Beautiful Creatures Discussion Schedule

The response to our book discussion announcement has been overwhelming. Thank you to everyone who has RT’d our announcement on Twitter and to Cutie (check out her awesome non-spoiler review) and Twilight Examiner for pimping it on their websites.

Oh, and can I just interject a small fangirl squee here?


I hope you’ve bought your books, ladies (and guys, if there are any out there reading…and I don’t mean you, DH, ’cause I still can’t get you to read Twilight)!  Here is the official Beautiful Creatures Book Discussion schedule:

1/21/2010: Kickoff Post
Post by fragile & Greta

1/24/2010: Week 1 (Recap)
Before: The Middle of Nowhere (p 1-3)
9.02 Dream On (p 4-12)
9.02 New Girl (p 13-23)
9.02 A Hole in the Sky (p 24-40)
Post by fragile

1/31/2010: Week 2 (Recap)
9.11 Collision (p 41-50)
9.12 Broken Glass (p 51-60)
9.12 Greenbrier (p 61-78)
9.12 The Sisters (p 79-101)
Post by Greta

2/7/2010: Week 3 (Recap)
9.14 The Real Boo Radley (p 102-132)
9.15 A Fork in the Road (p 133-142)
9.24 The Last Three Rows (p 143-155)
10.09 Gathering Days (p 156-178)
Guest post by FireCrotch

2/14/2010: Week 4 (Recap)
10.09 A Crack in the Plaster (p 179-193)
10.09 The Greats (p 194-206)
10.10 Red Sweater (p 207-218)
10.13 Marian the Librarian (p 219-245)
Guest post by The Lemon Sisters (onepushyfox and uhyesplease)

2/21/2010: Week 5 (Recap)
10.31 Hallow E’en (p 246-270)
11.01 The Writing on the Wall (p 271-278)
11.27 Just Your Average American Holiday (p 279-298)
11.28 Domus Lunae Libri (p 299-232)
Guest post by Heather (Call of Duty Widow)

2/28/2010: Week 6 (Recap)
12.01 It Rhymes with Witch (p 324-331)
12.06 Lost and Found (p 332-339)
12.07 Grave Digging (p 340-353)
12.08 Waist Deep (p 354-367)
Guest post by Mrs. Vanquish

3/7/2010: Week 7 (Recap)
12.13 Melting (p 368-386)
12.16 When the Saints Go Marching In (p 387-406)
12.19 White Christmas (p 407-434)
1.12 Promise (p 435-437)
Guest post by Ruby

3/14/2010: Week 8 (Recap)
2.04 The Sandman or Something Like Him (p 438-447)
2.05 The Battle of Honey Hill (p 448-466)
2.11 Sweet Sixteen (p 467-498)
2.11 Lollipop Girl (p 499-509)
Guest post by Cutie

3/21/2010: Week 9 (Recap)
2.11 Family Reunion (p 510-525)
2.11 The Claiming (p 526-555)
2.12 Silver Lining (p 556-563)
Post by fragile & Greta

3/28/2010: Wrap-up Post
Post by fragile and Greta

Remember, chapter discussions will be posted each Sunday, and Greta and I will recap each week’s comments the following Thursday.

Please feel free to use our banner or our smaller button (see the sidebar –>) on your blogs. You can link to this post, which I’ll update to link to individual week’s discussions as they’re posted.

If you haven’t participated in a book discussion before, we plan to conduct it much like the following epic discussions that preceded ours:

Cutie’s Wide Awake Discussion (definitely rated M)
The Danger Magnet’s New Moon Discussion

Can’t wait to see everyone here next Thursday to kick this bad boy off! 🙂

P.S. Please consider donating to one of the many organizations providing relief services to the citizens of Haiti after this week’s horrible earthquake. If you donate at least $5 by 1/24, you can receive a collection of pieces from over 100 Twific authors. To find out more, see mskathy’s blog. Speaking of which, Greta sent me the following graphic this AM. Think she’s trying to tell me something?

~ by fragile little human on 16 January 2010.

7 Responses to “Beautiful Creatures Discussion Schedule”

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  2. I’m so excited! And I just can’t hide it!!!!

  3. I’m about to lose control and I just might like it. YAY YAY!

  4. I’m all a flutter about this discussion! I got the book today and I’m eating it up. I put up a button I tweaked on the ApplesnFeather sidebar so that our followers could be informed too! Kudos on the author tweets by the way!

  5. The funny thing is I haven’t even read it yet, but I’m so damn sure that I’ll love it just like you! I can’t wait to read it!

  6. I’m ready for Sunday! I got lots to say, but am still in the confused state. Can’t wait until Sunday!

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