Twibite: New Moon in Domo Part I

A while back, you may remember Greta’s fuckawesome Domo Twilight post. Well, she’s baaaaaack:


Oooow!! A paper cut

Japser: NOMS!!!


Edward: Its not safe to be around me anymore. It's better if I go before my family tries to eat you again.




December – Bella got a little OVER DRAMATIC

Bella: Hey Jessica, let's go walk down this freakishly scary alley

Jessica: Eeek!! Dreamy Edward: GrRrRrRr Bella: *shudder*

Bella: How can I hear that velvety voice again?

Bella decides to go dumpster diving

Bella: Oh fabulous!! A broken MOTORCYCLE!!

Bella: Jacob Dear!! Fix this for me *eyelash flutter*

~Pant Pant Pant Drool~



Bella: Let’s do that again!! Dreamy Edward: GrRrRrRrRr!!

Bella and Jacob go to a movie

Jacob: I think I’m gonna hurl

Bella: Hmmm…. I think I’ll call Jacob.

Bella: Hey, can Jacob come out to play?

Billy: No, he has a mosquito bite and is VERY sick!

Oh…. My meadow… I have a sad

Laurent: Dang Girl!! You smell like Pizza!! Bella: EEK!


Well, that was convenient

Bella: Why have you been avoiding me? Jacob: Ummm… because I smell like Calamine Lotion

Bella: Wow Jake!! You skin is burning hot! Jacob: Really?

Bella: Gasp! I know what you are! Jacob: Say it OUT LOUD

A Leprechaun

Jacob: A what? No!! I’m a werewolf! PUPPY POWER!!

Meanwhile in the forest Victoria *Evil Laugh*

Bella: CANNONBALL Dreamy Edward: GrRrRrRrRr

Will Bella survive her jump into the choppy waters? Come back tomorrow and find out…

~ by fragile little human on 17 November 2009.

17 Responses to “Twibite: New Moon in Domo Part I”

  1. I’m seriously laughing way too hard right now to comment coherently, but I’ll give it a shot. Damn Greta, you have a ton of toys. I love that they’re watching Shaun of the Dead. And “Puppy Power”! Where’s Scrappy Doo when you need a midget dog to make things worse? Freakin’ hilarious, can’t wait for the next installment.

    • LMAO!! Yes… I have to admit it. I have way too many toys 😉 All the DOMOS were made by me and BELLA was made by my bud Leila. The other MONSTERS were made also by me. As for the toys… Each one of those are mine haha as for the exception of Bella’s truck… I stole that from my son 😉 Loves it that it made you laugh 😉

  2. Bwahhahahahhaahhahahhahahahahhahahah

  3. That is fucking hilarious!!

  4. LOL!! YES!! Domo LIVES!! Loves it!!! This TWIBITE took me for FREAKING ever to make! LOL!! But it was soo worth it! I think TWIBITE might have gone to my poor little Domo’s head. He’s under the impression that all the fan girls are screaming for him and not Rob. I told him he’s wrong but then he bit me and i just hate to fight with him… so if you happen to see him walking down the street… please!! for the love of BOB tell him he’s your favorite Edward. If not… then I can’t be responsible for what he might do –BITE BITE BITE!! So, happy you girlies like it and TY so much Fragile for giving me a place to post my odd doll obessessions 🙂

  5. OMG…this is the best stuff…ever!

  6. OMG.. ROFLMAO.. I had to stop several times and catch my breath from laughing..

    I just ❤ you so much!! You truly make the world complete.. Like Jane when she zaps the fuck out of Eddieboy in New Moon.. Yes zaps.. is there another word for it?

  7. This was my favorite and my best!!!!!

    • Aww!! I so glad you liked it!! REMEMBER!! There’s more!! SO come back tomorrow cuz you aren’t gonna believe what’s gonna happen next muhahahaha!

  8. loves it! yet another use for those little mostners I make. It’s very odd yet gratifying to see things out of my sewing room suddently appear on the intertoobs. Greta rocks!

  9. Bahahahaha!! I love this!! Can I haz one?

    • If you’re talking about the monsters that aren’t knitted (the knitted ones were made by Greta), I do sell them from time to time and can make them to order as far as colors and such are concerned. They’re called Minions, and you can contact me via email if you’re interested: 😉

  10. Wow my pet…I am at awwwwww as to how well you did!!! This is by far the coolest thing ever, I must read the next installment now to see how you played it with all your toys!! LMAO at the fish tank!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL and Victoria is so strawberry shortcakish!!!!!

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