Greta is just an acronym for Great

You ready Girlies?!!!!!

I have a good feeling about this post!  I really do!!  So, where’s my theme music at? *searches through records.

~ This week it’s all about me ~~

! The Greta Spectacular !

Many of you should know by now that I am super obsessed with my own name. I really don’t think my parents realized the can of sparkles they were unleashing when they named their child this.  Cuz, ladies… My name is AWESOME!!

*GASP!! Don’t tell me that!!!!  My name is Fabulousness sprinkled with baby unicorns!!!

But what out there shares the same name of freaking awesometacularness besides myself.

It’s been my observation that every dang German Shephard out there that is NOT named HANSEL is named GRETA.

Kids, quit naming your dogs after me 😉  Can you not think of a  different German name besides the one that I’m rockin?   I’m requesting to be named after something a tad bit more exotic.  Next time you get a flamingo I want you to think of your old pal Greta 😉

Of course there is no way that I can leave out my namesake.  That’s right Girlies!  I was named after her 😉  YUP YUP!!

The way the story goes is my dad wanted a STRONG German name to call his daughter and as luck might have it they thought of Greta Garbo.  Now, if you ask my Dad today he’ll tell you that he doesn’t remember such things, but I asked my grandma once why my name was spelled with just one ‘t’ and not two and she said, “Well, that’s because that’s how Greta Garbo spelled it.”  SO, I asked her.

I believe her 😉

Did you know that I have my own butterfly?  YUP YUP! It’s called the Greta Oto

You NORMAL un-Greta-like people would refer to it as a Glasswing Butterfly, but now you know better 😉

And over in Hobbitland guess what?!!! I’m a river AND a bridge!!

Who knew?!!  Gee… maybe I should be nicer to Hobbits now considering they were cool enough to name a bridge and a major waterway after me 😉  … I’ll think about it hehe.

When I originally thought this post up in my head about a month ago there were just two things I wanted to share you.  Girlies, I’ve saved the best for last 😉

Did you know that I have my own movie?

Fragile is well aware of this because I was bouncing off the WALLS when my bestest bud, ERIKA, myspaced (that’s right ladies… I have a myspace.  I realize it’s not cool anymore but that’s how I roll lol) about it and I about squeed my little brains out.

It’s about  a 16 year old name GRETA (played by Hillary Duff which I am totally cooleys with!!) who is shipped off for the summer to live with her grandpaprents (in their retirement village!!) because her mom would rather focus on her latest relationship (omg!! How BELLA is this?!! well, not really but kinda haha.  Gimme this! LMAO!) than focus on her spitfire of a daughter.

As the story goes on you learn that Greta is a sassy firecracker who is bent on killing herself by the time she is 18 years old. She carries around a little notebook full of idea on the best ways to off yourself (don’t worry girsl…. I think it’s mainly just the hormones talking) but in the end…. wait a tick…. go rent the movie and find out 😉

If you liked JUNO then you are going to lover love love this movie!!  And do you want to know a secret?  I was blubbering at the end. It touched me THAT much 😉

The most important GRETA related topic…. Did you know that I’m a story in the FF world?!!!!!

It’s true!! I am I am!!

This was a complete and utterly wonderful surprise to me 😉

Back when we were playing Secret Santa I recieved a keychain in the mail (OMG! Do you remember my rant about not being able to find me name on a keychain?) with this hawt and sexy Red Riding Hood cozying herself up to a wolf

Of course I squeed like the little fangirl that I am, jumped around, and nearly had a heart attack.


But… there was more 🙂  On the bottom of the keychain it said “My Most Favored Weapon”

Well, I scratched my noggin at that but I didn’t fret.  Why wouldn’t I be someone’s favorite weapon.  Of course I had NO CLUE what that meant …. because there’s MORE!!

OnePushyFox was my Secret Santa!!  I e-mailed her my thankies and THEN she e-mailed me MY STORY!!


Ladies!! I present to you the bestest Greta story out there in the world of Twilight FF 😉

-Teaser to “Monster”

Monsters are everywhere. Even when they dress up like everyone else, they’re still there: lurking; waiting; biding their time. Killing monsters is my gift. Death is my art and I craft it lovingly, skillfully; dealing it out to the mortal and immortal alike, however my master demands. It is my honor to serve the leaders of our kind. When I was called into the throne room, I had been told that I was being given another such task, but the particulars had been left to my master to explain.

“Greta,” he murmured lovingly as I bowed before him. “My most favored weapon.” I looked up at the man I adored. Caius was my maker as well as my master and I loved him more than any daughter had ever loved her father, more than anything in this world. He stroked my jet black hair, pushing the last few errant strands behind my ear before cupping my heart-shaped face. “There is a task I must give you, a dangerous one, and you must not fail me.”

My body tensed with the desire to give him whatever he wanted and the fear that he doubted my abilities. I would never disappoint my father. There was no point to my existence other than to serve him. Failure was not an option.

Want to read the rest of “Monster”?  Click HERE for fabulousness!

OMG Fact: The name Greta has made an appearance on the top 1000 most popular names since 1885. It did drop off of the chart, however, between the years 1983 and 1998. In 2006 it ranked at number 680. Its highest popularity was in 1932, when it ranked at number 318.

~ by erikasbuddy on 22 January 2010.

11 Responses to “Greta is just an acronym for Great”

  1. Greta, I’m glad you enjoyed your gift. I had fun writing it. And the song is hysterical!!!

    But who are the hobbits????

  2. If only everyone could hear the many ways of pronouncing G-R-E-T-A. Lovies the post now I must go read One Pushy Fox’s Greta Story!

  3. This kind of post from anyone other than Greta would have my crying arrogant asshole. From you, pure awesomeness!

  4. English people are the hobbits. She first started calling it me then went on to generalise it to the whole damn country.
    And Greta.. You have an awesome name. Mine’s boring and common and I really, really don’t like it lmao 😛

    • HAHA!! THe ORGIN of the HOBBIT 😉 One day me and @Luv_Leigh were talkin and I asked her to explain the whole “Great Britain, Uk, England” thing to me. She said a bunch of fancy things and we both came to the conclusion that ENGLAND just wanted to sound all important and proper haha! So, instead of having a jillion titles I declared it HOBBITLAND haha!! Since she’s from the land of Kangaroos she totally agreed with me 😉 Thus… Hobbitland was born 😉 All hail the HOBBITS!!

  5. Great, now I have Hollaback Girl stuck in my head. *facepalm* Serious time, I’m singing it in my office and getting the strangest looks from people passing by.

  6. Oh Hobbitland adores you so much they landmarked you!!
    I’m jealous of your pretty flutterby.
    Hmm… *goes to change legal name*
    All hail the HOBBITS!

  7. Hi Greta!
    My name is Greta 🙂 And I have to say your blog is pretty much the most accurate and fact-filled page on the internet because, really, is there any name out there more awesome than ours? NO! obviously not. It is just coolness,sexyness, and uniqueness personified. At least thats what I’ve been lead to believe and believe it I do! I found your blog by accident because i’m getting the Greta oto tattooed on my neck and your image came up in my google search. Anyhow carry on being a fabulous greta! (But can you top my last name?…its Gosch pronounced “Gosh” yes as in Oh my Greta Gosch!” 🙂

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