Breathe Me Chapter 12 Teaser

It’s been a long week, and I kept waiting for someone, anyone to whisper the new Breathe Me chapter into my ear. Finally, Bella and Mick came to see me. The chapter is currently waiting for my lovely beta to get some well-deserved sleep, so here’s a teaser to tide you over until the chapter is posted on FFn tomorrow:

When Bella pulled into the parking space in front of the diner, she congratulated Angela and Ben again before saying goodbye and ending the call. She climbed down out of the truck, noticing the cloudy sky and wet pavement. It looked like it was turning into a rainy Alabama winter, she thought, which was still a good 15 degrees warmer and 15 inches drier than the average in Forks. Greeting a couple walking out of the diner, she was inside before she first looked for Mick.

There at the regular table, sitting next to Mick, was Edward, looking at her expectantly.

Oh, yeah, Bella isn’t a happy camper. As if you needed more proof, here’s the playlist song for this chapter:

Don’t forget: Breathe Me has it’s own thread on the Twilighted forum. Please consider posting; I’m not above begging.

~ by fragile little human on 20 September 2009.

3 Responses to “Breathe Me Chapter 12 Teaser”

  1. Just read chapter 11 and commented. As if I wasn’t interested enough in chapter 12, you post a Matchbox 20 video…The first Rob Thomas who stole my heart long before Rob Thomas Pattinson came along.

  2. As always I’m totally relaxed, waiting patiently for your upload.
    *taps fingers, paces room, grinds teeth, chain-smokes, opens, closes, opens again, taps feet, nibbles nails, fumbles with crop, pulls own hair, makes…*

  3. Fans will be delighted because CHAPPY 12 was the BEST chappy so far!! Freaking LOVED IT!! Can’t wait for the public to read!

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