Craig Ferguson Domination


And you know what that means!  It’s automatically “Let’s Give Greta What She Wants Day”.  Well, it’s not on the calendar but I’m working on a deal with Hallmark and by next year I’m planning on it being an uber big holiday full of Greta awesometasticness.

So, in honor of the first Let’s Give Greta What She Wants Day I have chosen as my GIFTY to be CRAIG FERGUSON DOMINATION!

That’s right!! You heard it.  Craig Ferguson!!

As you HAVE to know by now… I LOVE Craig Ferguson.  I watch him every night on the Late Late Show and I actually have stuff of his saved on my DVR because it’s just so funny I can’t erase it.

Every night, Craig read e-mails from his fans.  I have written him several but he’s never ever once read one of my e-mails on the air.

Here’s where the Craig Ferguson Domination intertwines with Let’s Give Greta What She Wants Day.

I know I can get him to read one of my e-mails on the air, but I think I’m going to need EVERY GIRLY’S help on this one


Copy and paste this lovely e-mail I listed below and send it  HERE (this is how you e-mail Craig)

Dear Craig,

My friend Greta has brainwashed me into writing you today to beg and plead that you read this on the air just to make her go squee.  Also, she was curious if you would like to go see Eclipse with her.  Now, she understands that you hate the sexy vampires with nice hair that talk about their feelings, but she’s offering you a chance of a lifetime to see a movie with a heap load of beautiful women from all over the globe in hopes to win you over with the awesomeness that is Twilight.  She’s promising your a fabalicious time you will most likely never forget.

P.S.  We want Rob on the show 😉


We all send this out today and throught the weekend then by MONDAY -maybe maybe- The Late Late Show will get enough of the SAME E-mail (signed by different people of course) that Craig’s just so overwhelmed by our awesometasticalness that he  just has to read it on the air!!

The Squees!

And if my evil plan works, I will have subliminally talked Craig into getting Rob on the show and learning to love Twilight.

Now run my Girlies!! Make mama proud!!

Oh yes CRAIG! You will read my e-mail!!! YES YES!!!

OH! Before I forget! I want to tell you some fabulous news on an upcoming post.  Since this week’s post revolves around CRAIG getting an e-mail from me I have decided that in a couple weeks I shall do a post where I answer YOUR e-mails.  That’s right !! You can ask me anything from Can fish sneeze? to What color of underwear do I have on?  Be as creative as you want.  Just DM me your question on Twitter @erikasbuddy.  Can’t wait to read them!

~ by erikasbuddy on 15 January 2010.

11 Responses to “Craig Ferguson Domination”

  1. What effect does the Eclipse has on the Animals

  2. This should work, I see no reason why it wouldn’t. Mr. Craig couldn’t possibly ignore the same email coming from many different Twilight fans. I’m on it!

  3. I’m gonna email him right now. I’m not sure Mr. Ferguson could handle all of us at the Eclipse premiere. Might not want to end up on tv either. hehe

  4. I have sent the Scottish God your email. If he doesn’t respond, he’ll be in so much trouble.

  5. Ok, I just want you to know that I submitted that puppy from four different accounts, just because I love you that much!!!

    And I’m going to have to think of a good question for you! 🙂

  6. Totally sent an email…oh, so did DH. He just doesn’t know it 😉

  7. I finally sat down and watched all the videos, and he’s fucking hilarious! I need to DVR this show…

  8. I have emailed our Hotness Craig!!! He will reply to my message! I know it!

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