Spell My Heart Final Chapter Teaser

Now that Charlie’s made an honest woman of Alice and they’ve moved into their new home, I guess the story is over. Well, almost…

The hospital bed would be a tight fit for any other couple, but it seemed to be made for them. Once he talked to the nurse, Charlie climbed in beside her, wrapping his arm around her shoulder. Alice sighed as he brushed her hair from her face and, cupping her cheek with his hand, leaned forward and pressed his lips to hers. No matter what else happened, they always had this, their enduring love that made the entire world disappear, leaving only the two…now the three…of them. As the kiss deepened and they clung to each other tightly, Alice wondered how she’d survive when their time was only a memory.

A throat cleared across the room. “Why do I always end up wanting to bleach my brain around you two?”

Feeling like a caught little girl, Alice giggled and watched as Edward wheeled a small cart into the room. She could see the tiny blue bundle wriggling in the clear, plastic excuse for a bassinet. Squirming and holding her arms out expectantly, she could barely contain herself as Edward lifted the bundle and placed it in her waiting arms.

You didn’t think I’d end the story without introducing you to the little one, did you? 🙂  Chapter 6, the final chapter, will be posted on FFn on Tuesday.

This story has been a blast to write. Sure, it’s had its angsty moments, but, overall, it’s been romantic and almost fluffy, something I really needed right now.

I’m very glad that readers took to the Alice and Charlie pairing, because i wasn’t always so sure they would. After I’d decided to write the story, I asked the ladies in the Glee chat (don’t know what I’m talking about? then you don’t follow me on Twitter, do you? ;)) which pairing they thought would be ickiest. When one chatter said Charlie and Alice, several others agreed. I hope I changed their minds 🙂

And, for everyone who’s been asking what the hell happened between Edward and Bella? I’m going to write a companion piece…eventually…that will explain their story.  I probably won’t write that until late Spring, though. Author alerts are your friend.

Finally, thanks to uhyesplease and antiaol for rec-ing The Beauty Within on Twitter and to mskathy for rec-ing Bedtimes Stories on PPSS One-Shot Wednesday. I have been stunned by the response, and, as my lovely co-author instructed, I’m trying to bask in it. Hello and thank you to all my new readers!

I didn’t really have an interview I wanted to post, so I decided to include a favorite by Blondie. You’ll understand when you read the chapter.

~ by fragile little human on 3 January 2010.

One Response to “Spell My Heart Final Chapter Teaser”

  1. Omg!! That’s just fab!! squees to the max on the E and B companion peice (I pleaded for it ladies lol!!! And My lovely Fragile is the best girly all aruound)

    WOW!! Wtg on all your new followers!! That fantastic!

    SMH has now been beta-ed and omg it will NOT dissapoint!! Sad to see it go but can’t wait for spring to come 😉

    It was a wonderful ride!!

    Thanks a ton 😉

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