The Beautiful Creatures Wonderment Kick-Off Post of Amazement

Alright my Girly Girls!  It’s finally here!  Fragile and I have been pumping you up for nearly two weeks and all green lights are go!

Let’s get this party started and sink our little fangs into this beautiful book.

First off… let’s make sure that you have all the proper equipment.

The Beautiful Creatures Survival Kit

Book full of fan girl swoon: CHECK

Phone near reading spot to call up BFF at an OMG moment in book: CHECK

Threaten hubz that if he doesn’t give you enough peace and quiet during swoon time that you are willing to talk through entire length of Super Bowl: CHECK

Tissue nearby just in case there’s a tear jerker: CHECK

Bribe the cubs with promises that if they’re good during quiet time they’ll be rewarded with greasy fast food: CHECK

Lappy nearby to post your awesome thoughts and comments: CHECK

Got all that?  Well GRAVY!!

I’m ready my lovelies to get lost inside a new fairytale.

#region fragile speaks

We are so excited about the first discussion post, which will go live on Sunday. We are also incredibly grateful for the ladies who will guest post over the next several weeks and for all the pimpage the discussion has gotten on your blogs and Twitter. But your most important contribution has yet to be made:

Comment…pretty please…every week. We can’t have a discussion without the input of all you dedicated readers out there.  Even if you think you have nothing to say about the chapters, come visit us. You’ll be surprised what might occur to you once you read the recap and other people’s comments.

And remember, no comment is stupid…unless that comment is “I don’t understand why you people think Rob Pattinson is hot.”

See, even Rob thinks that's a stupid comment.

Now, if you’re like me, you love to get on the web and geek out over your new discoveries. Being the ultimate (and humble) geek that I am, I thought I’d share my list of BC-related links with you. When you want to put the book down (you won’t) or you’re tired of reloading the blog to see the new discussion post go live (give your mouse a break and follow us on Twitter), take a look at these sites:

Beautiful Creatures o-fficial website:
Beautiful Creatures on Facebook:
Beautiful Creatures YouTube channel:

Kami Garcia’s blog:
Kami on Twitter:

Margaret Stohl’s blog:
Margaret on Twitter:


Now my dear little ducks, I do believe we are ready to begin.  Let’s have a fabulous time in our nighties, lounging in bed with a bottle of wine, and a really fab book in our hands.  Because remember Girls: No matter how much your hubbles complains that you are spending way too much time with that beautiful book and not enough time on the couch while he eats chips and watches the Colts… he can’t deny it… Bookworms are the best breed of woman out there.  We’re smart, literate, and oh yeah baby … SEXY!!  Now, crack open that book and fangirl-up.  This promises to be a book we won’t ever forget.

~ by erikasbuddy on 21 January 2010.

28 Responses to “The Beautiful Creatures Wonderment Kick-Off Post of Amazement”

  1. Wooohoo!! I’m so excited (and I still haven’t read it) but I’m sure it will be a awesome discussion! Wonderful!

    • I haven’t read it all yet… I’m TRYING to wait for my PET PET (looks at her angerly to hurry up lmao) to catch up 🙂 Squees! I can’t wait!!

  2. Have I told you lately that this discussion is going to be EPIC? No? Well it is…going to be epic…seriously.

  3. ok, I serious time need to get my grubby lil hands on this book ASAP!!

    • ZOMG! I about attacked my mailman! He was soo uber late w/ my book. Then when I saw him get it out of his truck I ran down my hill and snatched it 😉 Hubbles thought I was a bit too overexcited haha! What does he know?

  4. Ah!! Great post! I like the sexy bookworm image! 🙂 Sorry I haven’t put the link on my blog yet…doing it today. Anyhoo I still don’t have the book, have it on order and it better get here soon damn it! I will jump in as soon as I can! I am excited!!

    • LOL! Don’t you love our flag girl,too? Fragile snazzed her up 🙂 Can’t wait for you to get your book 🙂 You’ll lover love it!

  5. OMG SQEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS I can’t wait for discussion time!! can we start yet! LOL I lovies my book.. I pet it everyday because its soo beautiful!!!!! I need to go find my stockings and heels so I can look all sexy-fied and make hubz zealous!!! See you all in Discussions!! MUUUHAHAHAHAHA………….

    • There’s my PET!! Are you caught up yet? I’m starting to shake from withdrawl haha!! Uhh… go read and stuff 😉 And yeah! Where’s your heels and OH! Get a sexy garterbelt to hold up those fishnet knee highs 😉 That’ll look super fabtabulous on you 🙂 Off to slip into a teddy 😉 muhahahaha

  6. I finally got the book and am now halfway through! I love it so far! I can’t wait to read the discussion, and everyone’s thoughts on the book.

  7. This post had me cracking up!! I am so excited!

    • LOL! Did you go buy a garter belt just for the occassion 😉 I’ll be expecting you to be wearing it come Sunday 😉 LOL!

  8. This will be my first book discussion. Yeah me! I’m really late, but I love a good book, so don’t mind me, but I’ll be picking up the book this weekend, and will try to at least get through first chapter for your discussion.

  9. its here!! I’m gonna pee my pants! I’m about half way through with the book and i don’t want to completely geek out on the websites yet but thank you for posting them all lol. Sadly I do not have the hubs or the cubs but if someone would let me borrow theirs or something just temporarily that would be ok lol

    • LMAO! Please!! Take mine! HAHA!! Just remember to BLAB whenever that MANNING DUDE plays hahaha!! That drives my hubbles nuts 😉 And promises of greasy fast food goodness always works with my cub 😉

      Squee!! Glad you’re loving the BOOK!

    • I have already been geeking out on the phone!!!!!! Its so awesome! We should record our conversations!!!!

      • LMFAO!! So, who have you been geeking out w/ my pet? Someone who’s like 110 pages ahead of your ass? OMG! I just cussed!! You teeny tiny Jonas Brother Lovers better not be reading this. Now, my pet! Hurry your ass up and catch up with me so I can read some more

        Oh yeah… we should record us talking about the book. That’d be pretty cool. Well you’ll be at my pad in a month. We’ll have to do that

      • OHHH YEAAAA!!! We can soooo YOUTUBE that shit!!! AWESOME!!!!! Can’t wait to go to my pets Crib!!!! HMMMMMMM more ideas just running through my head……..

      • I personally have images of me smacking you while I tell everyone how fabulous the book is. That sounds pretty rad. You get a spectacular smackings of plentiful and uhh.. our viewers get to hear about a cool book. That sounds awesome!! Can’t wait for you to get to my crib so we can do that!! muhahahahaha!!

      • make sure I am wearing fish net stockings and high heels while your images of smacking me is going on..Then when you are done I can use my heels to personally kick your ass several times ….this way the audience can hear it from both ways!!! Muhahahahaha your crib visit will be soooo pleasurable!!

  10. HAHA! My crib will be ribbed for your pleasure! So, uhh… are you wanting to drive a heal up my ass? I know some transvetites that do that for fun 😉 Are you trying to come on to me? This is supposed to be a book discussion not a pick up bar
    *drops bra strap off shoulder 😉

  11. So I saw a rec for this book, got it, devoured it, and had to jump on the interwebs to see what other reaction there was – I haven’t been this immersed in a book in ages. And I stumbled across this lovely discussion group about to start (thank you Google!) I’d love to join in – can’t wait to hear what everyone has to say.

  12. […] get you to read Twilight)!  Here is the official Beautiful Creatures Book Discussion schedule: 1/21/2010: Kickoff Post Post by fragile & […]

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