Breathe Me Chapter 18 Teaser

If I didn’t lose you after the last chapter, it’s probably safe to say you’ll be around for the long haul. Many thanks again to everyone who sent me such wonderful reviews, and hopefully you’ve all recovered from your shell shock.

Here’s the first little bit of the new chapter, which is with my lovely beta and will hopefully be posted tonight:

Pressing the button to disconnect his call, Mick shoved his cellphone into his jacket pocket. He was furious with Edward for what he’d done. Walking onto the porch, he motioned Bella toward him.

“Edward needs you.”

She started to run into the house, but Mick grabbed her wrist and pulled her to a stop.

“Bella,” he whispered, “Edward’s killed him.”

“What?” The shock was evident on her face, and she tried to jerk away from him and continue into the house.

“Listen to me,” he said brusquely, pulling her back toward him. “It’s a mess in there. You need to be prepared.”

When she nodded slowly, Mick let her go. She stepped into the doorway and looked around the room, gasping at the sight. He could see her take a deep, steadying breath then walk toward Edward, who was crouched in a corner on the far wall of the room. She lowered herself in front of him and gently smoothed his hair away from his blood-splattered face. Raising his gaze from the floor to her face, Edward’s eyes were the darkest amber and full of fear. Even in the midst of so much horror, the love between them was palpable, and the intimacy of their stare made Mick consider looking away.

There’s a little story about the playlist song. See, back in the day, there was this fucking awesome alternative radio station in Birmingham, Alabama, called 107.7 the X. After breaking acts way before they went large nationally, the X had quite the reputation in alternative circles. As bands came through town, they’d play acoustic sets at the station, and songs were compiled for a yearly album that raised money for United Cerebral Palsy.

It was on one of these albums that I heard the most excellent version of this chapter’s playlist song ever. I didn’t even know the song was used on a TV show until I started looking for it on YouTube.  The video I found on YouTube is not the version from the X album, but it’s pretty close.


Please please please tell us about your DH/SO mancrush or obsession that’s supposedly so much better than Twilight or Edward. My DH? Completely over the moon for the chick on Fringe, but more on that later.

Voting for the Sparkle Awards is underway now, and Breathe Me is nominated for Best Crossover. Please consider voting, because it makes Mick and Edward very happy. Voting ends Sunday November 8th.

Chapter 3 of In the Blood will be posted on Wednesday, and, if you aren’t reading it yet, I have one word for you: Emmett.

Honolulu Girl @ True Blood Twilight gave a great shout to Breathe Me in a recent post – thank you!!

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  1. Great tease!! I can’t wait to read the whole chapter!!!

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