The Hubz Wants In

OMG!  It’s happened.  The HUBZ wants in!!

What do I do?  Do I scream? Do I stomp my foot and say “Hells NO”?  Do I hold my breath till he says “OK I won’t?”

Want to know what I’m talking about?!!!!

I can’t believe it but…. The Hubz wants to read TWILIGHT!!! NOES!!!

 Ok… quit acting like this is the greatest thing in the world and that you wish that your hubz was sensitive enough to want to pick up a copy.

You don’t get it…. My hubz is NOT SENSITIVE!! He’s a 12 year old boy trapped in a 29 year old body!! NOES!!!  DUDES!! He’ll make fun of our Sprakly Sparkles and Broody Broos and I just don’t know if I can take that.

For example… Have you heard this one?  “Want me to stick my wiener in the freezer?  You can imagine that you’re doing it with Edward.”


 But, I guess it is possible that he might learn something from all this if I do let him read it. Like not to say “I bet you’d let Edward bite your boob”.

 Uhhhhhh….. ummmmmm…… hmmmmmmmmm….. yeah.. maybe, but that’s not the point!! 

The point is I don’t see myself really loving him knowing all our Vampire secrets.

 So, ladies!  I gotta ask for your help.  What do you think?  Do I let the hubz into our world of Sparkles?  Or do we keep him in the dark with just a glowstick?

BTW, I heard we have  a Birthday Boy in the audience!  That’s right… a BOY!  Today is Fragile’s DH’s birthday!  Happy Birthday!

Now, I promised Fragile that I would wish him the happiest of birthdays in a mature manner.  That means with NO ROB PORN.  Apparently he doesn’t dig that  kind of stuff.  So, I’m only showing the backside of him

Hmmm… well, I tried.  The fact that she TOLD me it was his birthday kind of raises my eyebrows lol.  I mean come on now 😉  How can I pass this up?

So, to make it up to him I asked two special ladies to stop by and wish The Fragile Husband many happy returns.

  Happy Birthday Fragile’s DH! I hope you have an ANGELIC one!!

~ by erikasbuddy on 29 January 2010.

13 Responses to “The Hubz Wants In”

  1. Thanks for the birthday pictures. I’ll add them to my collection. Hey, that picture of the girl looking in the mirror – fragile keeps saying it’s a guy but I think she’s lying. Oh, and she forgot to tell me not to vote.

    • HAHA! I love it that you screenname is DH lol! I figured you would have chosen “the fragile little boy” LMAO! Uhh… so…. ummmm you think my hubz should read Twilight, huh? I think you’re just out to damper my sparkles haha. I’ll think about coutning your vote. *wink

      Was it weird referring to your wifey as Fragile? Did it make her feel like another woman? Ohh… that’s exotic!

      well, I hope you have a Happy Birthday… and quit dissing the man in the mirror or I’ll send my fan girl army out to lay down some smacks on you.

      Happy Birthday… Team Blindward Out

  2. Happy Birthday Mr. Fragile!!!!!!!

  3. Tehehehe, you make me smile like a liquored up homeless person on the subway. I heart you. Oh, and my DH gave me the bright idea to put Mr Pink (yeah that’s my glow in the dark hot pink vibrator and yeah I named it, don’t judge) in the freezer so I could have the Cullen experience. *shakes head*

    • HAHAHAHA!! What a fabulous idea!! Such a clever hubz… wait a sec…. You hubz was reading TGIF? Hahahaha!! That’s hilarious! He’s trying to learn our evil girl secrets 😉 muhahahahahaha!! I hope I’m teaching him well. We want boys with the fan boy swoonies and chizled abbys. Maybe after a couple of weeks he’ll be proper boy and you can thank me for the results.

      From the makers of TGIF and Twibite – the now bring you – Boy in a can!

      Have fun with Mr. Pink! I’m seriously thinking about tring that now haha.

      • Dew it!!!!! And no, DH knows nothing of my perverted bloggy ways. He just knows that Twilight vamps are cold. This coupled with his knowledge of my errr, strong desire to molest a Cullen, brought him to the idea of sticking Mr Pink in the freezer. He’s such a clever dick.

      • OMG! NO freaking way!! So your hubz has discussed this with you before? OMG! Thats too damn funny!! And here I thought it was just mine haha

  4. ROFLMAO.. I love this post! It had be cracking up! I vote yes, once he understands the obsession we all have for Edward Cullen, he can’t get made when you mistakenly confuse their names 😉

    • Eeeek!! Are you sure my pet? Do you really really think my hubbles can take it all in and actually realize the swoon factor? I almost fear that he’ll use it against me and try his best to mess up how Edwardly things can be (little does he know that I chase them all haha!! Team BOY!!) Thank you for you vote. I hope you girlies know what you’re doing lol! I won’t be held responsible if we let him into our sparkling world 😉 but I will permit trying him up after he disses the sparkles. Never diss the sparkles… hopefully he’ll learn 😉

      OH! Hahah! Maybe I should sream “TAKE ME EDWARD” later this week haha! U think he’d dig that? LMAO!! Oh the evil idea you just put into my head haha!!

  5. Maybe he should read the partial draft of Midnight Sun first, ease him into the craziness.

    • LOL! Well, then he’d taunt me 😛 I’m one of those crazies out there who has never read a word of Midnight Sun in hopes that someday it will be published. HEHE… so I can’t do that cuz then he’ll be holding that over my head (trying to run while New Moon commercials were on and he blasted the volume was no picnic lol)

  6. I would never, in a million years, allow my husband to read Twilight. It helps that he is not interested in reading it and he thinks RPatz is gay. Twilight is MINE and to be honest, I don’t want a sensitive, vampire loving husband. I like my immature, crude jackass just the way he is.

    • LOL! I feel the same way but I thought that I might have been to greedy with my vampy poos. He’s never seen the movies and only knows what little information I will tell him. He doesn’t like Rob at all (poor him has to stare at 2 calendars and 2 action figures every day haha) but he is hellbent on wanting to figure out my obsession. I threw a fit when he told me he wanted to read it (and when I say read I mean get the audiobook that’s read by a chick who I hear didn’t do a good job). That;s why I’m letting my girlies decide for me. Maybe if I just LET him he’ll just never get around to reading it and the thrill will be lost 😉 One can hope. Thanks for your vote!!

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