Jasper One-Shot Teaser

As anyone following me on Twitter probably knows, I’ve been working on a one-shot for the For the Love of Jasper contest. The story is finished and in the hands of my betas. I hope to post it on FFn tomorrow, but, in the meantime, here’s a banner and a teaser to tide you over:

“Edward’s anger and violence had not been the worst thing. Even though Carlisle, Alice, and the others tried not to show it on their faces, Jasper could feel their disappointment like radiating waves crashing into him. Even Bella, who should have felt nothing but fear and disgust, emanated pity and disappointment. Everyone’s emotions weighed heavily on him, and all Jasper wanted was to run until the only shame he could feel was his own.”

The song for the Take What You Need is “Stay With You” by the Goo Goo Dolls:


I failed to mention in my last quickies post that the Faces of Masen post I did for SSTB got a great response. We ended up with 18 Masens, and there was a great variety of gawgeous men submited. Thanks ladies!

itsjustme @ Robmusement rec’d Bedtime Stories as one of her favorite one-shots of the week. Thanks itsjustme!

Memory_Jean has finally given in and started a blog. Go pay her a visit and tell her fragile sent ‘ya!

I have a few blog posts in the queue (yes, including the ever-postponed BD post), as well as more Breathe Me chapters and another planned one-shot. Be patient with me, gentle readers; I’m writing as fast as I can 🙂

~ by fragile little human on 12 September 2009.

One Response to “Jasper One-Shot Teaser”

  1. You surprised the hell out of me with this one-shot! I´ll not give any spoilers.
    I just adore your writing talent! Love you, and write more!!

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