New Story: Spell My Heart Chapter 1 Teaser

Remember a couple of weeks ago when I said Alice keeps talking to me? She’s been quite the talkative girl, and I’m posting the first chapter of her story on Tuesday, December 1st, the day after Breathe Me ends.

Just to be forewarned, this story will only be five chapters long. I will post chapters each Tuesday of December, with the final chapter being posted on December 29th. Also, this story will most likely only be posted on FFn.

Here’s the official story summary:

When Alice’s secret is discovered, it threatens every relationship in her life, especially those with her parents, her older brother Edward, and her best friend Bella. Will they forgive her? AU/AH. Rated M for lemons and language.

Here’s a little teaser from chapter 1:

Standing before her lover, Alice slowly dropped her red silk robe to reveal her body, naked save a black lace garter belt and stockings. She loved to tease him, make him beg her to let him touch her. When he did, she knew she wasn’t the only one hopelessly lost. Tonight, however, was special, and she wouldn’t make him wait to have her.

“Jesus, Ally,” he whispered as he wrapped his rough hands around her hips, “you are so beautiful.” He placed a tender kiss between her breasts. “I love you so much.”

She sighed, running her fingers through his dark hair. The words made her stomach flutter every time he said them, and she would never tire of hearing them.

Unlike Breathe Me, Spell My Heart won’t have a playlist. Instead, it has one song. hmmille @ Call Of Duty Widow recommended this song when I put the call out to my Twitter buddies (again, this is why you should follow me on Twitter):

When I post the new chapter, I’ll tweet the link. Also, if you have an author alert set up for me (which I so hope you do), you should get an email, too.

BTW, I should have a banner for the story soon – I’ll post it as soon I do šŸ™‚

~ by fragile little human on 29 November 2009.

One Response to “New Story: Spell My Heart Chapter 1 Teaser”

  1. *claps hands and squeals! Super excited!! I’ll no longer have Breathe Me Mondays but now I’ll have “I HEART Tuesdays” and of course my ITB “Happy Hump Day Treat”!

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