A nice day to start again: taking the Twi-Purity pledge

When I first watched Twilight (at home, on DVD), I didn’t have the slightest idea what the hell was going on. I’d seen the trailer maybe once in a theater the previous summer, and I hadn’t read the books. The only reason I was watching the movie at all was that DH rented the damn thing and gave me a guilt trip for never paying attention to movies he picks out.

Famous last words, people; famous last words.

The beginning of the end of my sanity

The beginning of the end of my sanity

As you all know by now, the minute Edward Cullen walked into that cafeteria, I was a goner. The books were next on my list, then I delved into the black hole that is Internet RobPorn. When they started filming New Moon, I wanted to know everything about it. I blacked out for an entire day after seeing pictures of Shirtless Rob. It’s very common. You can Google it.

At the same time, it was the beginning of the end of my spoiler bunny ways. Within the day, people had used the pictures taken in Italy to create videos reconstructing the fountain scene. That’s one of the biggest scenes in New Moon, and I didn’t want to see it before I saw the movie. So I avoided looking at any more Italy spoilers.

Spoiler bunny acts all innocent, but we know, dont we?

Spoiler bunny acts all innocent, but we know, don't we?

(Spoiler bunny phrase coined by Annie @ the Danger Magnet, graphic courtesy of Cutie @ SSTB)

The last straw was the night the New Moon teaser trailer debuted. I waited, laptop at the ready, to watch it on MySpace (and I HATE MySpace). DH even played it on the big screen TV for me. But I started thinking: some of the things that were in the trailer would have been much cooler if left as surprises for the movie. If I were the director, I wouldn’t have wanted anyone to see those things. I began to wish I hadn’t seen them, either.

Around that time, I first found Cutie’s blog, Super Secret Twilight Blog. She talked about going spoiler-free for New Moon and the next movies. She wanted to save the surprise and suspense for the theater. That was what I wanted, too, damn it! I wanted something close to the reaction I had when I first saw Edward walk into that cafeteria and smirk because he knew, like the rest of us, that Jessica is a ho.

How can you deny Wet Rob?

(Wonderful Twi-Purity graphic by EtomyB @ Edward to My Bella)

So, I declare, to you, my Twilight sisters and brothers (if there are any Twi guys out there):

  1. I will not watch/read/listen to/look at any spoiler material for any unreleased Twilight movie.
  2. I will no longer post aforementioned spoiler material. If you don’t want to see Shirtless Rob or the teaser trailer, don’t look at my archives.
  3. I will not give in and listen to/watch the ComicCon interview, no matter how cute Rob looked or how funny he supposedly was. This is completely moot once New Moon is released.

In closing, I would like to pledge my support to my fellow Twi-Purity pledgers:

FireCr0tch (hang in there, girl!)
Mrs. Vanquish

Did I forget anyone?

And, just because this whole discussion has gotten this song stuck in my head, I present to you a purity anthem from Mr. Billy Idol:

~ by fragile little human on 11 August 2009.

15 Responses to “A nice day to start again: taking the Twi-Purity pledge”

  1. More power to you, Fragile. We should all take the Twi-Purity pledge and not be such spoiler bunnies anymore. (Hides the cabbage and carrots.)

    • NO! Don’t leave me to be the last spoiler bunny at the party!! I’m starting to feel like the spoiler bunnies are becoming an endangered species (at least among the girls I like best). Stay true to the spoiler!!!

  2. OMG! This is awesome! I have almost made it a full 24 hours with no spoilerage even though Bitches is being sneaky. I did take a gander at the new Barbie dolls…that doesn’t count right?

  3. WOOOOOT!!!!
    I cannot tell you how big my grin is! I AM NO LONGER ALONE!! This is the bestest part. Oh and it will be so much better.
    And truly, I am glad to hear all this twi-purity crap ain’t for nothing. I had a feeling Summit would release scenes that should be revealed in the theater ONLY. I’m still holding onto my big “I told you so” rant but in the end I pretty sure I will be smug and satisfied 😉

  4. I am such a spoiler slut! I want to go pure so badly, but I am afraid I will fall off the purity-wagon, because I have NO will-power! I am going to need some accountability partners to pull this off! Are you girls willing to hold my hand as we embark on this twi-purity journey?

    I have been “the eyes and ears” for cutie, trying to help her stay pure, while completely drowning myself in NM spoiler-age!

    What should I do?? Am I as strong as the rest of you?

  5. “I blacked out for an entire day after seeing pictures of Shirtless Rob. It’s very common. You can Google it.” – LOL!!! You can. And you will get me as one of your results.
    YAY for reclaiming our Twi-virginity! The last spoiler I watched was… the new moon sneak peaky scenes from comic-con! and I still feel dirty. NO MORE. It is so true that Eclipse will be just that much better sans spoilers. I saw Twilight spoiler-free, NM will be… sort of dirty, like I was a slut who didn’t go all the way… I’m not going to say the analogy that comes to mind (but it may be within the word “analogy” ROFLMAO!!).
    Okay, enough dirty comparisons between spoilers and being slutty. PURITY RINGS!!! Do it for WetRob!!

  6. p.s. KG! we all need to be accountable for one another! I am sure we can all help each other out!!

  7. I`ve seen them all, all the reunion photos and every photo before. I stayed awake to see the NM Trailer at the MTV awards (3am here), but then they made videos out of the fountain scene and this was a bit too much, even for me. And then I read this wonderful post from KG and Cutie and I thought I´ll give it a try and see if I manage to stay spoiler free for the last 100 days and for sure for Eclipse.

    I´ll give my Best !

  8. I think I could maybe do the purity ring for Eclipse.. Probably so.. Maybe.. but what if i have a lapse in judgment. Or i give into the temptation. Of what if I just lose my mind. Or what if Emmett comes and steals me and forces me to look?

  9. Ok, since I wasn’t exactly successful with my other *cough* “Purity” pledge, I’ve decided that I’m not fooling anyone and will make no such promise. I do give ya’ll kudos, though!

  10. I am considering this myself. I don’t know if I am strong enough, and I will have to see how I react to New Moon, if I maybe knew too much before going on.

    I am completely supportive of this though and I wish all of y’all luck!

  11. This is like when I went to that thing at church and the minister asked us to save ourselves for after marriage, you know? I couldn’t, there was nothing left to save, and I felt like shit. I now have to confess that I have read the script so, there’s little spoilers out there for me… But feeling like that time at church, if you can still save it for Nov 20th, please do! You will be my hero because it’s all over the place.

  12. Thanks everyone, even the spoiler bunnies, for supporting us in our battles! 🙂 I have a new issue of EW that just came in the mail full of NM spoilers. DH is keeping it away from me until November 😉

  13. YOUS FORGOTS ME!!! I’m being a good little girl too 🙂 hahaha!! Although it is freaking KILLING ME!!!!

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