Erikasbuddy presents a teaser for Broken

Hello my lovely little girls! How are you this fine fine day? Good I hope. Bright eyed and bushy tailed I expect. Ready to read a small bit of fan fic after reading that ginorous chapter of CW&IA you did yesterday?

*claps hands*

Excellent!! Because I have just the story for you 😉

It’s a little diddy that took me about two weeks to write. That’s right lol!! My one-shots tend to take me forever haha!!

It’s either take me a while or rip out my hair.

So, sit back my loves and relax. Put up your feet and enjoy. I’ll send Edward over momentarily to fluff your pillows.

He ran with the moon through the impacted snow, his feet crushing against the frozen ground. He ran with his feral brothers against the wind. They were hunting for what should have been left alone and yet what also drove them to live.

His body, once young and invincible was now showing signs of age. What was once fresh and vibrant was starting to turn grey. After eighty years, life was starting to take its toll on him. His bones were not as young as they used to be and he could feel it to be true as his prey dug into his flesh.

Howling out in pain the creature was dropped onto the frozen earth. Blood flooded out of his body turning the snow into a wash of crimson. The pain was unbearable. He screamed out in his mind for his mate to hear him. He prayed to his savage gods to end this unrelenting suffering. He hoped that she would find him.

Oh darn!  What an evil cliffy muhahaha!! Want more.  Check it out on FFN:

This story was inspired by Amanda Palmer’s fabulous song “Boyfriend in a Coma.”

My deepest thanks to Fragile for letting me whore myself out on her bliggity blog and making my awesometastic banner.  You’re the best!!

~ by erikasbuddy on 7 December 2009.

One Response to “Erikasbuddy presents a teaser for Broken”

  1. LOVE this story, I truly do!! I realized, though, that the left side of the banner is messed up. I know exactly how to fix it, and will do as soon as I get home tonight. In the meantime, I’ve added a border around the graphic to hide my screw up 🙂

    And I love having you on the blog *big hug*

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