Twilight Hotties (Non-KStew Edition)

I was reading a recent post by sjAimee @ Straight Jacket Aimee, and she discussed her disinterest in the Robsten phenomenon and her Twilight girl crushes (neither of which are KStew). In the midst of many, many tweets, she and I decided that not enough attention was being paid to the Twilight Ladies of the non-KStew persuasion. After contacting a few fellow bloggers, we were able to put together the following tribute to our favorite hotties of Twilight.

I debated how to arrange the sections, then, being the good geek I am, I decided the best method was by birth date, reverse chronological order 🙂

Christian Serratos

21 Sep 1990 (IMDB)
By: Cutie @ SSTB

With everyone’s eyes, ears, minds and *cough*lady-parts*cough* solely focused on the male aspect of the Twilight cast or hating on the very lovely Kristen Stewart for lip locking with the saga’s two main male characters [like I could get through this without throwing a little pro-Kristen lovin’ at y’all. *evilly winks*] [note from fragile: I’ll let it slide…this time], it is easy to see why so many of the amazing secondary female characters are overlooked.

Christian Serratos is for sure one of them. I have always adored her. Firstly, she plays my favorite human character in Twilight, Angela. *puts up hands* Okay, so I may be a little bias due to loving the name Angela, but it’s a great name, no? *wink wink* And Angela truly did get the short end of the stick with Bella.

Then there is Christian’s outright lovely personality in interviews and her own adoration for the Twilight series. I love that she landed the role of Angela due to the fact that she is completely blind without her glasses. Her desire to “nail” a role in the Twilight movie being tremendously strong, Christian threw beauty out the window and went into her audition for the role of Jessica wearing her glasses. In her words, she left the audition “with the part of Angela!” (source) At no point has she bemoaned the loss of the seemingly bigger role of Jessica. Christian merely longed to portray someone from one of her favorite book series. She is truly a fan just like you and me.

Top that off with the fact that one of her dogs is named Johnny Cash and this little lady just became one of my all time favorite people.

Nikki Reed

17 May 1988 (IMDB)
By: sjAimee @ Straight Jackie Aimee

When fragile asked me about doing this I jumped at the idea. I mean discuss the chicks of Twilight? Why the hell not? Can I say hell on fragile’s blog? [note from fragile: fuck yeah!] I feel as if she’s said worse and i’m just repressing those memories.. Anyhow excuse me, I’m easily sidetracked. Where was I?

Oh yes.. Nikki Reed.. I was happy to choose her to write about. She wouldn’t be a first choice for many but for me it was easy. She’s Nikki F’ing Reed! She’s gorgeous! Okay so I totally have a thing for brunettes. (Yea! So it doesn’t count.. Most of the Twilight chicks are brunettes.. Right?)

I know she isn’t a popular choice inside the Twi-dom. You either love her or love to hate her, but mostly you all love to hate her. Why? Because she’s Rosalie Hale. The least liked Cullen in the series. She dislikes Bella. She’s the easy one to hate and you have to hate someone. It never fails. There’s always that one. We’ve been down that road so I won’t get into it. Let me tell you why I love Nikki though.

I had seen Nikki before Twilight came out, but, me being me, I didn’t remember her until Twilight came out. (Did anything really matter before Twilight? I fail to remember!) I’d seen her first in Mini’s First Time. I actually liked the movie. She’s a good actress if you give her a chance. I even re-rented the movie recently and let the hubs watch it, and he liked it. I’m sure having her as eye candy was helpful, but he actually watched the movie. That’s saying something! She’s believable. She plays bitchy so well!

See, Nikki (did I mention we’re on a first name basis here? No? Well we are..) isn’t people’s favorite for Rosalie. I get that, and, while I agree they did a very “trashy” job of making Nikki into Rosalie, I do think she had/has what it takes to BE Rosalie. She’s not a great blonde. I’ll give you that much. And while the wardrobe was not flattering, Nikki is very capable of playing the bitch part very well. She’s extremely believable in those roles.

Maybe that’s part of what draws me to her so much? I absolutely love the angst ridden, drama filled roles. Nikki is excellent for them. Not to mention I do find her (and i’m totally not ashamed to admit it) HAWT! She’s gorgeous! She’s got that “I’ve got a darker side to me” look. Now that’s not saying she can’t do the “girl next door” thing because I think she could pull it off, this is just how I like her. She’s also one of the few that I’ve seen pictures of with out make up on and I still think she’s really very pretty and believe me… that doesn’t happen very often!

Ashley Greene

21 Feb 1987 (IMDB)
By: Me 🙂

Do I really have to explain why I like Ashley? EVERYBODY likes Ashley. Okay, I’ll do it anyway:

1. Look. At. Her.

2. She is incredibly nice in all her interviews and to the fans.

3. She is one of the few actors in the Twilight movie that nailed their character.

4. Seriously. Look. At. Her.

When I watched Twilight the first time, I didn’t pay too much attention to poor Alice. She seemed a little off. Plus, I had all those nice boys to look at. Then Alice ripped James’ fucking head off!! GO ALICE!!

Once I read the first book, I absolutely fell in love with Alice. Yes, I like Alice more than Bella. Ashley is perfect as Alice. She really comes across as a friendly, outgoing vampire, probably because she seems to be a friendly, outgoing person in RL. Also, like sjAimee, I’m not ashamed to admit I think Ashley is completely GAWGEOUS! And she’s a dog person; how can you not like a dog person?

In closing, I just have one question: why the hell didn’t they pick Ashley to play Bella? Yeah, I know, she’s too pretty. But still…

Anna Kendrick

9 Aug 1985 (IMDB)
By: Memory Jean @ From the Mind of Memory Jean

Watching a few interviews of Anna Kendrick talking about Twilight, New Moon, other movies she’s been in, and George Clooney (say what?!), I think she is amazing, and absolutely huggable, haha. I love how sweet & kind of a girl she seems to be, everytime I have seen her she has had a huge smile on her face. Not to mention her adorable laugh, which we all saw in the P.E. scene in Twilight.

I personally loved Anna being picked as the role for Jessica Stanley in the saga. I thinks she portrayed Jessica perfectly. Her bubbly personality, giddiness, and absolute boy craziness! I also think she did a wonderful job as the character, I know there was some controversy over it because “book Jessica” is described with curly hair, well hey, maybe she got a flat iron (:

And on a final note, Anna Kendrick is also super hot, I mean, look at her! And I love her!

Rachelle Lefevre

1 Feb 1979 (IMDB)
By: KG @ I ❤ Mythical Creatures

When I first saw Twilight I hadn’t read the books yet. I didn’t know much about the characters and what they were like at all. I was completely enthralled by the story when watching the movie in the theater, and had no real opinion on who fit their parts the best. However, even from the beginning, my two favorite cast members have been Rachelle Lefevre and Anna Kendrick.

Even though the character of Victoria is the villain, I was totally taken by Rachelle’s portrayal. She’s beautiful and yet edgy and wild. And I definitely wouldn’t want to be caught alone with her on a boat! She is SCARY! Now that I have read the books, a couple times, I know that Rachelle fits the part PERFECTLY! And I believe that her passion for the Series before the movie helped with that. She is a fan, and she is Victoria.

You are my favy fav. If I could meet anyone in the cast, I’d want to meet you. Yes, even over Rob…you are that freaking cool.  The to the End!

Elizabeth Reaser

15 Jun 1975 (IMDB)
By: Ana @ The Danger Magnet

Why I Heart Movie-Esme

Okay, I confess that I never knew Elizabeth Reaser existed until I saw Twilight.  True story. But I must say that despite the fact that she had what, maybe five minutes screen-time, tops, in the entire film, she still managed to impress me. Truly.

Esme is such a compassionate character in the books, always brimming over with love and affection for everyone, not just her family. She’s such a sweetheart that even snarky Jacob can’t say one bad thing about her. What I liked best about Elizabeth Reaser’s portrayal of Esme was that she was able to convey this compassion with minimal screen-time. Case in point: during the baseball scene, she really connected with Bella (Kristen Stewart). It was great fun watching her poke fun at her “children.” I really believed she was Esme. We also saw more of Esme’s personality shining through in the kitchen scene when Esme chides Rosalie for bitching out on Bella. See, Esme can pull out the Mom card when she has to!

Of course, it helps that Elizabeth Reaser totally resembles the Esme from Stephenie Meyer’s description. She’s supposed to look like one of those screen goddesses from the 1940’s, with billowing, caramel hair and feminine grace. Um, check much? Plus, she just looks really great next to the uber-gorgeous Carlisle (Peter Facinelli). No small feat!

One of my favorite scenes showing both Esme and Carlisle was actually cut from the film, but you can see it in the deleted scenes. You get to see the dynamic of Esme and Carlisle’s relationship, and I honestly think Elizabeth Reaser stole the scene. It’s called “She’s Brought Him to Life” and you can see it here:

I look forward to seeing Esme’s character develop in future films. Here’s hoping that they’ll give both her and Carlisle more screen-time!

My Favorite Pics

I decided to add a few of my favorite pictures of the Twilight ladies, this time in my order. Enjoy!

My Twi Girl Crush *swoon*

My Twi Girl Crush *swoon*

Dont you wish you looked like this without your glasses?

Don't you wish you looked like this without your glasses?

Bryce Dallas WHO? You dont need three names when youre this hot.

Bryce Dallas WHO? You don't need three names when you're this hot.

Dont hate her cause shes beautiful.

Don't hate her 'cause she's beautiful.

Nothing snarky - shes just too lovely for words.

Nothing snarky - she's just too lovely for words.

Looking at this, are you surprised Rob wanted to lick her face?

Looking at this, are you surprised Rob wanted to lick her face?

~ by fragile little human on 15 September 2009.

10 Responses to “Twilight Hotties (Non-KStew Edition)”

  1. This IS epic!!! I have to admit, all the girls are great, but I have a super girl crush on Christian Serratos! I know Cutie’s SO SHOCKED I agreed with her. *wink* Christian’s so super cute! I love her all geeky cute in the movie and all starlet gorgeous at the premiers. Just my two cents. 🙂

  2. Yes… I am supposed to be doing my hw.


    1. Only this time huh? Well, next time I’ll just have to be sneakier.
    2. I heart Nikki Reed. She was amazing in Thirteen and I also loved her in Lords of Dogtown. Plus she is always extremely professional and overall amazing to her fans.
    3. Ashley is beautiful, both inside and out the end.
    4. Anna was AWESOME as Jessica. I loved that she brought heart to the role. Bitch Book Jessica always got on my nerves. Anna is just to darn cute to hate on in the movie.
    5. Rachelle is the bestest to the fans and is always so dang excited about the movies. Truly she is beyond beautiful and just so much freaking fun to watch. She shall be for sure missed. 😦
    6. Elizabeth = fuckawesomeness. The End.

    So I just realized we didn’t do Renee, but honestly her babies KILLED me. I love Sarah Clarke, however. She was wonderful in 24 and her role in Thirteen was great as well. 😀

    Oh and one last thing:

    *runs off giggling like a fool*

  3. What a great post!!
    I love the chicks. They are all supercute!
    Ashley is so the best Alice we could have ever hoped for and although Nikki is super gorgeous she´s too bad to play Rosalie. Nikki is really cute, but Rosalie in Twilight looks like a cheap bitch and this is not how I pictured Rosalie at all. Bitch, yes – cheap, no.

    I´m still mad with Summit that they fired Rachelle, she was THE perfect Victoria:((

    Thanks for this post!!

  4. First.. I can’t help but giggle at Cutie.. She’s so bad.. Just so so bad.. *shakes head pointing finger and rolls eyes* YOU Cutie need to be punished for breaking rules!

    okay.. then..
    Christian Serratos… she blows my mind.. She’s so freaking beautiful. I mean she is hot.. don’t get me wrong but beautiful is a word that certainly does her justice.. And she is absolutely the perfect Ang.. I adore her character and the fact that she is so perfect for her just makes me adore her even more.

    I already had my say on Nikki..

    Ashley Greene… That girl is just freaking adorable. Shes gorgeous but her personality is what leads her. I love watching her in interviews. And she’s always putting herself out there and never in a bad light.. I have to agree that she is the PERFECT Alice. If anyone was perfectly cast.. It was her. I love the character in general but her as Alice.. I love it even more..

    Anna Kendrick… I never really had alot to say about her.. She was a good Jessica which in general is my least liked character of the book.. She runs a close tie in with Bella for that part..(don’t stone me.. I already explained myself on my blog.. hmmph). But Anna played the part well. I liked to dislike her.. if that makes any sense..LOL

    Rachelle Lefevre… What can you say about her? She fucking rocks! She’s my favorite bad ass.. I’m totally pissed off at summit about her.. I mean really.. She can’t be replaced even though she was.. SHE is that part! And she’s so freaking cool..

    Elizabeth Reaser.. I LOVE HER!!!! I loved her before twilight. I’ve seen her play a variety of roles and was always impressed. Full of surprises! She’s a perfect Esme even though It totally blew my mind she was cast as the part. Because of the films I had seen her in I couldn’t wrap my mind around her playing Esme but I was soooooooooooo wrong.. She was absolutely PERFECT!

    And that my friends.. is the …end!

  5. Wow, you ladies and ur EPIC posts rock!

    ::claps hands:: I guess we can stop robsessing long enuff to look at the gals of Twatlight.

    Ok that’s long enuff, Where’s Rob?

    Mrs. R

  6. That was awesome!! Loved it!!! The pics were AWESOMETASTIC, the info was to die for, and that ESME scene was making me SQEAL!!… PUSH BANG BANG… yes… I’m the child that has never seen the deleted scenes lol…. QUIT GASPING!! hahaha!!

    Super GOOD post!!!

  7. Oh, I loved this post! And I loved helping you with it. Thanks so much for thinking of me, Fragile! 😀

  8. If I’m going to be honest, I’d definitely grab myself some Nikki Reed. But my eyes have been opened to some other possibilities. Never really thought too much about Anna Kendrick, but that last pic, not bad.

  9. I think the Twilight cast has got to be one of the most attractive casts ever! There is literally not one ugly person among them.

    As for all the ladies of Twilight, including Kristen, I certainly wouldn’t kick them out of bed!

    -Whitley (

  10. […] Men of Twilight (Non-vamp and non-jailbait edition) After posting the Twilight hotties, I thought it would be nice to give a little attention to those men of Twilight who don’t […]

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