My Favorite Fan Fiction: Snap by Ruby-Wednesday

Today, I published my first one-shot and read Betti’s first official fan fiction recommendation. In honor of both, I wanted to write up a fan fiction recommendation of my own that’s way overdue.

Snap by Ruby-Wednesday

I can remember distinctly the first time I read this two-chapter story. It was one of the first fan fictions I’d ever read, and, in all honesty, everything else I’ve read since pales in comparison.

Weeks later, I couldn’t get this story out of my mind, and I finally decided what I wanted to say in my review:

This is the most beautifully disturbing story I’ve ever read. I read it weeks ago, and it is still on my mind.

The best description I can give you is that written by the author, Ruby-Wedneday:

Snap is definitely the darkest thing I have ever written and also the story I like best, though it actually has the least reviews. I’m pretty sure it’s original. It’s a two part AU twist on what could have happened on Bella’s first day of school. I understand why not everyone would like the events, but I promise it is well-written and evocative.

And it is both well-written and evocative. This is not your average Bella & Edward story, either in content or style. Her Edward is very complex, and, just when I decided to hate him, I felt pity for him. In the end, nothing Edward does can make up for the choices he’s made, and his awareness of that is painful for him and the reader.

When you read Snap (not if, when), please leave a review; it is a story that deserves feedback.

~ by fragile little human on 16 August 2009.

8 Responses to “My Favorite Fan Fiction: Snap by Ruby-Wednesday”

  1. I read snap awhile back and enjoyed it alot! You are right it is very well written and it does stay with you for awhile!

  2. I guess I am now adding Snap to my list. Please be patient with me however. A month from now I might randomly be tweeting you about how I loved this story. 😉

  3. I just loved your one-shot for Betti! Wonderful and juicy lemon 🙂 The other one, I still need to read

  4. Thanks for the rec…I will definitely read it!

  5. I’ve put snap to my list.
    Thanks fro recommending it.
    And for the pimpage, of course!

  6. I read snap and I loved it. I wish she would write more about it. I can think of several ways to continue the story. Thanks for the recommendation. When I get more time I’ll leave comments for this and your fanfics. I’m really loving the Twilight/Moonlight crossover. Wonder if CBS is kicking themselves now for canceling Moonlight?

  7. Wow. That story was so intense! I do wish the author had continued the story somehow, it was beautifully written. Thanks for the recommendation!

    -Whitley (

  8. I’m very curious about this story. I think I’m gonna read it this evening!

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