Beautiful Creatures Discussion – Week 2

SPOILER WARNING: This post details the plot of the book Beautiful Creatures. If you have not read the book and don’t want to know what happens, don’t read any further.
Hey all!  How are my girlies doing?  Oh hi! I see we have a couple of new girlies floating around.  Welcome Welcome!!  As most of you know, I am Fragile’s little ferret sidekick and host of the spectacular “Thank Greta It’s Friday”.  (Greta/@erikasbuddy)  What?  I can’t plug myself?  Too bad! Muhahahahaha!!
How are you enjoying this beautiful book?  Isn’t it super fab and freaking dope? (check me out. I’m trying to appeal to a younger audience haha)
I’m so excited to be here today to tell you all about the chapters that I read.  Be warned! I speak in typos.  I can’t helps it.  Just ignore em.  I also brought my fabu bestest bestest bud along with me to help me out this week.  Please Welcome ERIKA! (@efisch726/mypetpet)
That’s right my pet!! You can be the sidekick this week muhahahahaha!!!
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I’ve never done anything like this before so Ladies… be gentle with me.  I’m still a VIRGIN when it comes to hosting a book review.
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Please excuse my Pet.  She excites rather easily.
Well I’m a virgin at this I had to hump something to pop our book review!!!
Now we can be newbies instead of virgins…. You know you enjoyed that hump!
So, where we last left off our sensitive little reader boy was off to FIND the MUSIC! Oh my my my my! He’s just has to get out of that school and clear his head and ditch and uhhh… that’s not something I actually condone.  I mean what is this teaching kids?  So, umm yeah….
Don’t even go there Greta.. You DITCHED all the time!! You DITCHER!!
Dude… I heard some freaky ass music.  Can I like borrow your car?
Why hellz no, First you gotta let me hear this freaky ass music.. HA HA HA..I would have to go with you just because thats how we roll!!
Anyways…. Let’s get this week kicked off
Yea let’s kick it already!!
Collision 9-11
Holy Crap! It’s September 11th!!  Dude! Did you notice that?
Woahhhh I wonder what year they did this????? Was I in Kosovo?
What was I talking about?  Oh right! the COLLISION chapter.
Well, like the poster child for proper education, Ethan ditches school to try to calm down and quit freaking out.  Apparently that hand in the clay and the song in his head was really starting to get to him.  He pulls out of the school parking lot and is super duper shocked that he has to turn on his headlights to see in front of him.
Wait a sec.  It’s raining!  Uhh… In the state of Alabama you always have to turn on your headlights when its rainingYea its the law! You’ll get arrested and ticketed and maybe even frisked if you don’t. So, ummm…. hmmmm…. that shouldn’t have been a shocker to him.  Maybe he’s just not old enough to know that.
Dude, thats like common sense now!! They made that the law in the early 90s.. I think
So, it’s dark and creepy out and THE STORM (da da da dramatic music) is moving in.
I counted, as Amma had taught me years ago – one, two, three.  Thunder cracked, which meant the storm wasn’t far off – three miles according to Amma’s calculations.
Now, Boy…. I’m not too sure that’s the most accurate way to figure when a storm’s gonna hit.  My grandma taught me that you’re supposed to look at the leaves. And when they flip upside down that means that the trees is going to catch the water and it’s about to rain.
What the hell … leaves flipping upside down to catch water… uhhhhh dude leaves are not cups! They flip and turn different ways because of the wind, but they don’t stay flipped.  What Amma said was right! Thats how I do it! I count!
And off we go! Let’s get out of the parking lot!
Ethan pulls up to the street light (which apparently are pretty scarce in this town. )
Hey dude… Do they even have a streetlight in Littleville?
ummmmm …..yea at the police station LOL oh and lets not forget the County Line Package Store… They have one too!!! 🙂 Let’s go get beer!! Give me your keys……
So, our Smallville Boy is trying so hard to find a radio station when OMG!!! — The song is B-A-C-K!!  Woah!!
Well, after a tiny little freak out Ethan decides to play all Thelma and Louise and just DRIVE because he needs to get away from that song.
Did you not tell him that he should probably turn the radio off?  That would help quiet it.
No because the UFO above him had a magnetic force field that kept his radio staticy enough that the off button didn’t work!
But where on earth …. or maybe somewhere else …. MUHAHAHAHA!! is this song coming from?  It’s like it’s following him around like Scrappy Doo.  Small and annoying but somehow we’re gonna try to just ignore it.
Driving like a Duck out of hell (hey! IT’s wet and bats don’t fly in the rain) Ethan looses control of his bud’s car and starts spinning round and round and round (you can scream here if you like)AAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWW” until PLOP! the car stops… and these mega green eyes (that he thought was a deer?  Bambie doesn’t have green eyes) are staring back at him from the road.
(BTW… Green eyes, huh?  Hmmm… I’d like to get stuck on the side of the road in the pouring down rain with a nice pair of green eyes. YEAH BABY!!) My hubzz has green eyes!!! HA HA HA
So, the Green Eyed Something is standing in the middle of the road in a downpour doing some crazy Crocodile Dundee move and the car just suddenly STOPS.  (are you on the edge of your seat?!!)
Do you know who it was?!! DON KNOTS!!
NO!! It was Lena Duchannes standing out in the middle of the road in a poncho and uber green glowstick kinda eyes that sooo didn’t look human to Ethan (ZOINKS!)
Now, Lena is soo trying to act like it’s perfectly normal to be out there.  Wait…. so she ditched school, too?  And she’s telling our Boy to quit trying to run her over, her uncle’s creepy car broke down, and to chillax about those moon marks on her arm cuz her dog likes to gnaw on her, and to just leave her alone.
Ethan isn’t too cool with it all cuz he WANTS Lena to admit that she knows about the dream and the song and the fact that those two met in their sleep.
Lena’s not having any of it.  Maybe she thinks this is Ethan’s way of flirting… or maybe she knows. Dude… know she knows!!! Its soo obvious, we just have to keep pretending …If she knows then she’s soo not admitting it and decides that she’s just going to go home. Hello duh..She’s running away from the truth!!! Ethan has a hiss hiss (remind you of anyone?) LOL and insists that he’ll take her back to her uncle’s house.  Lena figures that he’ll kill her with his mega insane driving skills and that maybe walking in an open area with lightening flashing all over the place has to be safer than hitching a ride back with The Duke of Hazzard.  Ethan promises to be super safe and convinces her to get in the car.
They get in the car and well…. you know…. guys dig wet t-shirts and long wet hairEthan kinda oogles her.
Her black T-shirt and jeans clung to her like she’d fallen in a swimming pool.  Her gray vest dripped a steady stream of water onto the pleather seats.
Well, being the smooth operator that he is, Ethan gets Lena to take off that pesky …. vest?… I can only figure it was a vest. Dude it was her Poncho!! Dork!! You even just wrote that! HA HA HA AWESOME!! He wants her…He says
You should probably take that off.  It’ll only make you colder.
So, I’m going to assume its the vest “PONCHO” because I can’t imagine the authors trying to get an under-aged girl, sopping wet in a car with a boy, out of her shirt in the first 46 pages.LMAO For REAL!!! NOW… If I were to have wrote it lol!
And while Lena is making herself a bit more comfortable Ethan decides to TURN ON THE HEAT.  Ok Ladies… they are in a car…. In the front seat, no doubt,  and Lena is COLD and Ethan is not… and he’s all like “Hey, I felt some mighty fine electricity running through my bod when I touched you.  I’m gonna warm you with my heater.”
What were you thinking of? Did you see it too?!!  (yeah… I’m hopeless!!) It’s such sweet Hotness!!!! I love it!
While on their way to The Haunted Mansion .. *cough cough… I mean Ravenwood Manor (even that sounds like a haunted mansion name.  Like maybe some ghost named Casper should be living out there), Ethan notices the numbers written on Lena’s hands.  He decides not to ask her about that because he was just being you know.. eyeing her… so instead he decides to ask Lena why she’s in Gaitlin.  Lena tells him that she’s lived in different places her whole life and now she lives here.  SO then!! Ethan learns that her parents are DOT DOT DOT DOT Dead!!  (ok! I squeed!!  Is that wrong?  She’s an orphan and needs a shaggy boy to… wait… shaggy boy… I’ve been making all these Scooby Doo references and I just realized we have a shaggy boy! OMG! So, like LENA could be Velma and…. I’m rambling aren’t I?  … anyways… I thought that was cute.  Plus, since Ethan doesn’t have a mom they have something to bond over) BONDAGE….Its gonna happen!!
Now… who is kinda thinking that Lena is in charge of all that rain?
“Looks like the lightening’s gone.”
“I’m sure there’s more where that came from.”
“Maybe.  But not tonight.”
She looked at me, almost curiously.  “No.  I think we’re done for tonight.”  Her eyes looked different.  They had faded back to a less shade of green, and they were smaller somehow — not small, but more normal looking.”
Damn.. Lets crack that glowstick again!!
I mean uhhh….. her eyes?  I mean… think about it!! Doesn’t Storm’s eyes on X-men change colors when she controls the weather?  Well, that’s what I think.
Lena is finally home and they do the shuffle the feet and look at the sky kinda “Ok… (i love you)…. it was nice seeing you (i dream of you)…. thanks for the ride (i have a secret)…. see you aound … (after i go to sleep)” goodbyes.
Lena goes into the house but before she gets to the door, Ethan tells her about how Mrs. English has a bum eye and how Lena might want to move so she doesn’t have to talk to her in class.  Lena just smiles a sexy little “hey this will make a great ending *wink wink” and tells the boy that she’s cool with it.
Ethan pulls out of Ravenwood to go home, but before he does, there on the passenger seat is a little silver button. Can you say awwws?  I was so thinking GLASS SLIPPER (you thought that I was going to referr to another movie weren’t ya? haha!)
Before I let my pet tackle the next chappy, I’d like to take this time to let you girlies in on a little secret.  I had my son read Beautiful Creatures up unitl the end of this chappy.  I even had him write his thoughts about this chappy down for us to see just how a 12 year old boy thinks when it comes to fangirl swoon.  My son is normally only a fan to Harry Potter and Captain Underpants.  This is what he thought:
Broken Glass 9.12
Ok Dude… You tackle this chappy
So my views go here??
yeah, they go here.
Awesome…So we begin with Ethan waking up from an awesome sleep, but he was sad because he didn’t have that dream again? He misses it already! He even checks his hands for dirt in his nails and looks around for dirt in his bed, but everything was peachy.. He was clean. Ewww!!! He checked his hand?  Dude! So, we have a 16 year old boy sitting in bed looking at his hand and uhhhh…. That’s a little TMI
He checks his iPod for the moon music..but it was not on there..
Link picks Ethan up and Ethan apologizes for leaving his car soaked and smelling gross. So Link continues by telling Ethan he’s crazy and peeps are thinking he’s acting all weird.
Ethan soooo wants to tell Link and spills that he has seen Lena and tells Link the whole story!! Link was freaking out and couldn’t believe that Ethan drove Lena home and asked if him if he saw “Him”.. They can’t stand to say Old Man Ravenwood’s name!!! Ethan was all like ” No , man I didn’t see him..”
They get to school and Ethan goes to English class. He has all these thoughts running through his head about Lena and her necklace, her shoes, the clothes she’s wearing, Everything a guy must think of that turns them on… yeah baby! He was thinking about her in that wet t-shirt back when she was in Link’s car.  I bet it was an uber turn on fantasy thing – while all these thoughts go through his head She bumps into him and they touch and holy cow SPARKS flew!!  The lights above them actually shorted out..weird!! Talk about the energy going through them.
So after the blushing and OMG’s..Lena sits back in her spot, in front of the teacher. The teacher with the bum eye as Greta mentions previously. haha! You sited me. That’s awesome! So crazy Ethan was like “I’m gonna sit by my woman”… and sits right next to her!! Everyone in the class was gasping!! GASP GASP ! Like ‘I can’t believe he is going to sit in front of crazy teacher and right next to crazy girl’, but instead of complaining they all go and join Ethan  up at the front of the class too (One of the chicks name was Emily and another was named Eden). They didn’t want Ethan to be lonely…AWWWW how sweet!!! Dude..He’s like sooo not into them! I knows!! He’s all like… Go away you non Lena-chicks… I’m trying to Woo my Woman.  You two are so cramping my style and getting in the way of these smooth moves I’m trying to like woo her with.  Scat! So all these chicks are like “This class is such a bore Blah blah blah…did you read the chapter of this boring book” They were all being like..THIS IS MY PREY.. He’s mine… Not yours… without really saying it. Making sure that Lena gets their attention. Lena was like “whatever” basically and got her notebook out and started writing in it.  Emily notices this and starts texting with her phone.. She’s tweeting it
The teacher continues on with her “To Kill A Mockingbird” book lesson (FYI! Erika has never read this book. She’s a loser Girl that made me read it for her then she copied my test back in like 12th grade) and start talking about Small town settings and racism…. This makes these girls Eden, Emily and others start mouthing off about Lena. Ethan just sits there in amazement and doesn’t say a word but talks in his head and Lena responds back to his thoughts …And responds back in his head  where Ethan doesn’t realize and blabs out ..out loud. So he is sitting in class laughing at the voices’ response in his head .  Ethan notices Lena write numbers on her hand “151” and wonders why she did that… It was code for -YOU DORK!
So the  girls continue ragging on Lena the further along the teachers talks and discuss about characters from the book discussion…Ethan is hearing these sharp noises of “SHUT UP” in his head over and over..She’s trying to clear her head of the blabbity girls. Lena finally gets up out of her chair and towards the pencil sharpener by the window to try to escape the girls comments that are continuously making her mad… Ethan starts hearing “STOP IT” “STOP IT” over and over again and louder each time…. Then finally “ENOUGH!” was shouted so loud in his head..Glass from the window just shattered all over the place. Everyone in the class is screaming… Crash! Ahhhhh!! scream scream!
Ethan looks up to see if Lena is ok cause he’s sensitive like that and notices her just standing very still and pale. In his head he hears her say “I didn’t mean it” and Lena storms out of the classroom… Now all the chicks in the class all think that Lena hit the window and broke it and was blaming her for the window.. They were like She was trying to kill us BLAH BLAH…teachers calms the class down and the weather outside started getting BAD!!! muhahahaha!! Here comes the STORM!
Greenbrier 9.12
Greta: so you ready to start this?
Erika: ummmm yea sure
Greta: ok uhhh… so… u start
Erika: uhhh so is this a test?
Greta: hells yeah… stand up in front of the class and tell me your opinion on how the story was like told
Erika: So basically we will start with Ethan running down the hall…Chasing after his woman!!
Erika: This is not his first time seeing people up and run out of school apparently!!!
Greta: I knows! And people are cool with this? Where the hells is the assistant principal and his paddle? OMG! We couldn’t do that!  And he just passes by the bio lab and gives Link “THE LOOK” that dudes must like knows and just totally scores his keys… again!!
Erika: I have actually never seen anyone write LOSER on peeps lockers either… MAYBE there Forehead!! With there thumb and finger!! Shaped like an L!!
Greta: I guess those students are more creative.  They must have glitter and glue and markers and stuff
Erika: OMG I know..its like he runs down the hall and Link was like in AUTO mode and just threw his keys at Ethan!! I was like…UHHHHH HMMMM
Greta: It must be a secret guy code for “hey my woman needs this”
Greta: So our little boy goes running after his woman and winds up at her spooky uncle’s house cus he just KNOWS that shes gonna be there
Greta: and he knock knock knocks on the door but nobody is home

Greta: then he starts messing with these moon things in the wood and pushes on em and BOOM the door opens
Erika: So image this…in the car and the clouds and darkness seems to be back
Greta: are you trying to be deep? LOL
Erika: of course!!
Erika: but also you mention the door!!! ummm who would just go and start pushing on things
Erika: Then OMG that black wolf or dog pet!!
Erika: Staring at him
Erika: but he also notices like the stairs and the furniture was like BRAND new! like the IKEA truck just dropped a truck load!!
Greta: HAHA!! Ikea!! I was thinking ETHAN ALLEN but Ikea is cooler. That reminds me… we so need to go to one and go all 500 Days of Summer out in that store
Erika: EXACTLY!! We will when your Ass gets here
Greta: So then he’s like “oh noes the bow wow is gonna eat me” and runs like crazy down this path thing that’s like out in the front yard or something and winds up at this crumbly wall thing
Erika: yea…the wall just seemed to come from nowhere and he totally hears her talking to him and SMellls her deliciousness of lemons and rosemary!! and
Greta: I know this other story about this dude that likes to SMELL this chick… but she doesn’t smell like lemons… she smells like strawberries
Erika: so he untwines his way into the garden like thing that had the Lemon trees and vines of Rosemary
Greta: I know… coincidence? I think not muhahahahaha
Erika: and sits next to her
Greta: I think that’s like foreshadowing or something… right?
Greta: And she’s all like … Go away
Erika: yea go away what are you doing here
Greta: And he’s all like “I was uber worried about you. You ok?”
Erika: Why did you follow me….nobody likes me…nobody wants me BOOOHOOO SOB STORY
Greta: I knows!!! And he’s all like “hey baby! I think we dig each other and I want to dig you and you know you’re my dream girl. Just admit it”
Erika: yea so then he really starts to dig with his hand and woah a locket appears
Greta: No way dude!! Your skipping ahead…. What about the whirly cloud… she’s like fluttering her hand around trying to be all artist emo and this cloudy cloud is like spinning with her hand and then it ends up in the shape of a moon then like an etch-a-sketch she waves it away
Erika: oh yea!!! That was way AWESOME!!! she made it swirl and then it had a circle in it and the she like wiped it away!!!
Greta: I was kinda jealous… I wish that I could do that. I want to be able to control nature.
Erika: yea me too!! reminds me of some commercial!!
Erika: with coffee or tea!! with the steam…… BLANK
Erika: it made a heart!!
Greta: So THEN… Ethan’s all like I wanna touch you or something… I think he wants to touch her… so he like grabs onto that rock thing that they happen to be lying on and he touches this hard thing and he’s all like “hey, whats this” and he touches Lena and BOOM they’re in the land of the civil war
Erika: yea and they could smell smoke
Erika: and everything around them was up in flames
Erika: all the surrounding plantations
Erika: everything was burning and even these lemon trees…
Greta: And there’s this chick named Genevieve watching her mom’s lemon trees (gasp) burn down
Greta: I had to figure out how to spell it

Erika: lol lets call her Gene!
Greta: So, G’s mamma was the one who grew the trees. She uber loved them and her Daddy bought her 2 trees over in Ga and she planted them in Sc
Erika: the yea like from Savannah?
Greta: She had like a green thumb so her Daddy bought her 28 more trees and the neighbor chicks were jealous and wanted their own trees but they couldn’t make them grow because they didn’t have the lemon skills that her mamma had
Greta: yeah I think Savannah
Erika: yea funny how all the neighbor chicks couldn’t get their lemon trees to grow!!! but Gene got hers to grow! but she took really good care of them by covering them up with cotton blankets and shit like that!
Erika: She kissed her trees and hugged them everyday!!
Greta: tree hugging hippy
Erika: they were her babies
Greta: she petted them daily
Erika: but what about the rosemary vines?
Greta: oh yeah… were they there?
Greta: They were there before they went to the land of oz

Erika: I don’t think they mention it…
Greta: I don’t either… they mention it when Ethan is trying to get to his woman in the real world
Erika: see these rosemary vines so make me think that they are like Ivy Vines…
Greta: there were ivy vines on the Ravenwood house
Erika: yea like my moms house!!!
Erika: AWESOME!! My mom loved them dang vines!!
Erika: ok so yea matrix shit is going on now!! and then when its done…they check out the locket even better, and find out OMG that’s my birthday!!
Erika: Lena’s B day
Erika: feb 11th?

Greta: 2-11-1865
Greta: OH OH OH!! And Ethan’s initials

Erika: LMAO
Erika: Partial
Greta: ECW & GKD
Erika: Ethan is ELW
Erika: so they both think this is weird.. I see it as a quinkydink

Greta: And Ethan’s like “HEY” Let’s touch that locket again… I wanna see if we go back
Erika: yea and it didnt work!! BUMMER
Erika: So then Lena was like I gotta go
Greta: Yeah… and she’s like DON’T FOLLOW ME
Erika: and Ethan was like no don’t go…Puts hand on shoulder!!!
Erika: You strong FRAGILE GIRL
Erika: and OMG the numbers on her hand!!!!! 151….She spilled it to him!! because he sooo wanted to know what the numbers meant
Erika: its the days left till her birthday!!!!

Greta: So, yeah…. she soo wanted ETHAN to know what the numbers meant… Do you think she was hinting for a gifty?
Erika: ummm maybe a special party to feel uber special!
Greta: that was her secret code for “hey baby… I’m gonna play hard to get and you’re gonna want me later. Well, you already want me now but I’m gonna play mysterious stranger and then you’ll want me even more”
Greta: I think Lena wants him… she just doesn’t want to admit it….. OUT LOUD… say it hahaha!! say it!!!

Erika: So …hey baby you hear me talking to ya in your head…. i know you want me!!
Greta: I know… what was that all about… they were like having conversations inside their brainz… and no one is freakin?  I’d be a little freakin
Erika: its freaky to know this because even the song…he comes near her and the music plays??….or I can’t find my your music so I can find you!! its called Hide and go seek music action!
Greta: lmfao!!!!!
Greta: that’s her GPS

Erika: yea…don’t need numbers for that!! just some tunes
Greta: she’s got a musical one.. or that’s like the  jingle bell u put on ur cats collar
Erika: is she turning the music box behind his ass to make him think its in his head! that’s a good way to fuck with a guy!!!
Erika: oops I said FUCK
Erika: can I say that
Greta: LMAO!!! I just spit on my lapy
Greta: I think you can say FUCK
Greta: So let’s wrap this SHIT up
Greta: so, Lena reminds the boy that she turns 16 in 151 days and that she’s no good for him and he’s all like yeah you are and she’s all like “baby I’m Deep
Greta: and then leaves
Greta: and ethan is standing there in that garden thing

Erika: Yea she has way to much DRAMA and says BACK OFF
Greta: we should probably somewhere mention that they were at Greenbrier not Ravenwood when they found that locket… that’s probably important
Erika: oh yea!! So they were at Greenbrier when they found the locket!!
Greta: yeah you dork hahaha! u knew that
Greta: pay attention smack smack

Erika: Smackings are awesome
Greta: i know I enjoy smacking you
Erika: ok so It ended with a “stay away from me”…..but this made him wanting more of her
Erika: THE END
Erika: lol
Erika: I love this abuse from Greta!!
The Sisters 9.12
My my my my! When will Ethan learn? You can’t keep secrets in a small town. Of course Amma found out that Ethan ditched school… again!! And she has to hear all the juicy gossip from her sworn enemies from the prissy prisses of the DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) and Link’s Mom.Wow such nosey people… dang cant keep secrets..How the heck did we not get caught on all our sneekin secrets  we did around my neighborhood!!! HA HA!! I even had a guy jump out of my 2nd story bedroom window, with holly bushes on the ground!!! We kicked ASS Greta!!

Ethan figures he probably shouldn’t tell Amma the truth because that might just send him to the loony bin so instead he talks about how the preppies were picking on Lena and how it was a good little boy thing to do to defend her. WUSSY

Amma’s not buying any of it and wants to smackity smack the boy. Smack Smack Smack!!!

Ethan goes into how he just wanted to make sure that everything was coolsville with Lena after the window busted and then he shows her the locket that they found and Amma nearly has a cow. Dude She had more than a cow!! She had a Longhorn! She runs around and grabs some goodies (all the while Ethan is following her when he should be in the kitchen) and makes him wrap the locket up in a handkerchief, drops it into a leather pouch, sprinkles in some black powder (I really want to know what the powder was!) (I honestly think it was charcoal to absorb all the bad things), then binds it all up with some twine. Then Amma tells Ethan he can’t play with Lena anymore and to go bury that locket in the ground from where he found it.

Any girlies know what Amma is telling Ethan to do? I know… but I don’t want to wreck it for ya 😉 So, I’m gonna keep my yapper shut!! I smell a mystery a brewing!!

IT’s a Witchery conspiracy!!

Instead of following Amma’s directions, Ethan decides that to keep the locket and just drives around for a while until he figures the coast is clear and he could go back inside.

The next morning, Ethan wakes up and snags the locket out of the shoebox where he had cleverly hidden the mystery locket and has to go visit with his crazy (Ethan’s word not mine) great-aunts – Mercy, Prudence, and Grace – also known as The Sisters.

Now, to me, the SISTERS reminded me of the SISTERS in “The Secret Life of Bees”. They all have names that mean stuff (In the BEES their names were months), they all live together, and each one has a distinctive personality.You know why????…because its a southern thang!!

Ethan gets to The Sisters’ house after having to bypass one of Amma’s hoodoo (that’s right kids! I’m getting a sinking sensation that Amma might be into Hoodoo. I’m not 100% but it really kinda sorta feels that way) charms and finds out that there is an E-mergency. Apparently, their Yorkie got a good couple of whacks (Damn Animal Abuse Case!!) in from Grace because she wasn’t wearing her specs and must have mistook the poor puppy duppy as a rather large dust bunny. Well, if you know anything about old southern women it’s that they really lovers to over exaggerate every little thing. So, the Sisters are a hootin’ and a hollerin’ that their doggy is about to go to Heaven when in reality the poor thing just broke its leg.

The gang gets back from the dude that runs the local feed store (who posed as their vet since it was just a bum leg) and The Sister’s housekeeper, Thelma is there. Thelma is pretty much their babysitter who Ethan’s dad hired back one day when Grace almost burned the house down. The Sisters race in to spread the gossip about today’s adventure and Ethan is uber bored with it all and starts to fiddle with the locket in his pocket. Thelma is all pretty pretty shiny shiny with it and so Ethan tells her where he found it at. Oh dear TACO BELL DOG!! Are you mad boy?!

The Sisters notice that the handkerchief that the locket is wrapped up in bears the same sign as an old tarot card reader with the same last name as AMMA’s. (GASP!)

The aunts pass the locket around and Ethan finds out that the date on the back of the locket isn’t just Lena’s birthday but is also the exact same date that the Union burnt most of the town…. the part that survived was Ravenwood. (gasp gasp gasp!!) Yea of all places..

That’s when we learn that funny things happen out at that Ravenwood house…. A man in a tall hat walks around from time to time, a brother winds up missing, a wolf has been seen there. WOLF? Like the same wolf that Ethan saw? Maybe maybe!! Yea exactly!! Freaky Freaky

Ethan also learns that -dot dot dot – the set of initials -ECW- stand for Ethan’s Great x5 uncle – Ethan Carter Wate. Come on you type all those greats!! Great Great Great Great Great!!! No.  Shut-up dude! You keep interrupting me.  ANYWAYS…..

I was Shocked! This just happens to be an uncle whose had his name taken off the family tree (in my household it would have been the Bible) all because he decided War! What is it good for? And stopped fighting for his southern brothers. I am singing…”WAR..What is it good for..Absolutely Nothing!”

Ethan asks about the other set of initials -GDK- but the Sisters weren’t really giving Ethan the information that he’s hunting for. “I won’t tell you my dirty little secrets”!!! I changed the song for ya…

Since its Saturday night that means that Ethan needs to drive the Sisters to Church. ON A Saturday Night???………..

Are any of you from the south? Nope..Well YES.. Ok I am Well, let me tell ya. Peoples down here go to Church A LOT! That is NOT an exaggeration! From where I’m from half the town rolls up their doors at noon on Wednesdays because that’s a church night. Even the Post Office closes! Yes it does so if you got shit to buy that better do it early!! Or else your screwed..Unless of course you have a big ass Wal-Mart

While Ethan is listening to the sermon and the room is Thanking the Baby Jesus, Ethan starts zoning out and flipping the locket mindlessly between his fingers between his legs HA HA HA. That’s when he hears her. Hears who? — LENA!

Ethan. Stop. You Don’t know what you’re doing.
Lena was in my head.
Put it away!
The room started to disappear around me and I could feel Lena’s fingers grasping mine, as she was there beside me —

Turns out they’re staring at the past. Is it real? Could it possibly be the story that the Sisters just shared with Ethan?

Genevieve is watching Greenbrier burn to the ground. while those Yankee dogs are just looting the house when all of the sudden… OH HALE YES! — Ethan comes up behind Genevieve and whipsers into her ear all smooth talking gentleman-like. (Can you say confederate swoon ala swoon!!??!!) SWOON ME BABY

They have an uber intense swoon swoon moment full of hand descriptions and longing stares and “Darlin’ I missed you.” Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!! I’ll never leave you again… I will just leave my soldiers behind because I am a coward!!

Then Genevieve’s heart is broken and she pretty much has a Scarlett O’Hara moment when she learns that her family has been eaten alive by the flames that was taking over Greenbrier. There’s nothing to go home to….. but Ethan’s there. — both of them AWWWW SWOONDIGITY SWOOOONDOUBT………..
Hmmmm… I think we’re done my pet.  That’s our post.  It was awesome that you stopped by and helped me with it.  Now go home and start reading up for next week.
Discussion Questions
1.  Now that you’ve seen mine and Fragile’s Lena who is yours?  (BTW our Lena is played by Emily Browing)
2. Did the town that you grew up in have any haunted houses and or places?  The town that my Pet and I grew up in had a haunted bridge.
3. Are we starting to see the supernatural turn in the story? Or is it just me?
4. Where do you think Genevieve’s story is going? Do you get a feeling that it might be more than a dream?
5. Why do you think the locket frightened Amma?
Thanks for stopping by!  Remember to come back on Thursday to see the awesome recap!
FYI – All pics were taken from mine and Erika’s hometown of Russellville, Alabama.

~ by erikasbuddy on 31 January 2010.

28 Responses to “Beautiful Creatures Discussion – Week 2”

  1. Greta – have I told you lately that I f’n love you? ‘Cause, if I haven’t, I need to after reading THIS:

    “Lena is finally home and they do the shuffle the feet and look at the sky kinda “Ok… (i love you)…. it was nice seeing you (i dream of you)…. thanks for the ride (i have a secret)…. see you aound … (after i go to sleep)” goodbyes.”

    Erika – welcome to the blog!! You did a most awesome job – see it isn’t that scary, is it? 😉

    Okity dokity, it’s my turn to answer questions *happy dance*

    2. Did the town that you grew up in have any haunted houses and or places?

    I grew up in Huntsville (AL), and most of the ghost stories had to do with the cemetery up the street from my house. The cemetery has graves from the earliest days of the city, and includes a section of graves of unknown Confederate soldiers. There’s also a playground next to it people call Dead Children’s Playground where ghost children swing on the swings at night.

    3. Are we starting to see the supernatural turn in the story? Or is it just me?

    Yes, it’s just you…no, not really. I also loved Lena’s control over the elements, and I squee-ed LOUDLY when they started talking to each other in their heads. To have that kind of secret communication must be pretty cool…except if DH and I had it, I’d have to listen to him talk about Microsoft Small Business Server all day long 😉

    4. Where do you think Genevieve’s story is going? Do you get a feeling that it might be more than a dream?

    I expected that the Genevieve and Uncle EthanX5 visions would give Ethan and Lena information they’ll need later. Either that or just more proof that they’re DESTINED for each other. Yeah, Lena, you heard me…DESTINED.

    5. Why do you think the locket frightened Amma?

    Because (a) it clashed with Ethan’s outfit or (b) she knows more than she’s letting on. I have a feeling she knows A LOT more than she’s letting on. And, while I appreciate that Amma keeps our hero in fried chicken and mashed potatoes, she better quit getting between Ethan and Lena…’cause they’re DESTINED to be together.

    P.S. Your boy’s review totally rocked…and totally sounded like DH talking about Twilight. “I don’t get it. It’s just weird.” 😉

    P.P.S. Do bats really not fly in the rain? <— asks the city girl

    • LOL! I don’t think THE BOY was too pleased with his chore… BUT! We were in BooksAmillion the other day and he pointed out the book. I asked him if the girleys at school were reading it but he said he didn’t think so…. but then again I think this is more of an ‘above 12 year old’ book. I really want to get my neighbor girl’s opinion on it. She’s 12 too.

  2. Hey girls, thanks for this Recap – actually I never read a recap like this but it was fun! So thanks for all your work!
    Let’s go ahead with your questions!

    1.) Lena: well Vanessa Hudgens who is extremely gorgeous, but unfortunately she hasn’t green eyes… Or Malese Jow who looks super sweet in Vampire Diaries with her curled hair!

    3. Sure thing, the story starts to be more supernatural. It’s kinda slow but I like it that way. In this way you won’t have to jump into everything But this is the good thing in having a book written in Ethans POV, we learn the same things he learns or discovers. I especially loved the scene on the road with the thunder and Lena standing in the middle of the road and with her glowing green eyes. This mood in this scene was awesome and made me shiver!
    The Broken Window also made me think that there is so much more about Lena!
    Pleasse forgive me the comparison to Harry Potter, but this reminded me so much on the beginning of HP where things just happened just because he was angry! Totally Sweetness was when Lena made this things with the clouds!
    Well not to mention this head-talking… Actually I think Ethan should be a bit more freaked to, I mean I would and he still has no clue what’s up wit Lena and why the heck they are so connected!

    4. Ohh sure she will be an super important part. Somehow her story seems connect to our lovers and they and we have to figure out why and how! It seems definitely more than a dream because you can’t smell in a dream right?

    5. Amarie is frightened and not just normally scared it seems like more. Why? Dunno, but sure as hell she knows much more than she is willing to tell her little boy. At this part I started thinking that she might be more than an old woman who ones in a while reads card. There is more about her, much more!

    • yeah, i guess you can’t smell in a dream. That whole Lemons and Rosemarry is driving me nuts! there has to be more to that but I just haven’t figured it out yet.

    • for vanessa great solution contacts., really you havent thought about that she’s perfect and with contacts she’s more than perfect!!!!!

  3. I wanted to add something as I love the book, but I think you covered it all. All I can do is laugh. You ladies crack me up. I love the book. I read it in one setting, damn it!! I always do that and then suffer from lack of reading material.

    I will be following you!!

  4. This discussion was for of WIN!! You gals are hilarious! 🙂
    Now for the good stuff:
    1. First of all I love your choice for Lena! I don’t really have a certain person in mind because I’m not all that uppity up on younger actors these days.
    2. My town has a so called haunted house. All of the towns so called “crazy” people live in a huge Victorian house right on Main Street. The real crazy thing about it is every Halloween the “crazy” peeps all dress up to scare the living sh*t out of ya. And oh does it ever work! *shudders*
    3. I think we are SO seeing a supernatural turn to the story. We’ve got the weather and lights going crazy because of Lena, the strange vision/dream? of the past and then Ethan hearing Lena in his head. Even though it’s a little freaky about the silent communication it adds another great twist to the story! How are they able to communicate this way? Will it become stronger the closer they become or fade away? I’m excited to learn but only time will tell.
    4. I feel Genevieve’s story could go in a number of directions. We are just learning about her and the past. But we also are learning more each time the locket is used. I do feel Genevieve’s dream will reveal more to Ethan and Lena as the story continues. It seems to be connected to both Ethan and Lena and could impact their future. Someone is trying to tell them something but what could it be? *ponders*
    5. Oh Amma! She was frightened because she knows a heck of a lot more than she is willing to tell Ethan at this point. I’ve got a feeling Amma does more than just read cards and have dinner waiting on the table. She is most definitely in the “know” crowd but keeping things to herself. I think she’s going to have a bigger part as the story continues.
    P.S. I’m now going to be signing this for the rest of the evening: “WAR…What is it good for? Absolutely Nothing!” hahaha 🙂

  5. 1. Now that you’ve seen mine and Fragile’s Lena who is yours? Mine is totally Christina Ricci – from her 16 year old days….yes I’m old and not relevent. Deal. LOL

    2. Did the town that you grew up in have any haunted houses and or places? The town that my Pet and I grew up in had a haunted bridge.

    Being an airforce brat I don’t have a hometown…But yes, there was always that weird lady who lived down the road, or even an abandoned fort-like thing out, near a ranch with a crazy guy who would supposedly would shoot you if you came too close.

    3. Are we starting to see the supernatural turn in the story? Or is it just me?

    Yes, I was highly suspicious of this rain storm and then the glass thing – total HP moment as well.

    4. Where do you think Genevieve’s story is going? Do you get a feeling that it might be more than a dream?

    Oh yeah – For sure…I loved the ‘flashback’ or vision or whatever it was. Especially how they felt when they came out of it, feeling the fire, etc..

    5. Why do you think the locket frightened Amma?

    Ethan spoke of her charms and things, so to me, she knew that it wasn’t just an old piece of jewelry. Her reaction actually piqued my interest the most, that something HAD to be going on that was crazy, if she had freaked out so much about a tiny little thing like a locket.

    Way to go guys!!! What a fun post – and your pictures are truly hilarious!!!!

  6. LMAO this post was hilarious..

  7. 1. My Lena is kind of Christina Ricci but with big green eyes and minus the huge forhead.

    2. My town did not have really have a haunted house but we did have this old man recluse in our neighborhood that we were all afraid of. He never came outside, but if you stepped foot on his grass he would start banging on the window and we would all run screaming. Its like he just sat in his window all day waiting for someone to come along. He was creepy. We would dare each other on Halloween to go ring his bell. But he never answered.

    3. Story definitley starting to take a supernatural turn. You are not sure what it is yet, but you can just feel it.

    4. I have read ahead so I know where the Greenbrier thing is going so I wont comment on this one.

    5. I would say Amma knows who the locket belonged too. And whoever that is must frighten her. Especially since she is so into supernatural stuff and clearly knows more than she is letting.

    • OH! I never thought about AMMA knowing the OWNER of the locket! I just thought maybe she felt some bad voodoo on that thing. I bet you’re right

  8. First great recap! Very entertaining!! I am so happy to be apart of this! I love reading and sharing with all of you is so fun!!

    On to the questions:

    1. I don’t usually picture celebrities when I read, so I had a specific made up person in mind when I read about Lena so I couldn’t find exactly what I pictured Lena as, but Kristin Kreuk came close, you know the smallville actress?

    Lena With her hair all wet from standing in the rain:

    Lean laying in the secret lemon & rosemary garden:–smallville-134969_1600_1200.jpg

    Lena’s green eyes:

    Lena tempting Ethan in her underwear×300.jpg Does that happen?! I like to think it does somewhere in the story…

    Another shot of Lena:

    As you can see, I spent an obsene amount of time looking for pictures of what I think Lena looks like. On to the next question…

    2. Yes there was the really creepy house that was abondoned (still is) and falling apart, had the peeling paint, dilapidated front porch and creepy looking windows. We used to walk past it all the time when I was little never getting up enough courage to actually go in it…I still think it may be haunted! I mean why else has no one lived in it for ages? there is also the famous Cry Baby Bridge near my town and while I never heard the baby crying, we did park on it once and our car just turned off and would not start for quite a scary ass while! Oh the good old days!

    3. Oh yes the story is definitely taking a supernatural turn! And it is getting really exciting! 🙂

    4. I think the whole Genevieve thing is definitely a vision of their ancestors pasts! Maybe Ethan & Lena are supposed to be their ancestors reincarnated? Or maybe they are supposed to fulfil whatever love/life their ancestors didn’t get to, or maybe their ancestors want them to figure something out for them or maybe I am way off and will laugh at myself later!

    5. I think Amma knows what the locket is and who it belonged to. I think she may know quite alot about the people inscribed on it and it scares her (obviously) and she does not want to tell Ethan about it. She may have even experienced something like what Lena and Ethan are experiencing right now. Time will tell…

  9. Since I pretty much already answered most of the questions with my my bud Greta.. I will just post my Lena Choosing!!!!! I have chosen Darlene Conner from Roseanne …Actually her real name is Sara Gilbert.. She was sooo evil awesome in the Roseanne show! I loved her!! So here is her Linky link to check her out and all her hotness…..

  10. First, hats off to Greta and Erika. This is one of the funniest posts! All those pics of small town life make me remember my hometown, and how I never want to go back. Okay, maybe just for a pizza or two or three. 😉

    1.All throughout this book I’ve only had one person in mind for Lena. My Lena is Amanda Crew. The last movie that she was in was Sex Drive: The Movie. I’ve posted a picture of her to my photobucket account so everyone can see her.

    2.Our small town had some houses that were rumored to be haunted. Most of them were just abandoned and rotting or not cared for and rotting. About 15 minutes away was a cemetery that was supposedly haunted by “The Lantern Lady.” Don’t really know if it really is haunted or not, but it is super creepy in the dark.

    3.I’m really wishing that I read this book 4 chapters at a time so I could better answer these questions. Instead I read it in 3 days, plowing ahead. I don’t really remember if I could see a supernatural turn to the story or if it was more of a “Wham, holy hell where did that supernatural thing come from” kind of thing. The telepathy was one of those moments for me. Like Fragile, I really love that Lena’s emotions cause the weather to change. If anyone asked me if I had a grey cloud hanging over my head, I’d make it thunderstorm on their head. Hah, payback’s a bitch, isn’t it? I am surprised that Ethan is taking all of these weird happenings in stride, like it’s all normal for him. He definitely keeps very calm about everything.

    4.Again, I read the whole book so I totally know where Genevieve’s story is going. Since these lifelike flashbacks that Ethan and Lena are experiencing seem to be happening in a sequential time span, you can tell that they are reliving Genevieve’s life.

    5.I think that Amma is frightened of the locket because she knows that Ethan
    and Lena found it in the ruins of Greenbriar. Since she is mystical herself, Amma seems to be able to sense when something has magical powers or is cursed.

    Great job ladies! Holy crap, I better start working on my post. It’s coming up very quickly!

  11. 1. Lena – When I was trying to picture Lena, I kept coming back to Morena Bacharrin, the way she looked when she was on Serenity. I think the wavy dark hair that’s so prominent in Lena’s physical description is why I think of her, even though she’s really too old. I clearly don’t know enough current teenage actors and actresses!

    2. Haunted Places – There were a couple. One was about one of the junior highs, which was built where an old orphanage had been that had burned down some years before. Supposedly some children died in the fire and you could hear their screams if you stood out by the tennis courts late at night. Another was a twist on the classic prom night ghost. We had a dam that created a small lake in our county, and supposedly a high school girl who was pregnant jumped from the top of the dam on prom night, and her ghost could be seen walking along it. The last one was probably a natural phenomenon, although there were several ghost stories attached to it, and I actually have seen it. There’s an overlook up in the mountains, and on clear nights, you can see colored balls of light rising up out of the gorge below.

    3. Supernatural turns? A haunted house furnished by Rooms to Go? Definitely moving into the surreal! J/k No, the supernatural elements are definitely getting stronger as Lena and Ethan have more contact. Lena and Ethan’s hallway meeting with sparks followed by the shattered window in the classroom almost had a Carrie vibe, and their newfound way of communicating definitely pings the out of the normal. Add on the technicolor dreams, flashbacks, whatever it is that Lena and Ethan experience through the locket, and boring old Gatlin is starting to look like there’s a lot more below the surface.

    4. Genevieve – Definitely more than a dream. Especially after the revelation that Civil War Ethan who’s in love with Genevieve is our Ethan’s ancestor, and that Lena’s birthday is on the locket, my first thought was that they’re somehow reincarnated versions of Genevieve and Ethan, and are going to relive some event – maybe related to Ethan’s dream where he tries to catch Lena as she falls.

    5. The locket – There seems to be a whole lot more to Amma than we know. She clearly knows something about Genevieve and Civil War Ethan for that locket to get her so riled, and her warning Ethan to stay away from Lena and Ravenwood doesn’t seem to have the same motivation that the others in Gatlin might – she seems to have some basis for her warning, rather than the snap judgment of the others, although it’s not clear what that is. The comment she made to him – “You’re not ready,” stuck with me – what’s Ethan not ready for? And how long until we find out?!

    I loved the way Ethan’s interaction with Lena, and the flashbacks, and these hints of the extraordinary are balanced with the very ordinary of the rest of his life – the three sisters who he visits with, and hauls around, and takes to church, like a good Southern boy does for his elders. It’s a nice contrast and really heightens how strange this Lena Duchannes is in his life.

  12. Great recap guys!!!! Very funny. 🙂

    1. My Lena is a combination of Emily Browning and Malese Jow. I haven’t found a picture of either that matches up with the one in my head but both girls have that innocent yet powerful look that I associate with Lena.

    2. I grew up in Chicago, where there are many legends of something being haunted, but in my neighborhood, it wasn’t about ghosts, it was about the crazy lady down the street who was rumored to have gone to the grade school with a butcher knife back in the day.

    3. For me the supernatural began at the beginning. I mean, waking up with dirt from your dreams embedded in your nails? Yup, supernatural. Check!

    4. As soon as Ethan found that locket, I thought “Uh-oh! There’s got to be something with this and the Ravenswoods.” I don’t want to say what I thought it was because I’m going to save that for later chapters. 🙂

    5. I think the locket frightened Amma because she’s more in-tune with the paranormal than those around her and there’s something SERIOUSLY NOT NORMAL about that locket.

  13. […] 1/31/2010: Week 2 (Recap) 9.11 Collision (p 41-50) 9.12 Broken Glass (p 51-60) 9.12 Greenbrier (p 61-78) 9.12 The Sisters (p 79-101) Post by Greta […]

  14. my lena is more like VANESSA HUDGENS ’cause she could pull how lena looks and how she acts. but minus the tan skin and the brown eyes just make her pale and put huge green pupils in her eyes and she’s more than perfect!!!!!!

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