Dearest Mrs. V,

Thank you SOFA KING much for the surprise of the new banner!!  It is the wonderment, as are you!!  Not only did you include the loveliness that is Rob and Edward, but you also included my favorite non-Twilight vampires, Mick St. John and Eric Northman. *swoon* *thud*

You rock!!  I ❤ you so hard!!

*sniffle* No, I’m not crying… *sniffle*

Thank you!!!
fragile little human

(Visit Mrs. V at her lovely blog, Let’s Ride the Vanquish!)

~ by fragile little human on 17 September 2009.

8 Responses to “Dearest Mrs. V,”

  1. awww, you are fast!!! You are sofa king welcome!!
    I´m so happy that you like it, really!! Didn´t think you would really like it..

    And if I am allowed to say that, it looks good here:-)

    I love you too!!
    and your kind words – noo they won´t make me!!

  2. I love that Eric is in there too. Thank you for loving both like I do! Props to Mrs. V!

  3. Mrs. V you are for AWESOMENESS!!!!!! =D

    Truly it’s a great banner. WOOT!

  4. I LOVE IT!! Drool ala drool!! Edward and Eric and Mick OH MY!! Noms noms noms!!! Good job Mrs. V!!

  5. Banner looks very cool here (admittedly if I hold my thumb over Eric’s ugly face, for then it looks not only cool but awesome!)
    Good Job, Mrs V.
    You’re obviously up to undermine my hard earned position as the button guru, striving for the titel of the banner guru here?
    Guess I just have to face it…

    • my dearest betti! You are the Queen of photoshopping, my skills are nothing compared to yours! It just happened that I had a vision for the sweet fragile little human here and tried my best.
      Betti = 33 buttons made
      MrsV = 1 (!) banner made
      Yes I see, you have to face it …

    • Ahhh Sorry fragile for spamming but:

      Betti, we could open a banner/button fabric , get famous and rich. Doens´t that sound perfect???

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