My Personal Campaign Promises


Happy New Year Girly Girls!!!!

It’s official!  The 21st century is now a pre-teen!  Look out world because those raging hormones are about to kick in.

How are you feeling?

A little hung-over?

Did you have too much fun last night? 


Maybe play some drinking games you shouldn’t have?


I simply adore New Years.  Oh, I guess I adore every holiday, but New Years holds a special place in my heart.  NO! I did NOT say that on my Christmas post.  AND NO you are not allowed to go back and check … I’m quite sure that I didn’t say that 😉


The reason I love New Years so much is because when I was little we always made a great big night out of it.  It was also fabulous because when you girlies were having nachos my family was having birthday cake.  You see my girly girls, yesterday was my Mom’s Birthday.  What a day to have a birthday party, huh?


For years and years I have always made a tradition to see my Pet on New Years.  If you don’t know by now, my PET is ERIKA and she has been my bestie since I was 10.  Here is a picture of her last New Year’s:

But what good is New Years without the resolutions?  Did you make any?  I’m not too sure that I want to.  To me, a New Year’s resolution is nothing more than a personal campaign promise that you are will probably break by the next Federal holiday.

I guess it wouldn’t hurt to make a couple personal campaign promises.

 This year I am going to resolve to do the following:
Get more exercise

Think of the consequences before I agree to committing to a dare (ERIKA! That one is just for you!)

Catch up on my reading and ignore hubz when he tries to get me to stop

Try my dangdest not to embarrass Fragile in Chicago

Think I can do it?  HAHA! Can’t wait to find out


~ by erikasbuddy on 1 January 2010.

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