how it’s going so far. My beta willing and the creek don’t rise, I’ll have the new chapter posted on by the end of the weekend. Posting at Twilighted takes a little longer, but I hope to have them caught up soon.

Comment and review away! 😉

~ by fragile little human on 16 July 2009.

7 Responses to “More quickies instead of a real post”

  1. I love your button! Betti is really outdoing herself with each new button! And I’m totally going to read your FF right now!

  2. You new gif is wonderful! Betti is great! I am truly excited about reading your fanfic. I will admit, Twilighted drives me nuts. There I said it, but I am ever so happy for you that your story is on there. And I am happy to know you are lost in WA. Good luck tomorrow reading the “epic” post. I think Ana and I did AG justice just in the length of our post alone.

    Side Note: I’d listen to Tasha people, she’s not someone to be trifled with!

    • Yeah, Twilighted is different. I don’t have all my chapters up there yet, but ch 2 was approved yesterday. Hopefully I have both sites up-to-date soon.

      And your WA discussion is so great! We’re a talkative bunch when we want to be, huh? 😉

  3. So I started WA last night, I am totally hooked…damn it.

  4. Your new gif kicks all kinds of ass. As does Betti. I’m off to read your fanfic now. ::excitement::

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