Even Mini E is losing his patience with me

Every eight weeks, I go to the hospital for a Remicade infusion to control my Crohn’s disease. These infusions last 3-4 hours, and I’ve amassed quite a collection of things to keep me occupied while the chemicals do their work.

Last week, Mini E tagged along with me for the first time. I was going to show him off to the infusion nurses, but, when they got all fangirl over my copy of Breaking Dawn, I decided to keep him concealed until we were safely alone.

(BTW, is it bad that I kept thinking that, if Edward or any other Cullen worked at the hospital, they could have gotten my IV started on the FIRST try?)

I’m not sure if it was the drugs, the pain from Nurse Ratched insisting she could get a certain vein (she couldn’t), or some Twilight-related psychosis, but, as soon as Mini E was out in the open, he started bitching about my slow-ass reading of Breaking Dawn.

Charlie needs to give Mini E some lessons on NOT hovering.

Charlie needs to give Mini E some lessons on NOT hovering.

Mini E:  So, I see you’re still reading Breaking Dawn.
Me:  Yes, and I’d read faster if you’d quit hovering.
Mini E:  Damn, woman, how long have you been reading this book, anyway?
Me:  A while.
Mini E:  What’s taking so long?
Me:  I don’t know, but it certainly isn’t the hot sex scenes.

Aw, isnt he cute when he tries to glower?

Aw, isn't he cute when he tries to glower?

Mini E:  Look, I didn’t write the book. If you want perversion, maybe you should read some fan fiction.
Me:  Yeah, maybe I’ll do that *batting eyes innocently*
Mini E:  As for BD, I could always make you finish.
Me:  Action figure, please! I could break your ass in half.
Mini E:  As if you could fight…

Mini E really shouldnt antagonize me while Im having an infusion, because I am bigger and have access to IV poles.

Mini E really shouldn't antagonize me while I'm having an infusion, because I am bigger and have access to IV poles.


Breathe Me chapter 6 is posted on FFN. I’m going to submit it to Twilighted in the next day or so. BTW, chapter 5 was just posted there.

Twilight Moonlighter / Twilight Parents Examiner has posted a list of mature-themed Twilight websites, and FLH is on the list! Thanks! I’ve never been called mature before, though, and I’m not quite sure how I feel about it. *sticks tongue out* *jumps up and down on bed* There, that’s better 😉

Chapter 52 of Wide Awake has been posted. I laughed, I cried, I swooned. I love the chapter but hate to see the story come to an end. I’ll miss WideAwakeward and AngstyBella 😦

Speaking of WA, don’t forget to post your thoughts on chapters 21-30 at SSTB before Cutie gets all recap crazy 🙂

~ by fragile little human on 3 August 2009.

14 Responses to “Even Mini E is losing his patience with me”

  1. LOVE IT! *sticking tongue back out at you while jumping up and down crying “mini E is MINE!”*

  2. You conversation with Mini-E is just awesome! LOL I love it to add small lines and quotes where ever possible! I could always make you … love that line.
    But Mini-E was not nice, pushing you to read. In the end he should be quite when it comes to BD, he messed up the morning after the pillow story and totally refused us ANY inside!! I´m quite pissed, you can tell him !

    • I relayed your message to Mini E, and he said that he, like Rob, would be perfectly willing to run around naked for $12 million. He’ll be waiting for you to cough that up 😉

  3. U, if you need me to babysit Lil E & spank him. HARD. I am available. I don’t have a job, so….I just wanted to throw that out there.

    And yeah, after reading FanFiction, BD = FAIL, sorry SM.


  4. Your Mr.Cullen is a feisty little man! If he ever get’s out of line I’ve got pictures that just might put him in his place. You just let me know. K? And no, they aren’t of PedoRob… *shivers*

    Oh and yeah the recap… maybe I should start working on that…

    • NO!!! NOT ZYGOTE ROB!!! MY eyes still burn from the last exposure!!!

      Oh, not PedoRob? Now I’m just damned curious…

      Yes, you should work on the recap. It’ll keep you from reading my comment on your Masen post and banning me from your blog.

  5. ha ha ha
    I just now realized I am on that list too!!!

    In fact, my banner pic is on the top of the article,that makes me EXTRA mature…

    Well, at least I am in good company!

  6. I understand your hesitation about playing with him (that sounds dirty…) in front of others. I’m not really ashamed of my Mini E and when I’m out and see a perfect photo op for him, I do it. Most people widen their eyes and back away from me slowly. The only place I ever got people fangirling over him was the line for the midnight release of the Twilight DVD. I thought he was going to get his little pea coat ripped off!

    P.S, I realized I had never added you to my blogroll! I fixed it today 🙂

    -Whitley (twilog..net)

    • I get a little embarrassed sometimes. Other times, I’ll pull him out (that sounds dirty, too) just to embarrass other people…especially DH. As for the nurses, I was afraid they drug me and steal him away 😉

  7. Okay, can I say that I am totally jealous of your awesome picture-taking ability? My pics are heaping piles of crap. I love your dialogue with mini-E. Truly inspired. I snorted some of my tea through my nose while reading. And thanks for the lemonage…you are my fan fic hero!

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