Shout-outs and quickies and notes, oh my!

No, I haven’t forgotten my promise of a Breaking Dawn post; it’s in the queue, I swear! In the meantime, though, I’m going to make a mountain out of the various molehills that have been floating around my brain the last week or so.

Book Poll Results

Dracula? Who the hell is Dracula?

Dracula? Who the hell is Dracula?

I got a lot more votes than I expected (which was zero), and it wasn’t even close. Dead Until Dark spanked the competition, and I started reading it today. The biggest surprise? Not one single person voted for Dracula.

I’ll probably repost the poll, including any new books I buy, when I finish this book. And, since you were all nice enough to pick out a book for me, the least I can do is write a post reviewing it when I’m done.

Spoiler-free beginning to Eclipse

Spoiler bunny will fucking show you Volturi pics and youll like it!!

Spoiler bunny will fucking show you Volturi pics and you'll like it!!

With all the Eclipse filming news and pics from the set, this was my first opportunity to be truly spoiler-free for a Twilight movie. It’s not as bad as I thought it would be.

Avoiding all the damn Volturi pictures floating around is another story altogether. I’ve managed not to see them…let me rephrase that, I’ve managed not to focus on them. I’ve visited several sites/blogs and been happily reading along until *BOOM* Volturi pics jump out in front of me. Besides believing that the background of the pictures is brown, I have no idea what the Volturi look like. Hopefully, I can keep it that way.

Breathe Me Updates

Awesome new button by Suzie

Awesome new button by Suzie

Breathe Me officially has OVER 100 REVIEWS!! I’m so happy, you just don’t know! I never thought anyone besides DH and my lovely beta would read it, and now I’m getting such great feedback. Reviewers and readers rock! Who wrote the 100th review? Why the wonderlovely Cutie, that’s who!

Breathe Me is now up to chapter 10…at least it is on FFn. My dumb ass, not realizing the Twilighted new story queue is backed up (currently taking 3-4 weeks for review), submitted Bedtime Stories. I can only have one story or chapter in the queue at a time, so I can’t submit the new chapters of Breathe Me. I suck.

Suzie @ Apples N Feathers has a great new fanfic site, Suzie’s Fan Fiction Haven, and Breathe Me is featured in the sidebar. Thanks Suzie! And thanks for the awesome button you made, too!

Aimee @ Straight Jacket Aimee rec’d Breathe Me in a recent post. Thanks Aimee! I just loved what she had to say:

“I’m enjoying the story and the last chapter left me going ‘WAIT!!!! STOP!! NO DONT STOP!! WHATS NEXT!!!'”

Also, Ang @ Why Not RPattz did a great post recently with links to all kinds of fanfic websites, and she included a link to the Breathe Me page on this blog. Thanks Ang!

BTW, you did know I have a Breathe Me page, right? With the release of each chapter, I post YouTube links for the new playlist song and other background information. For example, when I released chapter 10 this week, I posted links to the playlist song (You Found Me by the Fray), the song Bella is playing at the end of the chapter (Hemorrhage by Fuel), and began a list of Southernisms with which people might not be familiar.

Other Fan Fiction Notes

Howdy stranger. Can I buy you a drink?

Howdy stranger. Can I buy you a drink?

Betti @ Betti. Music. Twilight. posted a review by Artsie & Fanny of Bedtime Stories. She made the great graphic above, too. Thanks Betti!

BTW, I created a page just for my one-shots, but it currently only has information about Bedtime Stories. Of course, that will all change when I finish my Jasper one-shot *evil grin*

I have two new fanfic addictions, both of which caused me to stay up all night just to read all the chapters posted so far:

  • Answering Bell by ilsuocantante – rec’d by Cutie. I had to read it after Cutie raved about it. It is SO AWESOME! It’s AH, and everyone’s adults. I’d say more, but I want you to read it yourself. I LOVE this story!
  • The Office by tby789 – rec’d by practically everyone I follow on Twitter. Edward’s a complete bastard, and Bella is the executive assistant who hates him. This story is awesome, and it got DH laid…more than once. A new chapter was posted yesterday, and there are only 3 chapters and an epilogue to go.

My Favorite Rob

Whatever your name is, I think I love you...

Whatever your name is, I think I love you...

Ang @ Why Not RPattz recently asked all us Twitter peeps (see what happens when you don’t follow me on Twitter?) which Rob was our favorite. After 30 nanoseconds, I said it was Remember Me Rob, which is apparently AKA Tybert (Tyler, his character + Robert). Many people think this is frat boy Rob, but what do I see when I see Rob in a ballcap? I see Rob, with a farmer’s tan and sweaty from a hard day’s work on the tractor *swoon* *thud*

*picking self up off the floor* *shaking head* Where was I?

Anyway, Ang did this fuckawesome post where she made graphics of everyone’s favorite Rob! I ❤ you Ang! Isn’t my collage just yummy!! *swoon* *thud*

*picking self up off the floor* *shaking head* Damn, did I faint again?

Cutie is my fucking hero

If Cutie is a Terminator, shes totally a kinky-little-sex-kitten Terminator.

If Cutie is a Terminator, she's totally a kinky-little-sex-kitten Terminator.

The past week or so has seen the end of the Wide Awake discussion at SSTB. Not only did Cutie do the week 6 chapter 50-52 post (with KG @ I ❤ Mythical Creatures) and the recap of the week 6 discussion (which was surely wonderment), she also posted a special farewell post to everyone that participated in the discussion. She worked incredibly hard on the WA discussion, and we all are grateful to her for doing so!

But is she stopping there? Fuck no! She compiled questions for a Buried Among the Begonias Q&A with DurtyNelly, which posted this week. DurtyNelly not only answered EVERY question submitted, but she created graphics and a rockin’ playlist, too.

Next week, Cutie will host a “Who’s Your Masen” post (I wonder who’s doing that one?), and the next week she’ll have a discussion post with KG.

Does Cutie ever sleep?! I think she’s a Terminator.

In closing, I’d like to share the fantastical WA video Mrs. V @ Let’s Ride the Vanquish created to commemorate the end *sniffle* of the WA discussion. (P.S. I don’t think I’ll ever listen to that song again without thinking of WA.)

~ by fragile little human on 29 August 2009.

12 Responses to “Shout-outs and quickies and notes, oh my!”

  1. Oh fragile… *sniffles* Thank you for the shout out and all the wonderful things you just said. I am slightly verklempt at the moment– It’s been a wild and crazy ride and knowing how much you loved it and supported me and the discussion made it so worth it. So thank you for commenting on EVER post, promoting, making things and all around being fucking awesome…

    Okay I’m gonna go find some tissues. This just made my fucking night.

    Oh and I was SO excited to be your 100th comment. I am glad now it took me so freaking long to get caught up.

  2. Right , who needs Dracula when there is Bill and Eric. I´m so happy they have HBO here in the hotel so I´m going an watch it today “live”.
    Love Breath Me and I´m not getting tired in telling you that! I´m excited for the BAB discussion at Cuties blog and specially I like to see all the Masen pics from the girls around. (I still giggle over the pic I send to you)

    The video was a great team-work, that´s maybe s why it is soo good 😉

  3. […] Shout-outs and quickies and notes, oh my! « Fragile Little Human – view page – cached #Fragile Little Human RSS Feed Fragile Little Human » Shout-outs and quickies and notes, oh my! Comments Feed Fragile Little Human (Twilight) Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt Masen? Where are you? — From the page […]

  4. one more thing: it is so damn hard trying to be spoiler free. I really do my best and cover my eyes as soon as I enter – by chance- a site where the first pictures are just spoilers. I didn´t think it will be that difficult, even if you really and truly want to stay spoiler free.

    But I stay strong! and as long as there a sites like your´s where I know that I´ll not see any spoilers I´m happy and think I´ll manage.

  5. Bwahaha, Cutie as a cute terminator cracks me up. And that picture of Eric is positively sinful… rawr. 😀

  6. Thank you for the shout out! That was such a sweet post and VERY informative!

  7. Um, so that Eric pic is amazing. And I am totally finding it hard to be spoiler-free. I feel like I never go to any blogs anymore for fear of spoilers. Boo. I don’t know if I am going to make it. Great wrap up of all of the awesome stuff out there this week.

  8. Must read “■The Office” by tby789… after hearing that delicious piece of info… OH YES YES YES YES!! NExt in line!! (well… maybe lol… I think there’s another one you told me to read)

    DANG!! How can you read so much!! I wish I could read that quickly 🙂

    I KNOW!! Isn’t it hard as heck to steer away from SPOILER New Moon and ECLIPSE pics… its like “ahhh!! my eyes!! QUICK!! CLick off the page!!!” I too have tried not to stare!! I definately have not oggled any pics:)

    OWWW!! I like TYBERT pic!! SUCK on those fingers lol!! NOMS!!

    I soo happy that you have reached BREATHE ME sydication!! YAYS for 100 reviews!! SWEETNESS!! And I sooo bet that your story is gonna get better and better!!! Oh the ideas that are rolling around in my head…. but I have no clue which route you will send your characters down. I’m still hoping that LOIN CLOTH EDWARD will make an appearance …. since he’s the PRIMITIVE type vampire and all 🙂

    OH!! Who wants to read DRACULA? That’s sooo sooo last century!! I love this new breed of blood suckers!! THey are way too super delicious!!

    Drool ala Drool!!

    Loved the post!! Keep up the AWESOMETASTIC work on your bliggidy blog and your STORY (cuz I must know what happens!!!)

  9. You are awesome.. You really really really are.. I’ve been reading answering bell.. the office is on my “must read” list.

  10. I just love you.
    The Office is my life now.
    Cutie is the fucking terminator.
    I squee when I get emails that a new chapter for Breathe Me was posted.
    that is all…

  11. You are toe-tuh-lee awesome.
    That is all.

  12. Hello bro.
    I the beginner.
    I wish to show to you,new Pictures

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