Beautiful Creatures Discussion Recap – Week 2

SPOILER WARNING: This post discusses the plot of the book Beautiful Creatures. If you have not read the book and don’t want to know what happens, don’t read any further.

Hello ladies!  I’m so thrilled and tickled pink that you all enjoyed this past week’s discussion.  Erika (mypetpet/@efisch726) and I worked for about three days on it and nearly laughed ourselves silly.  That’s uber long time, huh?  But it was soooo worth it just to get a couple chuckles out of you.
LMAO this post was hilarious..
Hey girls, thanks for this Recap – actually I never read a recap like this but it was fun! So thanks for all your work!
-Mrs. Vanquish
Margaret Stohl mstohl

RT @fragilehuman RT @erikasbuddy…Beautiful Creatures Discussion <-OMG THIS IS PEE PANTS FUNNY (SPOILER ALERT!)

Out of the ordinary
The book is starting to get more of a plot, don’t ya think?  It seems like the characters are starting to take on a life of their own. I’m really hoping for it to get a bit more OOGATY BOOGATY in the upcoming chappies.
So, I’ve noticed the supernatural turn.  The breaking of the window and the mind reading or speaking or whatever you want to call it, the locket that takes them back. I’m happy it’s not just me.
Supernatural turns? A haunted house furnished by Rooms to Go? Definitely moving into the surreal! J/k No, the supernatural elements are definitely getting stronger as Lena and Ethan have more contact. Lena and Ethan’s hallway meeting with sparks followed by the shattered window in the classroom almost had a Carrie vibe, and their newfound way of communicating definitely pings the out of the normal. Add on the technicolor dreams, flashbacks, whatever it is that Lena and Ethan experience through the locket, and boring old Gatlin is starting to look like there’s a lot more below the surface.

Some have you been tipped off by the weather and dreams
Yes, it’s just you…no, not really. I also loved Lena’s control over the elements, and I squee-ed LOUDLY when they started talking to each other in their heads.
The telepathy was one of those moments for me. Like Fragile, I really love that Lena’s emotions cause the weather to change.
-Heather (Call of Duty Widow)
I think we are SO seeing a supernatural turn to the story. We’ve got the weather and lights going crazy because of Lena, the strange vision/dream? of the past and then Ethan hearing Lena in his head

While others are comparing a supernatural connection with another series of books.
Yes, I was highly suspicious of this rain storm and then the glass thing – total HP moment as well.
Sure thing, the story starts to be more supernatural. It’s kinda slow but I like it that way. In this way you won’t have to jump into everything But this is the good thing in having a book written in Ethans POV, we learn the same things he learns or discovers. I especially loved the scene on the road with the thunder and Lena standing in the middle of the road and with her glowing green eyes. This mood in this scene was awesome and made me shiver!
The Broken Window also made me think that there is so much more about Lena!
Pleasse forgive me the comparison to Harry Potter, but this reminded me so much on the beginning of HP where things just happened just because he was angry! Totally Sweetness was when Lena made this things with the clouds!
Well not to mention this head-talking… Actually I think Ethan should be a bit more freaked to, I mean I would and he still has no clue what’s up wit Lena and why the heck they are so connected!
-Mrs. Vanquish

Oh come off it! You had to be expecting that from me 😉  Hawt is it not?  Oh yes, Harry! Touch me with your wand…..

Your own little Ravenwood
It looks like many of us have our own little Ravenwoods from where we grew up.  You know, that place where you would run to around Halloween and squee squee while you tried to trap your bestie into some sort of scary spidery place.  Quit looking at me like that.  I never ever did that to Erika muhahahahaha!!  Trust me… if I could have I totally would have lol!!
My town did not have really have a haunted house but we did have this old man recluse in our neighborhood that we were all afraid of. He never came outside, but if you stepped foot on his grass he would start banging on the window and we would all run screaming. Its like he just sat in his window all day waiting for someone to come along. He was creepy. We would dare each other on Halloween to go ring his bell. But he never answered.
Being an airforce brat I don’t have a hometown…But yes, there was always that weird lady who lived down the road, or even an abandoned fort-like thing out, near a ranch with a crazy guy who would supposedly would shoot you if you came too close.
Yes there was the really creepy house that was abondoned (still is) and falling apart, had the peeling paint, dilapidated front porch and creepy looking windows. We used to walk past it all the time when I was little never getting up enough courage to actually go in it…I still think it may be haunted! I mean why else has no one lived in it for ages?
I grew up in Chicago, where there are many legends of something being haunted, but in my neighborhood, it wasn’t about ghosts, it was about the crazy lady down the street who was rumored to have gone to the grade school with a butcher knife back in the day.
-One Pushy Fox
I grew up in Huntsville (AL), and most of the ghost stories had to do with the cemetery up the street from my house. The cemetery has graves from the earliest days of the city, and includes a section of graves of unknown Confederate soldiers. There’s also a playground next to it people call Dead Children’s Playground where ghost children swing on the swings at night.
there is also the famous Cry Baby Bridge near my town and while I never heard the baby crying, we did park on it once and our car just turned off and would not start for quite a scary ass while! Oh the good old days!

Just like MyTwilife, the town of Russellville where I grew up at also had a Crybaby Bridge.  From what I remember a woman drowned her toddler out at the bridge and every Halloween month the local teens and middle schoolers would go out to the bridge and leave candy there as an offering.  After you leave your sugary goodness treat you then  race back to your car and listen.  You’ll first hear crying turn slowly to laughter and once that stops…. you then race back to the bridge and your candy is GONE.
Swoon Diggity Swooned Out
I have a feeling that there’s more to the whole Genevieve/Ethan story.  I mean can you feel the heat?  Hello Darlin’!!  I really really want to know where this story is going and how it relates to our present day Ethan and Lena
Genevieve – Definitely more than a dream. Especially after the revelation that Civil War Ethan who’s in love with Genevieve is our Ethan’s ancestor, and that Lena’s birthday is on the locket, my first thought was that they’re somehow reincarnated versions of Genevieve and Ethan, and are going to relive some event – maybe related to Ethan’s dream where he tries to catch Lena as she falls.
Ohh sure she will be an super important part. Somehow her story seems connect to our lovers and they and we have to figure out why and how! It seems definitely more than a dream because you can’t smell in a dream right?
-Mrs. Vanquish
I think the whole Genevieve thing is definitely a vision of their ancestors pasts! Maybe Ethan & Lena are supposed to be their ancestors reincarnated? Or maybe they are supposed to fulfil whatever love/life their ancestors didn’t get to, or maybe their ancestors want them to figure something out for them or maybe I am way off and will laugh at myself later!
Very Superstitious
Now we know that Miss Amma has a bad feeling about this locket. But why? I’ve racked my brain and I can’t seem to come up with an answer yet.  I’m soo curious!! Where’s the Mystery Machine when you need it?
The locket – There seems to be a whole lot more to Amma than we know. She clearly knows something about Genevieve and Civil War Ethan for that locket to get her so riled, and her warning Ethan to stay away from Lena and Ravenwood doesn’t seem to have the same motivation that the others in Gatlin might – she seems to have some basis for her warning, rather than the snap judgment of the others, although it’s not clear what that is. The comment she made to him – “You’re not ready,” stuck with me – what’s Ethan not ready for? And how long until we find out?!
I thought the exact same thing.  Amma is totally warning Ethan about the locket but she’s soo not being clear about.  She knows something’s up! I can’t quite put my finger on it but there’s some bad mojo related to that locket.  But what?
I think Amma knows what the locket is and who it belonged to. I think she may know quite a lot about the people inscribed on it and it scares her (obviously) and she does not want to tell Ethan about it. She may have even experienced something like what Lena and Ethan are experiencing right now. Time will tell…
I expected that the Genevieve and Uncle EthanX5 visions would give Ethan and Lena information they’ll need later. Either that or just more proof that they’re DESTINED for each other. Yeah, Lena, you heard me…DESTINED.
The Lenas
My Lena is a combination of Emily Browning and Malese Jow. I haven’t found a picture of either that matches up with the one in my head but both girls have that innocent yet powerful look that I associate with Lena.
-One Pushy Fox
Lena: well Vanessa Hudgens who is extremely gorgeous, but unfortunately she hasn’t green eyes… Or Malese Jow who looks super sweet in Vampire Diaries with her curled hair!
-Mrs. Vanquish
Malese Jow
Vanessa Hudgens
I don’t usually picture celebrities when I read, so I had a specific made up person in mind when I read about Lena so I couldn’t find exactly what I pictured Lena as, but Kristin Kreuk came close, you know the smallville actress?
and MyTwilife also included this nummy pic!  I love this!! I love it!!
Lena tempting Ethan in her underwear….. Does that happen?! I like to think it does somewhere in the story…
God I hope so!!
When I was trying to picture Lena, I kept coming back to Morena Bacharrin, the way she looked when she was on Serenity.
Since I pretty much already answered most of the questions with my bud Greta.. I will just post my Lena Choosing!!!!! I have chosen Darlene Conner from Roseanne …Actually her real name is Sara Gilbert.. She was sooo evil awesome in the Roseanne show! I loved her!! Check her out and all her hotness…..
All throughout this book I’ve only had one person in mind for Lena. My Lena is Amanda Crew.
-Heather (Call of Duty Widow)
Just like Scary Caterpillar Eyebrow Dude from last week (squees!!) a ton of you have picked the same girly as your own personal Lena.
First of all I love your choice for Lena! I don’t really have a certain person in mind because I’m not all that uppity up on younger actors these days.
Mine is totally Christina Ricci – from her 16 year old days….yes I’m old and not relevent. Deal. LOL
My Lena is kind of Christina Ricci but with big green eyes and minus the huge forhead.
And to answer the question that just has to be on every one’s mind
Do bats really not fly in the rain? <— asks the city girl
Ok… you caught my bluff lol! Bats CAN fly in the rain but I’m sure it really messes with their sonar. HAHA!
Uber special thanks to every girly out there that participated this week! We lovers you big time!!

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  1. OMG uhyesplease I cant believe you also said your Lena was Christina Ricci. That is so weird, I had not read your comments when I wrote mine! That is freaky!

  2. Awesome Recpap!! Thanks for the work and the Harry Potter picture lol 😉

  3. Great recap of the recap!! I SO enjoy doing this! Thanks for hosting it! I know it must be a ton of work to do. And thanks for using my Underware Lena pic! I am glad I am no the only one with their mind in the gutter!! 🙂

  4. OOOOOMMMMMMFFFFFFGGGGGG -that pic at the end..I NEED THE PIC AS MY BACKGROUND. I’m dying. DYING. ok, the rest of the post was great. but come on – that pic!!!!GAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH! tears are streaming, i don’t even know how i’m typing right now. OMFG!

  5. *hangs head in shame* I’m late… I know… I’m getting caught up this weekend. And eff me, even uhyesplease is commenting?! And I’m missing out on this?! WTF is up with me of late…. Truly… =(

    I adore you all. Sorry… *walks away in shame*

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