Where in the world is fragile little human?

I dont see fragile here anywhere. Wait...OMG...is that Carmen Sandiego checking out Edward?!

"I don't see fragile here anywhere. Wait...OMG...who is that checking out Edward?!"

Yes, I know, I’ve been neglecting the blog. I suck. But, I have good reasons, really I do. They’re included below, along with some other quickies.

Reason #1: Breathe Me

I’ve been writing like mad, posting new chapters of Breathe Me as fast as I can finish them and get them beta-ed. Chapter 15 was the most recent update.

Chapters 14 and 15 dealt with some heavy material, and I was very nervous about them. I didn’t undertake them lightly, and I hope the respect I intended to show for the characters came through.

The feedback I received from everyone was wonderful, and I was really touched by all the love and experiences you shared with me. Thank you so much *hug for each and every one of you*

There will be 8 more chapters of Breathe Me, and my plan is to finish it by the end of the month. I can’t believe the end is coming so soon. It’s hard to believe that I’ve been writing about Bella, Edward, Mick, and Charlie since June. I’m thinking about doing something special to mark this huge milestone, and I’ll keep you posted.

Last, but not least, Breathe Me reached another FFn milestone: it has been marked as a favorite story over 100 times! I squealed like a little girl when it happened, really I did. Thank you all so much!

Reason #2: Super Secret Project

To borrow a phrase from Cutie, I’ve been working on a super secret project that will be introduced this weekend. Not going to say anything else except that it FUCKING ROCKS! Yeah, I don’t have any humility at all 😉

Breathe Me nominated for a Sparkle Award

Breathe Me has been nominated for a Sparkle Award for Best Crossover! Voting starts on Friday, October 16th. Please consider voting for my story – Mick will thank you! 😉

New Moon book discussion

(Graphic by Cutie)

Ana @ the Danger Magnet is hosting a New Moon book discussion, and it’s not too late to jump into the fray. Yours truly will be guest posting to discuss chapters 16-18 (after Bella jumps but before they go to Italy) on Thursday, October 29th. Just got to keep reminding myself that Ana runs a high-class joint, so I can’t curse 😉

Lovely events at other lovely blogs

Cutie @ SSTB is hosting New Moon Tuesday, talking about all kinds of great (non-spoiler) stuff leading up to the movie’s release next month. Make sure to head over there and see what goodness she has posted next Tuesday!

Mrs. Vanquish @ Let’s Ride the Vanquish has borrowed Fanny from Betti @ Betti. Music. Twilight., and they’re hosting a Twilight book vs. movie discussion. You should participate for Fanny’s epic storyboards if nothing else.

In response to a set of challenges from Mrs. V, Betti has let Artsie go wild on her blog. Part 1 has Artsie creating some damn good banners, if you ask me (which, admittedly, you didn’t). Can’t wait to see what else she comes up with.

Yes, I know

I still owe y’all posts about Breaking Dawn and Dead Until Dark, and I will get to them, I promise. But, at this rate, it will take longer to write the BD post than it did to read the damn book.

So, now that you know where I am, where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?

~ by fragile little human on 7 October 2009.

5 Responses to “Where in the world is fragile little human?”

  1. I really love your random shout outs! Ok
    1. Breath Me, I don´t want it to end and at the same time I want to know how it ends.. confusing.. I can only guess that the last two chapters have been difficult to write and you did a fantastic job!
    2.)*jumps in excitement* love super secret somethings:)

    Thank so much for promoting Fanny’s and mine discussion project and Fanny is already working on the next storyboards for next week, although I haven´t seen them yet…

    Love Annies NM discussion and cuties NM Tuesdays, when is November???

  2. You definitely have been a busy busy lady! And I am sooooo not complaining! Breathe Me is amazing and I hate to see it end. Anything secret is fun and I can’t wait for the the big unveiling!

  3. I too am sad that BM will be ending soon, but I suspect that a sequel will be necessary. Hmmmmm???????

    And super secret everything ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Good Grief GIRLY!! Are you freaking nuts?!! You are taking on the MOTHER LOAD, my pet!! WOW!! So many things!! But if you can do them all you are truely awesome!!

    OME!! You got nominated for an AWARD!! Sweetness!! I shall casty cast cast cast my vote todays!! LOL!! And be true on your word lol… Send MICK over immdeiately to thank me lol!! YES YES!!

    HAHA!! I had no idea that you loooked like CARMEN SANTIAGO!! haha!! I about fell off my chair when I noticed!!! I sadly look like a midget version of WHERE’S WALDO lol!!

    WOW!! WTG on all the achievements, goals, and future projects!! You are truely a WONDER WOMAN!! Remind me to buy you some blue starry panties for Christmas 😉

  5. DANG IT!! I spoke too soon!! Ok… I can’t casty cast till OCT 16th!! * stomps foot –Stupid dyslexic mind of mine lol!! OK… Send Mick over promtly at 10:45am on that day 😉

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