TGIF: Who’s afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

[Note from fragile: As you can probably tell, Ms. Greta, aka @erikasbuddy, has become quite the regular on my little blog. Starting today, she’s going to have a regular Friday post: TGIF or Thank Greta It’s Friday. If you’ve read her FFn reviews or her tweets, you know the girl ain’t right, so this should be fun 😉 ]

Why hello my dearies!! Aren’t you  just thrilled it’s Friday?  Can I get a TGIF?  Cuz thank GRETA it’s FRIDAY!

Hasn’t this been the best Autumn ever or what?!! It has it has! We  got a deliciously hawt movie crammed full of sparkles and Robward! Oh tra’ lala!!  Who could ask for anything more?  How many times have you seen it? NOM NOM NOM!

Now, don’t think that I haven’t been noticing that a lot of the girlies out there have been drooling over the doggies lately. I can’t imagine why?

Who would pass up drooling over furball when they could have fangs nibbling on their neck?

(Isn’t he cute? He’s looking all vulnerable because I left him for a bit to write this post. I’ll be back in a second, Snookums!)

But then I get a look at the Hunka Hunka Wolf Boy they’re all staring at (Hubba Hubba!! Mommy LIKES!!) I can totally understand.

Who wants to play Little Red Riding Hood with this bad wolf?

Wait a tick? Is it legal? Let me check my little calendar.

Oh drats!!! He’s only 17?!! Good grief!! What have they been feeding that puppy? Alpo for Beef Cakes? Oh nom nom nom!!

HEY!! I think it’s perfectly healthy for a grown woman to be staring at a man-boy who is only 5 years older than her son. OH NOM NOM NOM!! Come to Mamma!!

What? You disagree? Well, poo!!!

Then maybe we should have a look-see at all the other wolfies out there that are just as delicious.

One of my favy favs is Michael from the movie “Underworld”

Ok ok… He’a actually half doggy/half batty BUT just look at him!! Don’t you just want to go out to the Humane Society and adopt that bad boy?

OH!! He just reminds me of a little Gavin Rossdale Bow Wow!!!

For the softer cuddlier werewolf my favy fav would have to be Scott from Teen Wolf!!

Isn’t he adorable?!! I just want to take him out for walkies!! PLUS!! He does tricks!! OoOoOoOoOoW!!!

If it’s a fictional werewolf that your after then my most FAVORITE is Lachlain from the book “Hunger Like No Other”

OH SCOOBY DOOBY DOO!! Now there’s a wolf that I would like to be ripped apart by!!! Snikeys!! WOOF WOOF!! Girlies!! You wanna fall in love with a real wolf? Well, there ya go!! He’s Scottish which makes him oh so irresistible, he’s a beefy nomsicle, he’s been imprisoned for like 150 years without any human contact (oh the poor dear!!), he’s just ever so hungry to find his mate, and makes the most delicious furry lemons that I have ever read!! Rawr!!!

Girlies!! You read that book and I swear you hubz will think that he has slipped you some Spanish Fly!!! LOOK OUT!! Some headboards are gonna crack!

But, if you just have to have a vampire mixed in your porn… then I will tell you that the girly my big bad wolf is after is actually half vampire. Oh the things she does with her teeth!! Squeal la da dee!!

Ok… How many of you have that in your cart on Amazon right now? hehehe!!!

Hey Fragile, is it getting hot in here or is it just me?

P.S. SQUEALAGE!! Thank you thank you FRAGILE for DOMO-licious Banner!! I lovey LOVES it!!! RAWR!!  I’m big pimpin’ now!! I haz a banner!! Look out world!!

~ by erikasbuddy on 4 December 2009.

6 Responses to “TGIF: Who’s afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?”

  1. I just spent that whole post trying not spit my coffee out everywhere! ROFL! I’ve given up on feeling guilty about Taybait (which I did a LOT!), I’ve embraced my wrongness and spend many a happy hour gazing happily at him. And yep, I like my wolves wet like my vampires :o). Oh, and Mr Stan thinks that Taylor is missing an opportunity and should be marketing body-building ‘Jake Shakes’ LOL!

    • LMAO!! Brilliant!! I would buy a case of JAKE SHAKES if it meant my hubz would be sporting his lovely chizeled 6 packers! nom nom nom!!

  2. I will not salivate over jailbait.
    I will not salivate over jailbait.
    I will not salivate over jailbait.

    It’s not working…maybe I need to add a Taylor birthday countdown widget to my desktop 😉

    • LMAO!! You need to MAKE ONE!! All the countdown clocks I looked at were lame sauce 😉 Make us a nice clocky clock, Fragile! That would be awesome!!!

  3. NOM NOM NOM NOMS….I beg for my hubz to have a six pack..HA HA HA HA ..I Don’t see it from my Skinny Minny!!! Scary thought on the age with Mickey and HunKa Hunka Wolf Boy…AWWW…thanks for almost ruining my image of him!! LOL like i said .”almost”..HA HA I’m still staring at the 6-pack Nommers…………

    • LMAO! Your hubz is a bag of bones lmao!! You need a beefy patty cake to tide you over haha!!! PET PET PET!! and yeah…. how freaking scary is that? Soon Mickey will want to run with the wolf pack and I’ll have to start beating the girlies off with newspapers haha!! — PET PET PET!

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