“Edward’s no James Bond.”

Hello everyone! My bestest Twi-bud and lovely beta, Greta (erikasbuddy), is my guest poster today. Please welcome her and make sure to catch her plea at the end.


Last Saturday I emerged from a nice warm shower to find my hubz snuggled on the couch watching James Bond fight the baddies in Casino Royale. I flopped down on the love seat (he was kind of sprawled on the couch and refused to move) and feigned interest in his little shoot-em-up movie.

“What kind of car is that?” I asked.

“An Aston Martin,” he replies as though I should know this.

“They expensive?”

“Well duh!”

*Tilts head and thinks of a certain sparkly vampire that also enjoys fast expensive vehicles*

I watch more of the movie and yawn a bit. Then it comes to a part where BOND-MAN blows up a helicopter and jumps into a fountain HANDCUFFED (I might add) to this busty, long haired chick and saves the day….or at least that part of the movie.

“HUBZ!” I shout. “Isn’t that a bit unrealistic?”

“What?” he grins “It could happen. We are talking about Bond, after all.”

*Rolls eyes and shakes head*

I keep on watching while the Rack-a-licious broad (which I’m told to stop calling her that) and Bond shower – STILL HANDCUFFED – under a water pipe. I focus my attention on her WHITE t-shirt and take notice as it clings to her heaving bosoms while she washes her long luxurious black hair. – WITHOUT SHAMPOO!!!!

People!! They are out in an alley doing this with their clothes on!!

“Oh!! How convenient!” I point out. “What a marvelous time to take a shower!”

“Well, they did just blow up a helicopter. They need a bath,” Hubz insists.

What? Are you kidding me?!

*Thinks about a certain glittery vampire god that bares his chest for no real reason, but just to show some chicky that he sparkles*

*Pounds palm against forehead*

[fragilelittlehuman note: You don’t know how bad I wanted to put a pic of Shirtless Rob here…*headdesk* Since I can’t do that:]

[fragilelittlehuman note: Okay, okay, here’s a real Robward picture:]

I then tell the hubz that I do not like the NEW James Bond. He just doesn’t REV my engine.

He admits that Pierce Brosnan is sexier.

*Trembles in fear because my hubz thinks Pierce Brosnan is –dare I say – sexy?!?!*

I mean EWWWW!! TMI!! TMI!!!

I watch a bit more. The girl stumbles and twists her little ankle, gets captured by the villain, and then Bond-O comes and saves the day.

*Scratches chin and thinks, “Where have I seen this before?”*

“Hubz,” I ask. “How is this any different from Twilight? This just screams EDWARD to me. He drives a fast car, has all sorts of money, does as he pleases, wins the girl, and in the end is made the hero.”

And do you know what he says?

“Well, he’s no James Bond.”

? ? ? ?

*Drops to the floor giggling*

Now ladies… PLEASE!! I am just dying to know. What is it that your hub a dub watches that you find just as silly as Twilight is to him? DISH!! DISH!! DISH!! I can not be the only one out there that has a hubby who wants to be a Secret Agent Man when he grows up!!

Okay, peeps, this is your chance. How many of you have been outed as a Twi-freak by the hubby when you know his deep, dark love of Star Trek/Jean-Luc Picard or other “suitable” mancrush or obsession? We want to know! Here’s the schedule:

10/29/2009: Deadline to submit your husband’s mancrush/obsession to fragilelittlehuman[at]gmail[dot]com or in the comments below

10/30/2009: erikasbuddy reveals her husband’s secret obsession

10/31/2009: A recap of all your submissions

Don’t have a hubby? Tell us about your SO, family member, or work “spouse”!

Come on ladies! Haven’t you put up with enough crap about sparkly men and “unauthentic” vampires? Turn the tables!!

~ fragilelittlehuman

~ by fragile little human on 23 October 2009.

10 Responses to ““Edward’s no James Bond.””

  1. Claps hands and jumps for joy!! I am sooo excited!! Come on Girlies!! Dish to your Aunt Greta!!

  2. OME!!! What a fantastic idea. Although, I’m pretty sure Mr. Foxy doesn’t have a mancrush. I, generous wife that I am of course, have several. Hmmm……Edward Norton in American History X…..*drool* Ooops, well, I’ll ask him tonight when he gets home. *wink*

  3. Oh it doesn’t just have to be his mancrush. Is there anything that you raise your eyebrows to , scratch your head at, and yell ‘why are you watching that?’ LOL!!

  4. LOL I love this post!! I am so sorry it took me so long to respond…

    What does Mr. Cutie like that is as “silly” as Twilight? Hm… Mr. Cutie has never seen or read Twilight. So I never hear crap about it.

    But I guess if I were to compare obsessions I’d say Mr. Cutie has a strange obsession with Zombies. The man is truly getting ready for the zombie apocalypse. I am often randomly quizzed on what I would do in certain situations. And I’d love to say it was all a joke to him… but honestly, it’s more like hopeful musings. But what can I say to that? I mean the man puts up with me and my twi-blogging ways! So I wholeheartedly buy into the zombie apocalypse while he ignores my sparkling vampies. It’s a good deal. 😉

  5. Hilarious! Poo – Mr UYP also is a man of few crushes. Even girl crushes. The only one he’ll admit to is Darcy or whatever her freaking name was who was the shit bass player with blue hair in the Smashing Pumpkins about 15 years ago. Other than that, he’s obsession is sports, watching just about any college or pro sport, fantasy football and baseball. Ugh.

    Oh – and Pink Floyd.

    How random is he?? But I’ll put my thinking cap on and see what else I can come up with.

    Great post!

  6. Mr. Not So Smutty’s man crush is Bear Grylls from Man vs Wild *palms face* I swear it’s because the man insists on getting naked and showing us his Bear Peen every damn episode *shakes head*

  7. LMFAO!!!! @MR. Smutty’s man crush!! That is to die for haha!!!

  8. Hub’s equiv. is PTI, Pardon The Interruption on ESPN. If he isn’t going to be home for it he makes sure it’s DVR’d. He even shuts off the phone when it’s on.

  9. Like Mr. UYP, my hubby really has no crushes male or female. I think that is why he gets so mad and does not understand my obsession. He does not have a “thing”. I wish he did, then maybe he would back off!

  10. First, I am so sorry it took me so long to answer. But here I am – a bit late.
    MrV doesn’t watch so much TV. Yeah he likes James Bond but he’s far away from having a crush.
    But, he does other stupid things like: Just flying around the world because the air plane ticket was cheap. Flying somewhere just because he hasn’t seen the airport there yet. I could write tons of things like this , but they all are similar. MrV loves to fly… I remind him kindly that he does stupid things most of the people just shake their head about, when he starts complaining about my Twiobsession.
    Sorry that I missed the deadline…

    Anyway looking os forward to read all the stuff!

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