Twibite: New Moon in Domo Part II

When we left our Domo-in-distress, she was about to jump into a Glad container of water. Let’s see what happens next…

Bella: Ack!!! I should have thought this out a little better!

Bella: Balto! I mean Jacob!! You saved me! Jacob: Why did you jump?

Oh! I saw a bee and was trying to get away from it

Jacob: Fe Fi Fo Fum I smell the blood of a Dracula! Bella: *squeal* Let me out Let me out!!

Zoooooooooooom! Bella: Well, that wasn’t what I was expecting him to do

Bella: Alice!! What are you doing here?

Alice: It’s Edward! He thinks you’re dead! I saw you jump and I assumed you went splat. Bella: But I didn’t go splat

Alice: I know that now, but Edward is about to break the biggest VAMPIRE rule ever and get himself splatted. Bella: What is HE about to do? Show off his glittery bod in PUBLIC?

Alice: I wish!! -GASP- He’s heading to IOWA… to go to a … GASP…. STAR TREK CONVENTION…. And sell his soul to Patrick Stewart!!!


Alice: You’ve got to help! He’s breaking the biggest rule ever!! Vampires are NOT Trekies!! Bella: Let’s Go!!

Reckless Actiony Car Scene

Alice: Ok Bella, you need to go find Edward. I’ll make a diversion. Bella: How are you going to do that?

Alice: George Lucas is a GOD!! (Rampage of dorks attack) Alice: Go Bella Go!!

Que the dorktastically cool Star Trek opera type song

Brooding in the corner

Bella: Edward!! NoOoOo!! Don’t do it!!

Edward: Bella, but it can’t be. I must be dreaming. Perhaps is a good day to die. Bella: Edward! Snap out of it and quit quoting Klingons!

Edward: The creature within me is gone. I am free of it and the pain… Beam me up Scotty! Bella: Spock and Scotty quotes? Edward! Snap out of it!!

--- SLAP ---

Edward: Bella! What happened? And why do I have a strong urge to play with action figures and paint models and debate about the differences between TSO and TNG?

Edward: Oh snap!! What have I done?

Enter the scary vampires

Bella: Who are they? Edward: They work for the Volturi!! Bella: The who? Edward: The real LORDS of Darkness.

Bella: What do they want? Edward: They probably want to spank me for violating the restraining order for Patrick Stewart.

Felix: You’re in big trouble, MISTER! You better come with us.

Jane: You too!! Alice: Eek!

Lords of Darkness Hostess: Oh, HI Jane! The Kings of Darkness are ready to see you, now. Go right in.

Short Haired Dark Lord: Come in Children

Short Haired Dark Lord: Its been drawn to out attention that Edward has nearly violated the NO GEEKS ALLOWED clause in the vampire rule book. What should we do about this? Edward: Forget that it ever happened? *crooked smile*

Long Haired Dark Lord: No, that won’t do. How about we just eat your pet and you can come work for us? Bella: EeEk!!

Alice: You don’t want to eat Bella. She’s full of empty calories! Plus you might need her one day.

Short Haired Dark Lord: How’s that? Alice: Let me show you.

Long Haired Dark Lord: Ahh… yes yes… The FORCE is strong with this one. You guys are free to go. Oh, and Bella Dear! I can’t wait to see you in fangs. Bella: WHAT?!! *shiver shiver*

Edward and Alice: COME ON!

-Back in Forks- Bella: Well, what do we do now? OH!! I know!! How about you BITE me?!

Edward: Hmmmm… What are you going to give me? Bella: Anything *eyelash flutter*

Edward: Ok then. *crooked smile* Marry Me.

Bella: Can’t you just BITE ME instead? Edward: Oh come on Bella. Don’t you want to be my snookums?


Dedicated to all my awesome TWERDS out there! Ok… I officially have way too much time on my hands haha!!!

~ by fragile little human on 18 November 2009.

5 Responses to “Twibite: New Moon in Domo Part II”

  1. Yes you clearly have too much time on your hands!!! And I am glad you do because it made me laugh out loud.

  2. Bahahahaha!!! I’m glad we didn’t have to wait long for the sequel! Pure awesomeness!!

  3. OH YAYS!! I soo happy!! Ty Fragile for letting me post that!! And TY girlies for tha praise!! That totally makes my day 🙂 LOVES IT!!

  4. LMAO at Willums trekky shit!!!! HA HA HA HA I now understand!!! OMG that was so awesome I was LMAO knowing that you used patrick stewart!!!! I loved it!

  5. This is so totally brill! I love it…especially the Patrick Stewart twist! Love you!

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