Dear Santa, What happened?!

Greta:  Merry Christmas, Fragile!

Fragile:  Merry Christmas, Greta!

Greta:  So did you get everything you wanted for Christmas?

Fragile:  No, no I didn’t. I’m sorely disappointed, too. Especially after I wrote Santa such a nice letter and sent some *cough* pictures *cough* 😦

Greta:  Really? The same thing happened at my house, too. I can’t imagine what went wrong. We were two very good little girls all year. Weren’t we?

Fragile:  BWAAAAHAHAHA!! You, a good girl? Just kidding…just kidding. What did you ask for?

Greta:  Well, first of all I asked for my very own Team Josef nomsicle. I mean, it’s not like I’m asking for a Team Edward nom. I do realize those have been out of stock for MONTHS and are about as hard to come by as the Swine Flu vaccine… but come on now, Santa!! Have I not been a good little girl all year? He would fit nicely in my stocking… and by stocking I mean *evil grin*

Fragile:  Well, I thought my request was fairly simple, too: scruffy, sex-hair, post-New Moon Rob. I mean, come on, how many people could have asked for that? And I promised to feed him and walk him and sponge bathe him…what? Was that too much?

Greta:  I also asked for my very own Tim Roth. Oh just look at the lovely!! Isn’t he a doll? I’m tellin ya… He’s Edward at 40 and wow… MAMA LIKES!!!!! Mama likes very much *drool*

Fragile:  Well, I asked for a handporn God, too, but I wanted the real deal.

Greta:  Did you get your Christmas spanking? Where the hell was my Christmas Spanking? How can a girl get through this stressful holiday season without a nice red hiney? I feel so ROBbed!!!

Fragile:  No spanking for me, thanks. But I was so hoping to get that new toy I asked for 😦

Greta:   Well, looks like Santa put us on the naughty list this year…. AGAIN!!!

Fragile:  Well, I just can’t imagine why. It’s not like we salivate over twenty-something actors and read and write fan-smut. Oh, yeah…

Greta:  Twenty-somethings? *Gulp* Well, I do have a little secret to confess. There have been a few underaged boys that I’ve had my eye on haha! Nice furry, buff, ripped, ab-tacular little Man-Boys — squee!!!!! Do you think maybe Santa frowned on that?

Greta:  Maybe next year instead of milk and cookies we should leave something a bit more enticing for the Big Boy. A little something something to jingle his bells. What do you think?

Fragile:  So, do you still want that Holiday Spanking?

Greta:  Yes PLEASE!!!!

~ by fragile little human on 25 December 2009.

12 Responses to “Dear Santa, What happened?!”

  1. you gals are silly. Sadly Rob wasn’t under my tree either. Damn that K’Stew – she should share the precious! Yum. He is licktastic.

  2. I’m still hoping to score a Christmas spanking…..TMI???

  3. LOVE IT! and who wouldn’t want I Christmas spanking from a sexy lady?! **Steps in line**

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