My First Giveaway!

To celebrate completing Breathe Me *sniffle* and the end of the New Moon cone of silence, I am doing my first official giveaway. And what, pray tell, am I giving away?

That’s right: I’m giving away one set of Moonlight DVDs! Here’s the details:

1 – I will give away one set of DVDs away in either Region 1 (US & Canada) or Region 2 (Japan, Europe, South Africa, & the Middle East including Egypt) format (your choice).

2 – The DVDs will be sent directly from Amazon or (depending on the format you choose).

3 – If, for some strange reason, the DVD is out of stock, I will send you an Amazon gift card for the current cost of the DVDs so you can order them when they’re back in stock.

Here’s the product description from Amazon:

Any private eye knows a lot about other people’s secrets. L.A. private eye Mick St. John (Alex O’Loughlin) has a secret of his own. He’s a vampire, dwelling in a covert netherworld complicated by friendship with an undead finance honcho (Jason Dohring), memories of the alluring ex- wife (Shannyn Sossamon) who turned him into a vampire, and a relationship with a human (Sophia Myles) he feels drawn to protect – and maybe to love. But no matter how tempting, Mick knows a vampire-human romance is eternally dangerous. This 16-episode, 4-disc set of the series voted the 2008 People’s Choice Award for Favorite New TV Drama is a sure entertainment bet for all who like their vampire stories sleek, intense and passionate.

So, what do you have to do to win this giveaway? Simple: just leave a comment on this post telling me your favorite quote or scene from Breathe Me and why it’s your favorite. (1 entry per person)

Leave your comment by November 29th, and I’ll pick a commenter at random to win the DVDs. I’ll announce the winner on November 30th, the same day I post the last Breathe Me chapter. *sob*

And, just ’cause I can now, here’s a picture of my favorite vampire:

Welcome home, Edward. Welcome home.

~ by fragile little human on 20 November 2009.

22 Responses to “My First Giveaway!”

  1. Alrighty!! I don’t think it’s fair just to pick one lol! I mean I went over this story with a fine tooth comb and believe it or not I have like 5 fav quotes from each chapter loL!!

    So… if I can only pick one… This is it:
    From Chapter 12

    “Bella moved toward him, pressing forward in spite of his obvious discomfort. Edward backed up flush against the wall, and Bella wondered why, if her scent was so painful, he didn’t just push her away.

    Unable to suppress an evil smile, she reached out and placed her entire hand flat against the center of his chest. His solid frame shuddered uncontrollably for only a second, and then he was again cold and still. He wasn’t breathing.

    Bella closed the remaining distance between them and leaned forward. “That wasn’t a very nice thing to say to me, Edward.”

    Edward sighed, his breath as sweet as she remembered. “I’m sorry.”

    She briefly rested her cheek against his, the coolness of his skin oddly comforting. Her lips gently brushed his ear, and she whispered.


    Edward buried his face in the crook of her neck, pulling a fistful of her hair toward him, and breathed deeply. He exhaled in a pained, ragged rush.

    Bella chuckled, pulling away and spinning around on her heel. She could hear his labored breathing as she walked away”

    That is my favorite scene because it’s super evily delicious and satisfies that Dark Hunger that I yearn for. And OMG @ BElla!! She’s all Ms. Dominatrix right there. She has Eddy Boy in the palm of her hand and SHE’S in charge! I mean think about it… Little Girl pushing Big Boy into the wall.. well, of course we know that I dig that… and then she tells him to “BREATHE!!” OMG! It told me to squeal!! I’m not a big mega Bella fan but I was cheering for her like a ferret on crack! That was her big “You Go Girl” moment! Loves it when little girls rule over Big Boys!! YES YES YES! LOVES IT!!

  2. Breathe Me is one of my favorite fanfics. Very much how I felt when I was reading New Moon, I felt reading your interpration of New Moon pulled in many directions. I was happy, sad and concerned.

    I LOVED how Bella moved away and became a police officer. Bella became what I wanted so desperately for her. Stronger. Chapter 10 in general is my favorite. Even though I adore Edward the charater, what he did to her was unspeakable. He deserved her verbal lashing and I was pleased that she gave it to him.

    You gave me in this piece, what I wanted to see Bella achieve and that was just to be a strong independant woman.

    I do have to say Mick is a very important character, at least to me. He signified reason and wisdom.

    Excellent writing! I truly enjoyed!

  3. OH sweet Jesus. Forgive me for my very bad grammar above. I’m extremly tired from lack of sleep. I apologize.

  4. Bama being my home I’ll say – “Welcome to Alabama, Bells!” Okay this was pretty good too The hell you don’t.” She reached up and pulled his face towards him by the hair she had enclosed in her fist. The instant their lips touched, they parted them, plunging greedy tongues into each other’s mouths.

    Oh, there it is, that sweet taste.

  5. It’s so mean to ask me for my favorite quote NOW! But Ok fine, I’m actually with Greta I loved the scene where Bella let Edward breath into her and then she said to herself :
    Now you know how I felt! I love this scene!

    But I also loved the changing scene a lot!!! How you mixed a bit erotic inside was perfect.
    Ok I start rambling!

    And : I would looooveee to win :))

  6. I seriously love this story way too much to pick just one quote. I bought the Moonlight dvds when they first came out so I don’t need to enter the contest. I just wanted to say that I love your writing and this story is the best!

  7. “Remembering how Jacob’s warm eyes had stared at her the entire night made Bella blush.”
    I love that you mentioned Jacob! haha, it was a nice fanfic, I don’t usually read fanfic but I really liked it. Also.. I can’t believe she cut her hair O.O I kind of thought she was going a little coo coo

    I’d love to win this :3
    adrenaline 180 at hotmail dot com

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  9. Ok, so I cheated just a little and went through my comments on the story to find my favorite (it really was hard to pick just one!). Here it is:

    As she watched the breeze blow through the trees, her cellphone beeped. She picked it up, and a new text message icon flashed on the screen.

    “Beth says hi – Mick”

    Bella chuckled as she typed a reply.

    “You know you’re completely whipped, right?”

    The reply was almost instantaneous.

    “Yep, unconditionally and irrevocably.”

    Silly vampire.

    She sat, listening to the rustle of the leaves, until her heavy eyes shut and she fell asleep.

    Best cross over line EVER!!!

  10. Ok, because I’m sensitive to law enforcement, I’ve got to go with Charlie’s memorial. I cried like a baby, truefax. You attention to detail was perfect. The whole story was amazing and it was hard to pick a favorite.

  11. Ok, you’ll probably think I’m crazy… I was always rambling about how daringly you write and the dramtic turns and twists in the story and everything in my reviews, and now I come up with THIS as my fave quote??

    I can’t help. This little thing touched me. Because it was so believable, so well observed and… maybe just because it was a SMALL thing. It’S just a tiny shiny pearl among huge and impressive rocks in a jewelbox called Breathe Me:

    “She sat still, watching as he began to turn toward her tentatively. She swept a circle on the floor clean and began lining up Cheerios, counting them or making shapes. He watched her intently, and, after several minutes, he began to slowly move toward her. Looking up only briefly to smile in encouragement, she returned to the shapes, creating a smiley face and a sun. A few minutes later, he was sitting beside her on the floor.”

  12. Ok – the wedding. For sure….. I’m not usually into that sappy stuff, but it was perfect.

    The biggest surprise was when Edward killed Phelps – and loved the details of the cleaners.

    OK, last one – I also loved the changing scene…….soooooo goood.

  13. Gosh I suck!!! But I am here now. FYI: This is my first comment in days.

    Okay favorite scene. As you know I am still behind (very very behind) soooo Breathe Me still goes on in my mind. And my all time favorite scene so far is when Bella talks to the little boy who has been abused. I still get teary eyed thinking about it… *sniffles*

    I also LOVE that Bella high tales it out of Forks, that Charlie gets a more prominent role in the story and that Edward and his sparkles are inferior! Bwahahhahahahah

    I heart you fragile. I heart you sofa king much. Now I’m gonna keep my fingers crossed and hope I win!

  14. “All night, surrounded by everyone who loved her, she cried for the man who had loved her the most.”

    Because this is the line that propelled me to start reviewing every chapter that I read after. Because it kicked me in the butt and made my heart explode. And because it opened my eyes and made me realize just how uber awesome you and your writing really are. Plus it shows how much Bella loved Charlie and then of course how much her friends and hot vamp boyfriend lurve her! Almost as much as we lurve you FLH!!!

  15. Ok I have two favorites. One is in Chapter 12 when they are outside the diner against the wall and she leans into him and tells him to Breath because she knows it is driving him crazy. I dont know why but there is just something really intense about it. Also I love the transformation scene with both Mick and Edward and Edward drinking her blood. There is something both sad and sensual about it at the same time.

  16. I don’t know how exactly you expect me to pick one quote or scene but I’ll try. From the very beginning of your writing of this story I told you how much I loved the strong independent Bella so for me it would have to be Chapter one and Bella’s realization of what she had done to herself to Charlie and her resolution to moving on…”FUCK HIM” From the start I have loved this Bella and the way you mix in the awesomness that is Mick and eventually Beth into this AU Twilight world is original,heartbreaking, and exhilarating

  17. I’m still behind. NaNoWriMo is owning me right now. But I absolutely love the scene that Greta posted. Seeing Bella take the control there and make Edward feel some physical pain.
    I think that scene shows us a lot of how Bella has come into her own since he left.
    I can’t wait to get back into the story and get caught up. It’s one of my very favorites.

  18. Because I love you very much and because Edward is my favorite vampire too!! xxxxxx

  19. *sigh* This is such a hard one, because I don’t have a favorite quote. So I figured I’d look for some in Chapter 10, which is one of my favorite chapters. I love how Bella shows Edward how angry she is with him, instead of running back into his arms the moment she first sees him. Here are some of my favorite lines in that chapter:

    When she first acknowledged her anger, Bella thought she had it under control, but any pretense of control was shattered when he told her she didn’t understand. “I don’t need your protection. I can take care of myself. I’ve done just fine without you for three years, so you can just go back to your little coven and leave me alone!”

    “I can’t leave you alone…not now that I’ve seen you again.” Edward reached out to touch her, but Mick pushed her further behind him.

    “Oh you by God can, and you will!” Bella screamed, digging her fingers into Mick’s arm. “Only this time I won’t be fetal and alone in the middle of nowhere!”

    Edward needed to hear that, and I’m glad Bella got the chance to tell him how she felt.

    *sniffle* I’m so sad for BM to end tomorrow. *sobs*

  20. My Favorite part was when Bella realized she couldn’t make Edward suffer any more her thoughts were…

    She’d finally broken him.

    Just then, as she got what she thought she’d wanted, she didn’t want it anymore. It made her feel mean and cruel. It made her feel empty.

    Fantastic Story. I am on Chapter 21 now.


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