The Last Breathe Me Teaser

This is it, the chapter I simultaneously longed for and dreaded. I won’t get all mushy now; I’ll save that for my last author’s note. Still, I can’t not say how happy and sad finishing this story has made me. It’s hard to believe that, on Monday, I’m posting the last chapter and marking the story completed. *sniffle*

Chapter 23, the final Breathe Me chapter, is titled “One Never-ending Kiss.”

It was winter, and their meadow was not in full bloom as it had been their first time there. Still, it was beautiful, not only for its natural wonder but also for the memories it held. Lying on the cold ground, he pulled Bella down next to him. She rested her head on his chest, and he wrapped his arm around her shoulder.

“Do you remember the first time we came here?” he asked, brushing the fingertips of his free hand along her jaw.

She sighed. “Of course I do. It was the first time you allowed yourself to be open with me.”

“Yes, and, if I’d just remembered how right we felt that day, we could have avoided so much wasted time.”

Bella turned over and propped herself up on her elbows. Looking up at her, Edward saw the trust and forgiveness he so desperately needed. “Baby,” she whispered, “none of that matters now. Starting today, we have forever to be together.” She gently brushed her lips along his jaw until they hovered over his mouth. “Just forget everything and kiss me.”

When I first outlined this story, there were a few songs I always knew I’d use. I always knew the song for the first chapter in Edward’s POV would be “Black” by Pearl Jam. I always knew the first time Edward and Bella made love, the song would be “Breathe Me.” And I’ve always known that, when Mick said goodbye to Bella, the song would be “Baby Girl” by Will Hoge.

On Monday, after I post the final chapter, I’ll announce the winner of the Moonlight DVD giveaway. Also on Monday, Mrs. Vanquish will post an interview she did with me about Breathe Me. Please be sure to read it.

Oh, and that last author’s note? Yeah, it’ll be huge.

~ by fragile little human on 28 November 2009.

3 Responses to “The Last Breathe Me Teaser”

  1. Oh man, this is the first time I’ve ever heard Baby Girl and it broke my heart! can’t wait till Monday.

  2. I wil cry when it’s over, I’m sure.. Why does is has to end?? *sniffles*

    I heart you so much …

  3. Oh sniffle de sniff sniff sniff!! I can already feel the tears begin to well up in my eyes… AGAIN!!! Ahhhh!! Girlies…. PLEASE!! I beg ya! I warn ya!! This chappy will NOT disappoint but might I suggest having a box of tissues near by. YES! YES! You know you’re gonna cry when you get a warning about it from the unshakable Greta. So be prepared!!

    OH!! waa!! So, sad to see it go sniffle sniffle!!

    Can’t wait to read Ms. Fragile’s interview with Mrs. V! and I so can’t wait to hear who won the contest!!

    I heart you big time FRAGILE!! Thanks a zillion for letting me BETA your lovely story!!!! I had a blast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Now, I’m off to lick on my Josef lolly pop 😉 nom nom nom

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