Spell My Heart Chapter 3 Teaser

In chapter 2, we found out Charlie’s perspective on things, and, in chapter 3, Alice reminiscences about how she fell in love. But first she has to talk to Jasper:

Alice looked down at the plate and glass in front of her on the counter. “Milk and cookies, Jasper? Really?”

“Hey, it cheers up Angela when she’s had a bad day.” Jasper picked up the plate and waved it under her nose. “They’re chocolate chocolate chip.”

She winced and grabbed a large cookie teaming with chips. “You bastard, you know I can’t resist chocolate.”

He winked and pushed the glass of milk toward her. “So, missy, tell me what the fuck happened.”

She took a tentative bite of her cookie. “I told you, Bella found us together, and she was furious when we told her about us.”

“How did she find you?” Jasper looked at her over his glasses, which were balanced low on his nose.

“On the couch.” She took another bite of cookie and swallowed hard. “Naked.”

We also find out a little more about what Sue said about Alice being in love for a long time.

Again, there’s only the one song for this story, so I think I’ll post an interview with the *swoon* lovely Ashley Greene.

~ by fragile little human on 13 December 2009.

2 Responses to “Spell My Heart Chapter 3 Teaser”

  1. *claps hands and jumps like a fan girl

    Squeals!! I can’t wait for my Tuesday Treat!!!

  2. Dopety DOE!! I forgot!!

    Girleys!! Go check out the thread I made on Twilighted for this fabu story!!

    Run run Run!!!


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