You know you read too much fan fiction when…

Yeah, this is totally DH - eat your heart out!

Yeah, this is totally DH - eat your heart out!

The scene: In-laws’ large den. There are two recliners, containing the FIL and BIL, and a widescreen TV. The room also has a long sectional sofa, and you have to walk behind it to get to the kitchen. DH is sitting on the sofa.

Me:  *walking in from kitchen carrying plate* Hey, DH, do you want the rest of this?

(this = really freaky desert bread MIL had me try)

DH:  *takes plate* Sure. What is it?

Me:  Some freaky desert bread thing.

DH:  You know what this needs?

Me:  No telling.

DH:  Chocolate syrup.  *cute smile* Will you find some for me?

Me:  *cursing under breath* *walking to kitchen* *finding large squeeze bottle of chocolate syrup*

Me:  Found it!

Me:  *walking behind sofa and standing over DH* Lean your head back.  *evil grin*

DH:  *leans head back* *evil grin* *opens mouth*

Me:  *squeezes chocolate into DH’s mouth* Oops, look, I got some on your neck.

DH:  *laughs*

Me:  *briefly considers leaning over and sucking chocolate syrup off DH’s neck* Um…  *remembers other people…INLAWS…are also in room*

DH:  *evil, chocolate-covered grin*

Me:  *wipes chocolate off with finger* *sticks finger in mouth* Got it.

DH:  *coughs uncomfortably* Um, thanks…

Me:  *goes to bathroom* *locks door* *beats head against wall*

P.S., do you think Google is trying to tell me something?

Even GMail wants an update...

Even Gmail wants an update...

~ by fragile little human on 8 September 2009.

6 Responses to “You know you read too much fan fiction when…”

  1. bwahahhahahahahahah
    I LOVE it!! Sounds like a good scene for a fanfic. 😉 I can’t wait to read all about it.

  2. Great post!

  3. I LOVES IT! You should add it to your story eventually!

  4. ROTFL!! Oh man…this is too freakin funny!

  5. lool! How imagination and teasing can make you breath faster … Great!!!!

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