Why I can never go back to BAM

I once liked going to the local Books-A-Million to get my Twilight stuff because I always seemed to find other Twi-Hards at the register and in line with me. Every. Single. Time. No joke. I could take whatever I wanted to checkout without embarassment, and, usually, I’d end up talking to one or two other people about how November can’t get here fast enough.

But that’s all over now.

USRob/WideAwakeward, this is all your fucking fault

USRob/WideAwakeward, this is all your fucking fault

I don’t usually buy magazines because they contain Rob-related articles; I don’t even own the infamous GQ or Rolling Stone issues. After all, I’ll eventually read the article and see all the pictures and the 15 subsequent articles containing previously unpublished outtakes online. With just a little delayed gratification, I can save my money and spend it on, say, age-inappropriate action figures.

What, doesnt every grown woman carry a miniature vampire in her purse?

What, doesn't every grown woman carry a miniature vampire in her purse?

Then, our merry band of Twitterific WA addicts saw the pictures in a recent US Weekly. We all quickly agreed that the picture of a leather jacketed Rob was exactly how we imagined WideAwakeward. Eventually, I decided to break my don’t-buy-magazines rule. DH and I made a quick trip to BAM, and, while he looked at books on Windows PowerShell, I made my way to the magazine racks. That’s when I saw it.

The Precious

The Precious

The sky opened up. The sun shone brightly. Angels sang. There was one remaining copy of the Precious, just sitting there calling out to me.

And, I’ve come to realize, I picked it up because everyone else had it and I wanted to have it, too. What am I, 13 fucking years old? Still, I completely gave into the covetousness and walked with it, WideAwakeward US Weekly, and DH to checkout.

I knew when I saw the fellow at the register he wasn’t a Twilight fan. DH knew it, too, because he decided this was the perfect time to publicly shame me.

DH: What are you buying?
Me: Um, nothing.
DH: No, what are those?
DH: Trying to put his grubby hands on the Precious
Me: They’re Twilight magazines, so back off.
Dude: Laughing at me, I just know it
DH: Hey, look, here’s a 85% dark chocolate bar. Heeheehee, it’s called a Twilight bar.
Me: Glaring daggers at DH
DH: You like Twilight, right? I could eat the chocolate and give you the wrapper.
Dude: Laughing…out loud
Me: (to Dude) I am never bringing him back here again as long as I live.

Obviously, DH has not logged my computer usage and run across my blog, or he’d know how calling me out on the Twilight thing is not in his best interest. Oh, and it won’t get him chocolate, either.

At least I still have Amazon…


Chapter 4 of Breathe Me has been posted at FFN, and it’s in the queue at Twilighted. The reviews on both sites have been great; I ❀ my reviewers so hard. I’m working on chapter 5 now and hope to have it finished by the weekend.

On Friday, SSTB will be discussing chapters 11-20 of Wide Awake. Participate if you can, ’cause last week’s dicussion rocked the house.

BTW, did you know chapter 50 of Wide Awake has been released?

~ by fragile little human on 23 July 2009.

12 Responses to “Why I can never go back to BAM”

  1. Oh. My. God. How did you not cause him bodily harm right there infront of everyone? He obviously does not get it or he’d be watching his back now..

  2. My husband know not to question my book store purchases or it means no new dirt bike magazines for him! Your hubby better watch his back.

  3. I buy everything (what it possible) online but MrV just sees whatΒ΄s lying around at home… But he knows better and just shuts up!!
    And for the Precious I had this wonderful FireCrotch who was so fucking cool to just sent it to Germany for me.

    • FireCr0tch rocks!! Glad you were able to obtain the Precious πŸ™‚

      I try to buy my stuff online (such as Mini E), but sometimes I like to just grab something and consequences be damned. Of course, I will, in the future, be doing this without DH.

  4. You know what this means now… there has to be payback for public humiliation. I believe you posted before that twilight = more sexy time for the DH…With hold the sex and that’ll learn him real quick! He’ll know better next time not to mess with you and twilight if he knows whats good for him haha.

    p.s. I’m only on chapter 32 or 33 or Wide Awake…it’s just starting to heat up a little… not that I haven’t been swooning all along though πŸ™‚

    • I think for the withholding of favors to work, I have to actually tell him why I’m doing it. He’s been pretty clueless about it so far.

      Good God, woman, WA is so addictive!! I almost wet myself when I found out chapter 50 was posted. I’m surprised all the WA addicts did bring LiveJournal to it’s knees!

  5. LOL! DH can be a pain in the ass when it comes to everything Twilight. My hubs has resigned, but kept one single devastating weapon hidden in his sleeve, waiting to catch me off guard. And then he all of a sudden says: ” Anything new about Edgar?”
    EDGAR!! He damn knows bloody well that’s not his name, and I know that he knows. But it’s driving me nuts when he does that!!!!

  6. I have been realizing the EXACT same thing lately! I am suddenly a tween again?! What the hell? The question I have had to ask myself is do I care? And I’ve come to the conclusion, nope. I have embraced it completely. Up until the precious I had NEVER (and I mean NEVER) bought a mag like that before (foodie ones yes, gossip tweenie ones NEVER). And I am far to ashamed to share it with Mr. Cutie. He is still clueless. You are for sure my hero for buying it with your DH.

    Um… I can’t WAIT for chapter 5. And that is all for this long rambling comment. πŸ˜€ (thank you for the shout out. by the by, I am posting early for you. shhh super secret. πŸ˜‰ )

    • I can remember buying Tiger Beat for the *cough*Duran Duran*cough* posters. I never thought I’d be in a book store buying a poster magazine at my age. It’s kind of pathetic. I stopped writing ch 5 to work on that lemon we discussed earlier today. I’m still trying to recover πŸ˜‰

      And thankyouthankyouthankyou for the earlier time on the discussion. My lack of sleep is catching up with me…

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