The Storyteller

Most fairytales begin with Once Upon a Time
This one howerver begins in Birmingham.
Love can be found in the most wonderful of places.  On a bus, in the office, and even when there’s no where to call home.
Meet Alice
She works in a doctor’s office at a medical plaza near Five Points.
She goes to the same shop everyday for her morning cup of coffee.
She loves to read her horoscope.
She wants to believe.
Meet Japser
He sees the same girl pass him everyday.
He loves to tell stories.
He doesn’t have a real place to call home.
He believes.
It was drawn to my attention that I have never written a love story.  It was also brought to my attention that everything I have ever written (except for one thing!! There IS one thing out there) ends in tragedy.  I was basically challenged by two girlies out there to see if I can write outside my norm.  I love fairytales, I love my city of Birmingham, and I love Alice in Wonderland.  With those elements The Storyteller was formed.
The Storyteller was mainly inspired by the song “Romeo and Juliet”.
Remember the day that I was in my basement painting baseboards and griping about how I hate baseboards?  That was the day that an idea of a love story popped into my little ferret brain.  I was downstairs just painting away listening to “Sawdust” by The Killers when one of my favorite songs came on.
OMG!  I had a brainstorm.
I raced up the stairs with paint on my hands and just fan girl squeed to Fragile about my idea.  She squeed back and told me how much she loved the Dire Straits.
The Dire who?
No no no no!! The Killers 😉
LOL! Well, after an 80s rock lesson I learned that one of my favorite songs was indeed a cover.
The idea of basing the story around a statue called “The Storyteller” also revolves around Fragile.  One day we were discussing art.  You heard me! I can talk the talk of edu-ma-caters out there from time to time.  I had it in my head that if I pushed a piece of artwork on her it would make me squee and squee.
She didn’t dig it lol.
So, on Christmas day, Fragile and her hubbles came over to visit me and my fam.  I was talking to her about how I didn’t think my lovey dovey story would work with Edward and Bella.  After I picked her up off the floor (she passed out and I think might have even went into a state of shock because she just couldn’t believe that I wasn’t going to kill anyone) I came up with the idea of basing it near The Storyteller.
We fan girl squeed about who my Jasper would be.  I chose Andrew-Lee Pots from the SyFy Channel’s rendition of Alice in Wonderland.  (that’s right kids!  I know you have to remember me tweeting a few months ago about how HAWT Hatter was.  Remember now?)
With these thoughts in my head my story unfolded.
Then … Remember my hubz and cub left for the week of New Years?  That was the week I wrote “The Storyteller”.
So, kids… Forget everything you have ever read by me. There are no murders, no suicides, and nothing emo at all in this fairytale of destiny meets true love.  Take a little time out of your day to say, “OMG! I can’t believe Greta wrote fluff,”  cuz Girlies I did indeed and even have plans for more.
Happy Valentine’s Day!
Staring at the ground, she noticed the sidewalk change to brick as she neared the fountain of the Ram Man. She held her breath as she stepped onto them. There in her way appeared two scuffed up work boots with one shoelace untied.
“Mornin’, Darlin’,“ the owner of the boots said quietly.
Alice stopped dead in her tracks and stared at the shoes that were blocking her path.
That voice. She had heard it before. Was it possible that her Romeo had returned to his kingdom amongst the cement critters of lore? Slowly she drew her eyes upward, past a darkened pair of Dickies to a loud colored shirt underneath a golden leather blazer. With a face of innocence and wonder of boyish charm trapped inside a young man’s face, she noticed his cheeks were rough with honey-gold stubble, and his eyes were as blue as a cloudless day. The young Romeo leaned down so his face was level with Alice’s.
“Did you come early for a private concert?” Jasper said softly into her ear.

~ by erikasbuddy on 5 February 2010.

5 Responses to “The Storyteller”

  1. Leave it to you to come up with a love story while high on paint fumes! I will read and review this weekend. Can’t wait, a fluffy love story? I’m still shaking my head. lol

    • LMAO! Yup! I blame the paint haha!! I’m curious how many people that I will frighten with my fluffiness? haha — That story is my baby and I just can’t believe it came outta me. Thanks for looking!

  2. I can’t wait to read this!! I love that song by the Dire Straights, to….so romantic!

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