TGIF: Twas the Night Before Erikasbuddy

Hey there Girly Girls!! It’s Friday and you know what that means?  Well, of course you do.  And since the holiday season full of dreaded mother in laws, trees full of cat toys, and presents that need rocket scientists to assemble is right around the corner I thought I would entertain you all with a little holiday favorite of mine.

Twas the Night before Erikasbuddy

Twas the night before the 24 hour “A Christmas Story” marathon, when all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even a computer mouse
The leathers were hung and ready to wear
And I had high hopes of maybe breaking in our new reclining armchair

The 12 year old was nestled all slung out in bed
While visions of Meagan Fox pole danced in his head
And Papa with his handcuffs and I with my strap
Had just changed positions from the front to the back

When out in the yard I heard something shatter
I sprang off the hubz to investigate this strange matter
Away to the window I ran like a cat
Lifted the mini blinds up while the hubz checked out my luscious firm rack

The moon showed a man who was gorgeous and lean
I drooled like a cougar and stared at the bulge in his jeans
He was simply delicious and I must say
His sparkly skin made me need an ashtray

His bronze hair was unruly, so splendid and thick
He was so scrum-yum-cious and I wanted a lick
His bad boy image screamed “Rawr” and I lusted to tame
But instead I just whistled and catcalled and called him some names

Hey Gorgeous!  Hey Beefcake! Hey Hunky and Yummy!
Come here my young pet.  Come to Erikasbuddy!
I pulled on my robe and reached for my strap
Then I whispered to my husband, “Don’t worry, I promise I’ll be right back”

I raced down the steps and to my front door
With fantasies of blindfolds, paddles, and more
The door was ajar and my heart went zoom zoom
For a mouthwatering boy stood in my living room

He was dressed all in denim with a white ‘tee  underneath
He gave a quick stretch and flashed me  -Omg Yowza!- black boxer briefs
He seemed to be taunting, arousing, brooding, and haughty
I flashed him my corset to show I could be just as naughty

Good grief, he was dazzling, seductive, and enchanting
And licking his lips, I soon needed new panties
He smelled just like vanilla, chocolate, and lemons
His crooked smile kept on revving my engine

He let out a moan and I thought I might die
He whispered “Come hither” and patted his thigh
He cornered me roughly, pushed flush with the wall
He let out a growl, I let out a groan

Then tucking my hair behind my left ear
His teeth grazed my earlobe and I shivered with fear
He kissed my arched eyebrow, then do you know what he said?
Merry Christmas my Kittens and Cougars now go back up to bed!!

~ by erikasbuddy on 18 December 2009.

10 Responses to “TGIF: Twas the Night Before Erikasbuddy”

  1. Hey, when he’s finished at your house, can you send him my way? 😉

    Epic post as always! Where do you find these pictures? On second thought, don’t tell me 😉

    • HAHAHA!! I’ll send him over shortyly! LOL!! I’m a dirty little bird and go to those dirty little websites to find all my pics 😉 Hubz keeps asking why the history on the compy keeps being cleared every night he comes home. Why I have no idea? *Wink wink wink

  2. Hilarious as always Greta!

    • So glad you like it!! Took me a whole night to write it. It was only suppose to be 3 verses but transformed into what you see now 🙂

  3. Excellence!!

  4. OOOOOOOO LA LA LA GIVE ME MORE~!! CAN I PLEASE HAVE THAT AT MY WINDOW and into my bed!! Hubz is on 24 hr duty today !

    • FA La LA LA LA LA!! My pet pet!! You’re second in line, but I’ll send my beefcake over to you once Fragile gets her turn to cough cough … ride…. HAHAHA!! Be patient 😉 He’s on his way. FA LA LA LA LA LA!!!

  5. That is the funniest version of that story EVER!!!! LOL you are so wicked smart and witty!!! I loved it!!!

    • Aww!! Thank you my little fox! I’m such a dork on the outside but when I get behind a keyboard my leather bad girl just has to come out 😉

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