Happy Thanksgiving to my Interweb Fam from Greta

Hello all! Well, today is the day that we are supposed to all join around a big nice table (sorry that we’re sitting around my coffee table… I only own one chair) and say what we are each thankful for.  Well, of course we’re all gonna say health and love and money…. And doesn’t that just sound like a phone-a-psychic commercial?  But, it’s true.  We’re supposed to be thankful for all that plus family and non-crazy pets, and less crazy neighbors, but this year I am thankful for so much more.  This is the year that I met my people.  I had no clue that you guys were out there and I am so happy that I met you.

When I first noticed the Twilight series it wasn’t due to a 14 year old teeny bopper gush-a-gooing about it.  No… It was because my Entertainment Weekly had a pic of this sparkle dude dancing with this chick and I just had to figure out what it meant.  So, I pop the mag rag open and take a looksy.  Well, guess what?  I had no clue what the hell I was reading and why on earth EW was gushing.  So, I did what any logical cheap-skate like myself would do.  I hopped on the interweb, went to the library’s website, and signed up to request this mysterious book called “Twilight”.  WOW!! There were like 80 requests on this one book.  That fascinated me.  SO, I took the next logical step…. I bought it off Amazon for under $7! SCORE!  The book arrived to me within 2 weeks and I kept it in my closet for another whole week.  I just didn’t know what on earth I actually had in my procession.  After that week I picked it up and omg I was blown AWAY! I tore through that thing like a cat on a leather couch.  It was awesome!!  This was the first time that I frightened the hubz.

So, more days went and I got the following two books from the library.  After reading them I got on the waiting list for “Breaking Dawn”.  Peoples! It is now late August and ummm… yeah…. I can’t fathom why there were like a zillion holds on that one little book.  OH RIGHT! It just came out.  My hubz told me to wait but I was starting to show withdrawal symptoms.  I needed that book.  So, what did I do?  I soo shocked myself! I went out and BOUGHT it! Yes yes…. I know…. It seems rather silly because why wouldn’t I want to own it?  Well, you see… I had no idea how deep into Twilight I really was.

I soon acquired “New Moon “through a tack on bonus from Amazon to get an order up to $25. 

Then the MOVIE came out.  Sweet ZOMBIE Jeebus!! The MOOBIE came out!! EEEEEEEE!!  Well, I was the only one that I even knew of that had read all four books and was excited.  I am sad to say that the first time I went to the movie was by myself.  YUP YUP! I was actually there an hour early and alone in the theater for at least 30 minutes of that time.  I remember counting all the rows in the theater, then all the seats in that row, and finding the dead center.  I then was greeted by a very interesting crowd.  There were the teeny boppers who kept taking pictures of themselves with their stupid Daddy-Bought Camera phones; there were a couple of elderly couples — WITH HUBZ! — and then there were people like me who sat alone and stared at the flickering screen.  WOW!! There were more of me out there and all I could think about was sitting next to them and squeezing their hands while we squealed.  Well, you have to understand that I was new to this Twilight concept and told myself that probably would have been inappropriate.  Boy… was I wrong.

Over New Years of 08 my FAM and I went up to Kentucky to spend it with my bestie, Erika (yup! That’s where I get my Twitter name from lol).  She gave me “Eclipse” for Christmas and told me she didn’t want me to wait around for it to come out in paperback like I was doing. (yes… I know.. I am that cheap lol).  On a previous visit, I had loaned her my “Twilight” book and pretty much FORCED her into reading it.  “You loaned it to her,” you gasp.  Yes in-deedy-do! I did I did and I went without that book for nearly four months!! Talk about withdrawal!  But it was for a good cause.  You see… I wanted to be able to watch the movie with someone who understood and hold their hand and squeal.  This is exactly what we did!!

On New Year’s Day we went to a theater and boy was it packed!! Not a seat left in the house.  We grabbed two seats right next to each other and squealed like little baby pigs.  We even got scolded by a manager for being too loud.  US!! We were the only girlies in there that got lectured!! He told us if we didn’t quiet down and let the other customers enjoy the film then he would have to remove us.  WHAT?!! IS he kidding me?  This was Twilight! We’re supposed to squeal!  So, we shook our heads and watched the kill joy leave the theater and started right back up.  I can’t imagine that we were being that loud.  Ok… I can imagine, but you know as well as me, that I was NOT the only one out there getting loud!!

After that my bud Stacy introduced me to a group called OME.  With Stacy, I learned that there were a ton of housewives, mothers, and over thirty-somethings out there that were just as die-hard about Twilight as I was.  I started making my Twibites, then.  YUP! That was the birth of Twibite 😉  That is also when I ran across someone that we all know and love but with a different name.  She was looking for a beta to read her story called “Breathe Me”.  Oh crap! Did I give it away?  Do you know who I am talking about?  Well, I had been reading this other vampire story that another girly was writing and I decided that I could do another.  WOW! I was sucked in.  This was my first fan fic ever and I was granted the responsibility to beta it.  I was in aww!!  Well, I at the time was a Moonlight virgin and over time I had to buy that series (you go out now and buy it!! I command you!!).

Soon after that I got to meet this mystery girl who wrote “Breathe Me” and a couple of the other Alabama OME girls.  Stacy set up a Meet-and-Greet to go see Harry Potter.  That was the highlight of my July!  I felt like a 12 year old girl with all these Twi-hards.  It was awesome!! Stacy, Fragile, her SIL, and I stayed the longest and gush-a-dee-gush-gush… four friendships were quickly sparked!!

After that week I started reading “Wide Awake”, as suggested by Fragile, and started following this super-secret Twilight blog that apparently wanted to stay hidden lol!!  OMG! I was sucked in!! That was my second fan fic!! And boy oh boy… nom nom nom…. This was a side of Edward I had never seen before and I wanted more more more!  Sadly, my husband was on business trips for most of that time which left me extremely frustrated but extremely thankful when he came back.  This was the time when Fragile explained to me what lemons were.  Yup yup! Remember having that awkward talk with your parents about the birds and the bees?  Well, poor Fragile had to explain to me where exactly lemons came from lol!

After “Wide Awake” I got on to the Twitter.  Yuppers!  And from there is when I met you all.  The lovely world of chickies out there that share the same love for Twilight as me.  I learned that I am NOT the biggest fan! Far from it!! I also learned that a lot of you share the same twisted humor as I do and think my little DOMO Edward is cute. Awww!! But mostly, I learned that I am not an obsessive freak and I am not the only grown woman out there that dreams about a 17 year old boy 😉

SO, this Thanksgiving… I am thankful for all that Phone-a-Psychic mumbo jumbo but I am also thankful for my new family.  The family I type to every Friday night and squeal la da dee about sparkles, lemons, and this dude named Rob.

Thanks again chickies!! I am so Happy that I found ya 😉

~ by erikasbuddy on 26 November 2009.

7 Responses to “Happy Thanksgiving to my Interweb Fam from Greta”

  1. OMG, has it really only been 6 months since we met? It seems like we’ve been friends FOREVER! I’m so glad I met you *hug* and all our blog/Twitter Twi-ladies. It’s so so nice to know I’m not the only crazy one out there 🙂

    Eclipse Chicago 2010 here we come!!!

    • LOL!! You’re only slighly crazy haha!!! Awww!! For reals! It seems like for freaking ever, huh? So happy I have met another one of my kind!! Now you, me, and CLAP CLAP can run around, squeal together, and not care what other ppls think, and rule the world 😉 !!!!

  2. Awww I don’t even know where to start comment on this post, so I ramble around.
    I’m so glad you girls met, I think this is one of the best things about Twilight – the people we meet! You sitting alone in the cinema for the first time ? Well, yes I did the same just yesterday for New Moon. Twihards are strong 🙂 I’m proud I did it.

    Giving away the Twilight books`? I didn’t do that until I read them about 5 times, I told everyone “If you wanna read it, buy it” I couldn’t be w/o the books. Yes this is strange….

    I’m happy I met you!
    *hugs both of you*

  3. *hugs* I second Mrs. V’s sentiments. I love how this story about angst and teen romance has brought so many women together. It’s beautiful really. And I can’t wait to meet you all this summer (you know you’re going to convince your DH to let you come on the road trip to Chicago!!!)! Great post, sweetie!!!!!!

  4. LOL!! It is amazing what marvelous things those lovely lovely books have done!! Loves it!!

    And yes yes!! Fragile, and apparently her hubz haha are quite busy at brainwashing my hubz into letting me go to Chicago. I’m pretty sure at the moment he’s gonna let me go… he just wants to think he’s in control. Scoff Scoff. We’ll let the dear boy think what he wants haha!! Just as long as I get the green light he can play the dominate one for a bit haha!

  5. Greta!!! I wubs you many! Even though we met a couple of years ago through the other group – I’m SO glad that this world brought us closer together. You’re SUCH an awesome chickie!! ❤ ❤

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