Breathe Me Chapter 11 Teaser

Gratuitous Mick St. John picture

Gratuitous Mick St. John picture

(There’s no real reason for the above picture other than (1) he’s gawgeous and (2) I wanted to site its source, Alex O’Loughlin Rocks!, an awesome fansite I found this week.)

Okay, my last teaser was one sentence, and I got a few “what the fuck do you mean only posting one sentence?” comments and tweets. So this teaser is a whole paragraph. My chapters are too short to post much more 😉

Nor had he meant to have Alice spy, but, once he looked into Alice’s mind and saw Bella again, he couldn’t stop. Seeing her, even if only in cloudy visions through someone else’s eyes, brought him a few moments of the peace that seemed to elude him. The visions were like a addiction, though, and the high he felt afterward soared a little less and ended a little sooner each time. He fought constantly against the urge to ask Alice to look, and, toward the end, he lost more often than not.

My lovely beta has the chapter in her hands, so hopefully it’ll be posted sometime today or tomorrow.

And, speaking of Breathe Me

Monday brought me an embarrassment of riches when it came to recs for my story, which has resulted in a huge influx of new story and blog readers (hi guys! *waving madly*).

Suzie @ the Fan Fiction Haven wrote the nicest post about Breathe Me. She’s a big fan of Tough Bella:

What if Bella said, “Charlie I can’t stay here lets get the fuck out of Forks and move on from all this messed up shit.” and Charlie agreed? Thus begins a side of a Bella character I have never read before. This Bella character, while it takes time, becomes more strong willed and with more courage and conviction than any Bella character I’ve read. No joke people if you can recommend a strong Bella character to me I would love to see it because she is not represented enough in fan fiction. Fragile Little Human on the other hand knocks it out of the ball park.

Thank you Suzie!

cutie @ SSTB, a well-known supporter of Breathe Me, also gave Tough Bella a shout-out as she rec’d the story.

fragile’s fanfic is extremely unique. I love her Bella, who comes complete with a set of balls. I love learning all about Moonlight[Number one on my Nexflix’s now.] And I adore all the little heartfelt moments within her fanfic, which give the story depth. Truly, I’m not just saying this, it’s a fabulous story.

Thank you cutie! (BTW, you’ll LOVE Moonlight!)

And, biggest surprise of all? Jenny Jerkface @ Twitarded rec’d Breathe Me in her ode to Twific smut:

P.S. – I have to admit I was caught up in a bit of a ‘genre’ when I wrote this but I forgot a fan fiction piece that I find amazing that doesn’t necessarily fit the rough and tumble that I go for but it really is amazing – Fragile Little human – Breathe Me.

Thank you JJ!

Also, the awesome juliebee started a Breathe Me thread on the Twilighted forums! Thank you juliebee! Everyone feel free (read “please, I’m begging you”) to go to the forum if you have a question about the story or if you just want to tell me how you think Edward is a total prick. (BTW, I totally knew that my story was coming across the way I intended when I read that in a review!)

I ❤ so hard all the 3 Rs of fanfic: readers, reviewers, and rec’ers. If you only knew what I had planned for you… *evil grin*

Also, Bedtime Stories was accepted at Twilighted! Not only does this make me very happy in general, it also means I can start uploading Breathe Me chapters again.

Last, but not least, here’s the playlist song for chapter 11. I’ve been planning to use this song for this chapter since I first outlined the story.

~ by fragile little human on 6 September 2009.

2 Responses to “Breathe Me Chapter 11 Teaser”

  1. Breath Me just deserves all the support! You know how much I love your story and I´m sure everyone will love it as soon as they started reading. I think you don´t need to know Moonlight ( although I know..) because you describe Mick quite well! And it´s so great how you match the two vampire “races” in one world. It just fits what you write.

    Hope you don´t make me cry with the new Chapter just like you did with the last.

  2. fragile, you are the bomb dot com for sure! I am so happy everyone is reading your story!!! It is fan-freaking-tabously.

    Now, how’s the Jasper Fic going???? Me thinks I need a little taste and SOON!! *giggles*

    Oh and how’s the code monkey? Do you have any clue how happy I am about all of this?!

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