Sparkly and verklempt

Excuse me while I get all Sally Field on y’all:

You like my story, you really do!  I am so excited beyond words (okay, almost beyond words) that Breathe Me won the Best Crossover/Switzerland Award at the Sparkle Awards. Everyone who voted ROCKS! I love you guys! *hand on heart*

And isn’t that award banner just beautiful?!  I love it – thank you Sparkle Awards!

(P.S.: Don’t forget, you haven’t heard the last from the Breathe Me crew! Also, if you want to discuss my newest story, Spell My Heart, Greta created an awesome thread about it on the Twilighted forum.)

~ by fragile little human on 13 December 2009.

8 Responses to “Sparkly and verklempt”

  1. Oh Congrats!!!! I’m so proud of you!!!

  2. I bow down!!!! This is just awesome… and well deserved! KUDOS!

  3. Squee Squee Squee!! I about poo-ed myself when I saw that you won. I was like O-M-G!!! My boss lady won!! WOOHOO!!!!

    So proud of you!!

    And girly girls!! Here’s the link to the “Spell My Heart” forum on Twilighted

    Sniff sniff.. You feel like Salley Field and I feel like Linda Richman.

    I’m feeling a little verklempt
    Talk amogst yourselves
    I’ll give you a topic….
    How aweseome is Breathe Me?

    — squee!!!

  4. Congratulations! I’m glad such an awesome story won! And I can’t wait for the continuation of this story in the spring.

  5. Yay!!! This is awesome sooooo deserved! *high five and hugs*

  6. Millions of well deserved congratulations!!!!!! This story is DEFINITELY award worthy, I’m glad the voters/judges saw that! 🙂

  7. Thank you everyone!! I so happy to have so many great people supporting me *hugs to everyone*

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