Seek Eric and Ye Shall Find

Considering this blog obviously leans towards Twilight, I am amazed that the majority of searches leading here are for information on Eric, the delicious vampire from True Blood. Far be it from me to deny my visitors what they seek.

(On the other hand, you people searching for “narrow eyes” – you’re SOL.)

Eric is introduced to True Blood fans in season 1 when Bill *blech* and Sookie visit Fangtasia, his vampire bar. Despite the unfortunate hairstyle, he attracts attention immediately, and he is obviously immediately attracted to Sookie. As season 1 wears on and season 2 begins (and Eric cuts his hair), you wonder what the hell Sookie sees in Bill and why she hasn’t completely jumped Eric’s 1000 year-old bones.

He doesnt sparkle, but do you really give a fuck?

He doesn't sparkle, but do you really give a fuck?

Season 2 has shown us a completely different side to Eric, which makes it even easier to overlook his violent, dangerous tendencies. These tendencies are what make Eric so fundamentally different than Edward. Bella never really believes that Edward will hurt her…or anyone else, for that matter. Sookie knows Eric will kill if it suits him, and she can’t really be sure (at least in the TV show) that he won’t drain her dry if the mood strikes.

It seems a natural progression that fans would begin the “my vampire can beat up your vampire” arguments. Who cares? (Beside Stephen Moyer, that is, who apparently has issues for which he is trying to compensate) They stomp their feet and jut out their bottom lip and wail, “But Edward’s not a real vampire!” I hate to burst your bubble, but vampires do not exist. None of these characters or the actors who play them are real vampires. So get over it already. Can’t we all just get along?


There’s been more pimpage and complements for Breathe Me from Fire Crotch @ We Bite Pretty Hard and Ana Cristina @ The Danger Magnet. Thank you so much ladies!

Cutie has posted two great entries at SSTB: a discussion of Buried Among the Begonias and a recap of this week’s Wide Awake discussion. Go there and participate.

(Dear Cutie: that YouTube vid up top? That’s how I picture Masen…)

Both Amacas @ Why Not RPattz and Mrs. Vanquish @ Let’s Ride the Vanquish mention FLH in recent blog posts. Thank you ladies!!

And, to close, more of the goodness that is Eric.

~ by fragile little human on 6 August 2009.

12 Responses to “Seek Eric and Ye Shall Find”

  1. You know I love you but I wasn’t able to read this post due to the fact that you got me into True Blood and I’m only half way through the 1st season lol so I will read this awesomeness when I am done!!

  2. Um, so you know I love Eric in a big way. Last night as I was deluging my brain with Eric loveliness on YouTube, I almost started questioning my Robward fangirl status…is it possible to support two actors? I don’t know. Certainly there is more fodder out there for Rob, so I guess I’m sticking on the Twilight bandwagon, but Eric…yum. I hate not being able to see streaming video at work…I must check this stuff later. And I love love love those mini pics!

    • In my vampire hierarchy (I must write a post about that), Edward is always at the top. Actor-wise, Rob is my fav, but he’s always got Christian Bale and Johnny Depp nipping at his heels. The guy that plays Eric is somewhere after all of them.

  3. Enough is enough!! I just stared the *cough* download here at work *cough* , were we have the best available internet connection. I can´t wait anymore! It just sucks!
    🙂 No let´s see why you all love it so much !

  4. Oh Eric, so hot want to touch the hiney. I think Eric is even hotter in the books. You should check out the Sookie book series, they’re quick and fun summer time readin’ books. Except that there’s like a million of the books. Oh well, more books equal more Eric and I am just fine with that. Damn Eric, why can’t I quit you?

  5. So, when you gonna write a TrueBlood/Twilight Crossover fanfic? I’m not, b/c of the simple reason I do not know who would win between Eric vs. Edward! I lovers them both!

    ME ❤ Vamps!


    • Yeah, I don’t know about a True Blood/Twilight crossover. I think Bella and Sookie would get along, ’cause Sookie gets along with everyone, but then Eric would want to take Bella, and it would all just be one big clusterfuck 😉

  6. Oh jeez, Eric…. Yeah, I don’t give a flying faery that he doesn’t sparkle. That boy is fine and a half.

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