While my husband was out


Oh praise the mighty Taco Bell Dog and Thank BOB!! The holidays are now behind us!!

How was your New Years?  Did everyone have a fabulous time Tweeting though drunken eyes?


Mine was uber boring.  If you don’t know by now .. well.. my hub-a-dubs took my son down to Florida to spend it with his family.
Why didn’t I go, you ask.  Well, you see… If I was to go I more than likely would have had to gotten bailed out of jail and considering the country’s current economic crisis I decided to be a responsible American and save the money.  SO, I stayed at home.

But, I have to admit even though it was uber weird being alone for that long it was kind of nice being by myself for six days.
I got to drive around in my husband’s 1994 Thunderbird and by Thunderbird I mean DEATHTRAP ON WHEELS!!

OMG!! Are you kidding me?  THe hubz took off in my SAFE 2002 Focus and left me with a car  with blinking Check Engine, Anti-lock brakes, and Airbag lights flashing in my horror filled eyes while I drove to Wal-mart.

I was scared out of my mind!! I didn’t know if at any moment the car was either going to explode on me, the brakes were going to give out, or I was going to get punched in the face with an airbag just from sneezing.
I only drove twice while he was gone.
I got to dine on an assortment of soups for the entire time I was learning to become a shut-in.

WOW!! I really hope I never have to do that again because bachelor chow is sooooo boring!!

Why didn’t I go out to eat?  Because I refused to drive the Deathtrap on wheels at night. 
I also got a ton of cleaning done while the hubz was gone.  I even arranged all my Christmas presents neatly on my bookcase.

I knew my clean house would only stay that way until the boys got back.   Why is it whenever you clean your husband decides to come home and make a mess out of everything you spent all day trying so hard to make perfect? 


It’s just like sweeping a floor with a cat.   The cat takes one look at the pile of grossness you swept off the floor and decides that they just HAVE to roll around in it.

I also went for six long days absorbing myself in fan fic.  Ladies… I don’t recommend doing that when you don’t have your husband around.

 It makes for even longer nights full of sexual frustrations and frightened kitty cats who decide it’s wise to sleep in the same bed as their sex starved owner.

I am though happy to report that both hubz and son made it back home safely on Sunday morning around 2am.  I am unhappy to report that my dreams of him transforming into a studly Tatward or sensitive Blindward did NOT come true like planned.  But I guess I’ll take what I can get.

(Yummy pic found through RTs on the Twitter – I believe the original owner is @Xylem108  but if I’m wrong then please just blame my ferret brain.  IT means you no harm lol. )

Hope everyone started their New Year off with a bang.  BTW.. Hubz will be gone for three days this coming week. OH what will I do?


Oh that’s right.  How silly of me.  Looks like I have a full week already planned.  *WINK WINK


And since I’ll have all the time in the world this week I assume that a little nightstand reading will be in order.

What is it about a man in uniform that makes me go Squee?  Is it the hawt rippling biceps?  Is it the subtle trace of 5 o’clock shadow?  Is it the abs that just beg for mama’s tongue?
Well …. is it?!!!!!
Well, for me my girly girls its a fat piece of elastic that just makes my knees turn to butter and my heart just belt.
Suspenders baby!!
That’s right!!
And what goes best in suspenders?  Well, how about a firefighter hawtie!!  What else? LOL

So, here it is! My first REC for you to read (and trust me I need this story while the hubz is gone)
Afragilelittlehuman presents “The Possibility of You


Need a description? or is just the fact that we get a Suspendward enough for ya? 
Lieutenant Edward Cullen is a dedicated fireman and a first class gentleman, but when a new probie joins his crew Edward struggles with keeping things professional. Will Edward be able to keep himself in check or loose his heart to the possibility of love?
-Description written by the awesome and ever so lovely Cutie

 Desire a little taste?

When Bella walked into the firehouse for her first shift as a probie, we were all welcoming and professional. As a lieutenant, I made sure my men treated her with respect and as an equal…well, as a regular probie. It wasn’t like I had to work too hard at it. My guys are the best fire company in Seattle, and they took her in like any other new firefighter. Except for one small difference.

They were obsessed with seeing her slide down the station’s pole.



Need a little listen?


-soundtrack to “Possibility of You” by Sick Puppies


Now, I don’t want to be a little spoiler bunny but o-m-g this story is HAWT HAWT HAWT!!!
It’s an awesometastic o/s written by a fabulous writer and it will just make you go squee!!!
So run my lovely ducks and go read.  Let those fires within you BURN!!  Well, until the hubz gets home.  Then you have my permission to get out the hose 😉


~ by erikasbuddy on 8 January 2010.

9 Responses to “While my husband was out”

  1. I love your posts!!! If you want another firefighterward rec, try Where There’s Smoke by NJNYTwiGals. http://www.fanfiction.net/~njnytwigals

  2. You crack me up – your posts are always so funny! Hope you didn’t tire out your hubby too much when he got home 😉

    Thanks for pimping my story! And thanks for the hot fireman pic 😉

  3. Always promised a good laugh where you are concerned. This is love! I laugh about your hubs death trap.. thats how i feel driving my hubs truck. but its been in teh shop for well over 6 months now..LOL

    • LOL! I have a very EVIL Post about hubz planned but I live in constant fear that another hubz might tells on me haha!!

      OMG! Last night the hubz broke my rearview mirror off the non-deathtrap car! I out for BLOOD! He’s trying to crap-de-fy my car 😉

  4. So funny – keep the TGIF coming….or well *wink* something.

    I love being alone. Tho the longest I’ve been for YEARS is 2 days. *sigh* One can only hope tho…..

    • I get another 5 more days on last week of January 😉 Oh I wonder what adventures will come out of this shut-in adventure 😉

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