Meanest teaser ever…Breathe Me chapter 13

I had planned on posting something tonight, but I fucked up getting it ready. (Please, people in the know, forgive me!) I will have it ready in a day or two, I promise. Instead, I’m writing Breathe Me chapter 13, and I thought I’d post the meanest teaser ever:

“Why did you believe me?”

Bella was incredulous.

He did not just fucking say what I think he fucking said.


“It hurt me that it was so easy for you to believe I didn’t love you,” Edward whispered, his eyes again downcast. “Why did you?”

When Edward says that bullshit in New Moon, I want to jump into the book and bitchslap him. Take from that what you will. *evil grin*

~ by fragile little human on 22 September 2009.

6 Responses to “Meanest teaser ever…Breathe Me chapter 13”

  1. WOAH!!! FINISH that PUppY pRoNtO ! ! !

  2. I can not WAIT to read Bella going all postal over Edward’s emo behind! I hope she’s thoroughly ruthless!! 🙂

  3. @OPF – I totally agree! This story is just so great…even without the lemons. I just want to know what happens next. And Bella better not go soft and just let Edward back in.

  4. mean! and Yeah it is just so stupid stupid when he said that in NM – but the real Bella wasn´t able to react in this moment – she was just so happy that he was back that shit like this didn´t matter.
    I bet your Bella will definitely react differently, I´m so curious how!!

  5. I can not wait to read Bella goes all postal on the back of Edward’s EMO! I hope it’s good unscrupulous!

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