Idea Overload, Fan Fic Priorities, and the Twilight 25

What was I going to post about again?

Several years ago, I developed two very annoying quirks: stuttering and forgetting words in midsentence. After deciding that I had either early-onset Alzheimer’s or a brain tumor, I talked to my doctor.

My doctor did a few tests, and, finding nothing physically wrong, asked if tended to have these problems when I’m very busy, very engrossed in conversation, very stressed, etc. Why yes, that is when I have the problems. It also was at the same time that I had about a dozen different big, stressful changes going on. She explained that it was kind of like information overload; my brain, trying to stay several steps ahead and keep track of a hundred inputs, would just forget what it was doing at the present time.

I seem to be having the same issue with my writing. I have three inprogress stories, three planned one-shots, and ideas for four more stories. I can’t seem to work on one story without ideas for the others running though my head. More often than not, I just stare at an open Google doc and wonder why the hell I can’t think of anything to write.

What should a blocked fanfic writer do? Talk to their lovely beta, of course.

Wow, this doesn't make either of us sound very attractive, does it?

Greta chalks it up to being a Virgo (which apparently makes her better at organization than my Aquarian ass). Whatever the reason, she was able to help me come up with a writing plan that instantaeously made me feel better.

So, here’s my plan:

Concentrate on writing my In The Blood chapters and knocking out my three planned one-shots. What are these one-shots about? I’m glad you asked.

– An ExB one-shot for Bex. One hint: ice cream πŸ˜‰

– An ExB one-shot for DH’s b’day. Yeah, I about passed out when he asked, too. One hint: Wal-Mart *shaking head*

– A Blindward Valentine’s Day one-shot. One hint: rated M *evil grin*

Once I’ve finished the one-shots, I’ll start back on my Geek Bella story. I currently have one chapter of 15 written.

When I finish the Geek Bella story, I’ll start on the Breathe Me sequel, which, by the way, has a title now: Don’t Let Me Go.

I have four other story ideas that I’ll write eventually…I hope.

That covers four ideas, three one-shots, and two WIP. That leaves one more WIP:

I am currently participating in the second round of the Twilight 25, which runs from Jan 1st through Apr 1st 2010. The Twilight 25 is a community that challenges you to write 25 one-shots and/or drabbles or a 25-chapter fic based on predetermined prompts within a three month period.

I thought this would be a great writing exercise for me, and I’ve decided to do a 25-chapter fic. The rules require that the chapters exceed 1000 words, so the chapters will probably end up being fairly short.

(I can already hear Betti screaming, “What?! Your chapters are already too short!” *wink*)

The story is titled Pulling the Puzzles Apart, and here’s the o-fficial summary:

Edward is in a vegetative state. While his family holds vigil, he is haunted by dreams and nightmares, unsure which are memories and which are the creations of his own mind. AU/AH. Rated M for violence and possible lemons. For Twilight 25 Round 2.

The story is named for a line from Coldplay’s The Scientist:

I’ve written the first chapter, using the prompt Alone:

I’m not sure how long I’ve been here. Sometimes it’s seems like hardly any time has passed; sometimes it feels like forever.

I don’t remember how I got here. I was just suddenly here, in this room. It’s very plain, and very quiet. Sometimes I hear voices, and I think there is someone right outside my door. When I run into the hall, though, no one is there.

There is very little light here, just enough to get around. The hallways are like large mazes, and I often wonder if I’m in some sort of human Tolman experiment. The first time I woke up here, I ran through the halls, searching the rooms for someone, anyone. But it’s just me. The human rat.

Unlike my other stories, I’ll write chapters as I have the inspiration and time, so I won’t have a strict posting schedule. One week I may post nothing, other weeks I might post 4 chapters. I’m going to try to write outside my comfort zone, and I’d really appreciate any feedback you’d like to share.


Awesome banner made by the lovely Mrs. Vanquish

This has been an overwhelming week for me. Last Thursday, I posted The Possibility of You, my entry for PPSS’s An Officer and a Gentleman contest. The story has already had almost 2,000 hits, and the reviews I’ve received have been incredible. I’m so thankful for everyone’s kind words and support.

Also on Thursday, onepushyfox of the lovely Lemon Sisters rec’d The Beauty Within as part of their new Peach Grove feature, where they rec stories that aren’t rated M/NC-17. I am so honored that my story was one of the first they rec’d.

Then, to my surprise, she did it again! In today’s MmmmmmMonday post, onepushyfox rec’d The Possibility of You. Thank you so much TLS for your continued support of my stories – you rock!!

Last, but definitely not least, Mrs. Vanquish (who, btw, did the awesome new layout for the ITB blog) rec’d In The Blood on her blog and made us an awesome banner! Mrs. V is the wonderment, and we’re so grateful to have her support!

~ by fragile little human on 11 January 2010.

5 Responses to “Idea Overload, Fan Fic Priorities, and the Twilight 25”

  1. HAHAHA!! Dude!! I freaking love it!! I told you virgos were the original OCDs hahaha!! And lookers lmao! You proved it πŸ˜‰ hahahahaha You rude crankly LMAO!!! THat’s so awesome that it should be sprinkled with baby unicorns!!

    NOW! I know I was a bit obsessive (does it say that about the virgo? hahaha!!) about Bex’s o/s and hoping and praying to the baby taco bell dog that we get a FARMHANDWARD (ladies!! wanna make my fantasies come true? there’s your idea!!) but what on earth does you DH want done at the Wal-mart? HAHAHAHA!! OMG! Its gonna kill me!! Are you sure he doesn’t want it over at the Kmart so B and E can have a Red light Special during a Blue Light Specail on waterproof sheets? HAHAHA!! OMG!! I can’t wait!!!

    Wtg on your your recing and uhh… what’s the word?… TRAFFIC on your stories! that’s great!! Makes me so happy (Cuz I secretly think ‘hey… muhahaha… she changed that word to something I said… and peoples are reading that… MY TRAFFIC…. not hers… MINE’ LMAO!! But you know… I’m so happy for you (whispers — and me) hehehe . No reallys. I’m mega proud of you.

    Ok… so let’s get down to business on DLMG. More Josef…. and a little more SanGreta… and BOOM!! You’re all set! Glad to see I already took care of that for ya πŸ˜‰

    Keep up the awesome work and I can’t wait to hear the 24 more ideas you have for Veggieward (I’ve decided on that name for him)

    Stay forever flavored like skittles!! (because I want to taste the rainbow and the next time I see ya I’m getting me a lick)

  2. My dear fragile, I am so glad your lovely pistol of a co-blogger, fantastical beta, and bestest of friend, Erikabuddy, was able to whip your ass in line and get you on a non-whiny, structured schedule. πŸ˜‰ I’m rooting for you to stick to it and ignore all those people talking in that pretty little head of yours!

    I, too, get so overwhelmed. Not just with writing, but with people asking me to check things out or wanting help (this isn’t aimed at ANYONE and I love it all. I’m NOT complaining just stating a fact. There are too many lovely people in my lappy and only so little of me. =( ). I think the best thing is to know your limits, take time to breathe, and remember this is all supposed to be fun, not too much work. πŸ˜‰

    I’m looking forward to all your new stories coming out. YAY for the all the great posts going up about you and your wonderment. And good luck with the Twilight 25. It sounds like a blast.

    Love ya something fierce, my friend.

  3. I have to say I continually wonder how you do it! How on earth do you keep churning out such amazing stories? Where do you find the time to write them all??? I’m convince that you are indeed a vampire. With no need to sleep and the ability to type a superhuman speeds. That explains everything. Plus you dazzle the crap out of me. This must be the truth. I feel better now. πŸ™‚

    Of to go drag the muse out of her closet. I wish that biotch would quit hiding on me. 😦

  4. You are a machine!!! A writing machine!!! I wish I had one-tenth of your motivation and creativity.

  5. I’m a person who needs a schedule so I sincerely hope it works for you too. I got the chance to read Pulling the Puzzles Apart, it was wonderful and interesting and different. I’m really looking forward to it. Got to read The Possibility of You and LOVED it. It will be in Sundays one shot recc’s. Also very excited you have 4 more o/s planned. I do so love them. Good Luck babe!

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