Coming clean to DH

Slowly but surely (and don’t call me Shirley), I’ve been inching out of the Twi-closet. At work, I’d disclosed my purchase of Mini E to my best male geek buds, and they let that slide. But When I created the Wall of Rob, I effectively ended any respect my co-workers had for me.

You can't even begin to know how excited I am about turning that damn calendar to the January page

Then, a few weeks ago, DH noticed that I would freak out if he touched my Crackberry. I’d never particularly cared about him playing with my phones before, and he always let me dink around on his PDA phones when I was bored at a restaurant or whatnot. I just didn’t want him to see emailed comments from the blog, which he knew nothing about. What does he think? I’m having some illicit email/text/phone exchanges with another guy. And he wasn’t mad. He was hurt.

I hate it when DH is hurt. I hate it even worse when it’s my fault.

So, I sucked it up and told him about the blog. I told him about writing about him on the blog. His response?

“Is that all?”

Yep, no Tiger Woods action on my phone...

I asked him not to read it because then he’d get all pissy about my language, and he said okay.

Who knew? All that stress for nuthin’.

But, no, the revelations continue! Last week, while hanging out with my SIL, I let it slip that I wrote fan fiction. I let her read The Beauty Within, which she LOVED. I swore her to secrecy. Her response?

“Sure. But explain to me again why you aren’t writing about your own characters.”

(BTW, Robmusement rec’d The Beauty Within and made this beautiful banner – thank you!!!!)

Okay, but all is still not well in fragileland. I stopped letting DH read my fanfic when he had a problem with Jasper cheating on Alice in Take What You Need (he hasn’t even read the end of Breathe Me). I was worried about letting him read my dark, smutty In The Blood chapters. And then I came up with what Greta and onepushyfox have assured me is an epic idea. I was considering writing it under a separate penname because of my worry that DH would be really upset by it.

After a wonderful weekend that involved forgetting about Christmas and putting some new fanfic-acquired knowledge to work *blush*, I decided to just fess up and get that one last weight off my shoulders.

Not Red Lobster, not DH, but the post needs more Rob, dontcha think?

Scene: DH and me at Red Lobster, spending way too much money on lunch

Me: I wanted to tell you about the story I’m writing with Pushy.

DH: *shoving a forkful of salad into his mouth* Yeah.

Me: Bella’s a vampire, and she changed Edward then abandoned him. He’s kinda bitter. I write the Bella chapters.

DH: *biting a yummy, buttery garlic biscuit* Interesting.

Me: Yeah, well she’s not a vegetarian. And she…um…seduces people before she kills them.

DH: *taking drink of unsweet tea* Cool.

Me: And she meets Emmett, and when they start *whispers* doing it, she starts only seducing women.

DH: *dangles fork in mid-air* *widens eyes* Wow, that sounds hot.

Me: *flabbergasted* Really?!

DH: Yeah, I’m a guy, remember?

Me: Okay, can I tell you about my new idea?

DH: *resumes eating* Sure.

Me: There’s a little background. *proceeds to regale him with same rant Greta, Pushy, and Cutie have all had to endure*

DH: *nods* *eats* *wisely does not speak*

Me: So I want to write this story. *proceed to tell DH almost the entire outline of the story, including the parts that I think will freak him out*

DH: And?

Me: That’s it.

DH: Sounds like a great story. I think Greta and Pushy are right.

Me: I thought you wouldn’t approve…and that maybe people will judge me by what my characters do.

DH: *putting down fork* First, I’m proud of what you write, even if I sometimes don’t agree with what you have your characters do. You’re really good, you know that, right? Second, who the hell cares what other people think? They don’t know you. Write what’s in that pretty little brain of yours.

Me: But you won’t read the new story, will you?

DH: Oh, hell no. Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t write it.

Me: *relieved* I’ve had a really great time this weekend.

DH: Me, too. I’m starting to be really glad about all that fan fiction you’re reading.

[remainder of conversation redacted]


And, as awesome and swoonworthy as that conversation was, if I said it was the high point of my weekend I’d be lying *evil grin*

Now, if you’ll excuse me, DH will be home in a few, and I need to…um…discuss story ideas with him…yeah, that’s it.

~ by fragile little human on 28 December 2009.

7 Responses to “Coming clean to DH”

  1. Why is it that our dh’s tend to always take things better than we think they will?
    I’ve considered writing under pens a lot…for just those reasons. Actually, I was afraid that if I made my female character do something, dh would think that meant I wanted to do it and so forth.
    Not easy being a writer, huh?
    You’re incredibly talented and I seriously need to get caught up on everything you’ve written. You inspire me! And your dh sounds great.

  2. WOW!! You are one lucky girl! My hubble dubbles would so not be that cool. I mean he probably wouldn’t care if I wrote about hawt sexy vampires … but the questions!! Dear BOB at the questions!!

    So, are you trying to tell me you’re horny?
    Have you been wanting to bang a chick?
    Is this code for ‘let’s give anal a try’?
    Well, if Edward can bite you there then why can’t I?
    Why would you want to do a vampire? It would be like sitting on a popsicle.

    As you see haha… these are the reasons I don’t show my hub-a-roo jack sprat in the FF woeld šŸ˜‰ Sure, he has reeped the benefits though… but I’ll keep letting him thing it’s just him that revs me. HAHA!!!! If only he knew lmao!!!

    I’m rather jealous thatyour hub-a-dub is coolness with it šŸ˜‰ That;s so squeals for you!!

    Keep up the good work and have fun mulling over story ideas. WINK WINK!!

    Can’t wait for your epic idea to become reality šŸ˜‰

  3. The stories redacted huh? hm… I wonder if that picture has anything to do with the turn it took??? hm… *grins evilly*

    And you know I (along with all your other bloggie buddies) will stick by your side and love you and support all the brilliant stories that are in that beautiful head of yours. I, frankly, can’t wait to read the new one, and shall be reading BM tonight at bed time. The end to that one my friend. =)

  4. Congrats on coming clean and learning to accept that the writer you are listens to many different muses, some of them even a little evil. šŸ™‚

  5. First of all, I have the same calender hanging in my office. And second, DH is wonderment!! *high fives DH* It’s so refreshing to hear about a significant other being supportive!! *group hug*

  6. I’m so amazed by our hubs! Mine even forced me to start a blog myself and yours sound totally adorable! But *giggles* we had the same issue with my iPhone, I never cared when he looked around in my Phone but well when all this here started … *looks around*

    Anyway, I loveee the teaser which is actually not a real teaser, but I can’t wait for your next story, I adore your dark sites in In The Blood! Maybe we get one more little

    I’m totally happy for you that you have this wonderful husband!

  7. I had a similar “coming out” with my husband last month and I promise you it did not go that well. You are lucky. Mine is coming around though, he is learning that me reading tons of FF has its definite benfits:)

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