This is for my peeps

When I began writing Breathe Me, I hoped that people would read it and like it. But I tend to go all Bella in real life, and I thought, deep down, that I’d be lucky if readers didn’t completely banish me from the Internet, taking away my laptop and begging me to never touch a keyboard again.

A new banner - thats actually a picture I took of Lake Guntersville in the background

A new banner - that's actually a picture I took of Lake Guntersville in the background

Reality, however, has a way of surprising me sometimes. My blog buddies, Twitter peeps, and FF fans have been nothing short of awesome, writing wonderful reviews/emails/tweets/comments and encouraging me to keep working on my story. I โค you all so hard, you just don’t know! It’s great to hear people talk about my story and know that, in the words of WideAwakeward, they just fucking…get it.

When I finished my first chapter, I tried to find a beta reader on FFN. Of the several people I contacted, only one replied, and she was already busy with another story. After mentioning my story on the OME forum, one of my Bama sisters offered to beta for me. Greta/Erikasbuddy has been a godsend! She pours over every chapter, sending me long emails about what she loves and what she thinks needs changing. She’s made awesome suggestions that have made my chapters stronger, and she’s got enough enthusiasm for a dozen people. She let me get her completely addicted to Wide Awake, too ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thank you Greta!!

My biggest pimp/cheerleader has undoubtedly been Cutie. She pimps my story on her blog and Twitter, and she’s given me tons of advice as I navigate the Twi fandom, of which I’m a fairly new member. In her recent post Five Fanfeakingtastic FanFics, she recommends Breathe Me with the following description:

I will say this much,
Bella chooses option 3:
Get the fuck out of Dodge.
And to that I say: HELL YA!
*fist pump*

*fist pump back* If it weren’t for the fact that I’ve probably got 10 years on her, I’d think we were separated at birth. Thank you Cutie!!

(BTW, don’t forget to visit Cutie @ SSTB to participate in the weekly WA discussion. This week we’ll disect chapters 21-30.)

When I get fired for violating my company’s Internet acceptable use policy, one thing they’ll list in my termination letter will be excessive checking of my Gmail account. I am completely addicted to feedback, and I’m constantly checking my email for new reviews and blog comments. Today, I got the nicest comment from Susie @ Apples N Feathers telling me how much she liked Breathe Me and that she’d be mentioning it in her next video. My thought: “Video? What video?”

This video:

OMG, Susie, you so rock! I not only squealed like a little girl, but I made DH sit and watch it with me. Thank you Susie!!

I definitely owe some pimpage, and I’m making mental notes, trust me. And, yes, FireCr0tch, I know I owe you a lemon ๐Ÿ˜‰

So, in keeping with the warm fuzzies I’m spreading around, I’d like to share the video that not only won me the link war and turned me onto the White Stripes but also cracks me up every time I watch it. Without further ado, I present dancing Pocket Edward, courtesy of Twilight Newborns:

Breathe Me links: and Twilighted

~ by fragile little human on 30 July 2009.

13 Responses to “This is for my peeps”

  1. fragilehuman!

    I herewith summon you into my office for immediate punishment with Domwards riding crop.

    After that you will sit down and write 100 times:
    >>I must not write any more chapters that make Betti fidget on the edge of her chair an leave her even more eager for the sequel than she was before!”<<

    Do you understand? (Nod if you do)

    Anything with the faintest resemblance to a cliff hanger (PI from California? WTF??) will carry severe penalties!

    And if chapter 6 won't show up within in a reasonable period of time, I might retrieve your button and hold it hostage, until I get what I want!!

    Are you absolutely positive about that? (Nod if you are)


    • I’m not sure whether to run screaming or, um, not run. I totally lost my concentration when you started waving Domward’s crop around. I do know that we created a monster when we recommended you read those stories ๐Ÿ˜‰ And please don’t take my button!! I love my button!!

  2. HAHAHAHA!!! Pocket EDWARD dance kicks ass!!! LOVES IT!!!!!!!

    Total YAYS for the YOUTUBE plug!! That is sweetness!!!

    Can’t wait to read more :)< <– that's my vampire haha!

  3. I love your story right from the beginning, and Iยดm totally excited how it goes on and how (and when) Moonlight will show up in the story. This idea was just a great on, it makes you so special, which is really good!!

    And, Pocket-E dancing just cracked my up!!

    • I know I say this all the time, but I am so glad you like the story! I’m excited about introducing Mick into the story – I think he’ll be great!

      And, really, who can resist dancing PE? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Add this to another reason you need a Crackberry, you can get your reviews straight onto your phone, kiss ass huh?!


  5. *big goofy grin*

    I am so happy that your story is getting the acknowledgment it deserves. And that you are feeling so loved. Truly it’s a fantastic story and worthy of many a fist pumps.

    And we were sooo separated at birth. How the hell it happened may never be known however, but we could always write a fanfic about it… or would that be more of a blogfic? hum… I am very confused right now!

    Susie rocks! Lemons are for the win. And I am ALWAYS here to chat. The to the end.

    • Cutie, you are the most awesome-est pimp/cheerleader a girl ever had! I hope you still like my story after you read my pathetic first attempt at a lemon. After all, I’m pure as the driven snow, having never known the touch of a man because I’m saving myself for Rob *cough*BULLSHIT!*cough*

  6. I’m waiting patiently…I know that the story hasn’t progressed to the lemon stage…yet. Curious about Moonlight. I guess I should google it and find out more. I can’t wait for the next chapter! *waiting patiently*

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